Simply the Best Pens for Architects and Artists [2023 Designer Collection]

“The pen is mightier than the sword” is a statement that is used commonly in association with writers.

However, it stands right with architects as well. Architects need a pen for just about everything, from sketching to scribbling to writing, an architect does it all and must do so in style!

An architect brings structure to this world and that must show.

There are just so many pens and brands of pens out there that an architect, aspiring or practicing would be hard-pressed to decide which one they’d want to own and flaunt.

We’re not just talking function here but form as well. There are those that prefer function over form and those that prefer it the other way round, but an architect’s pen must possess both.

So let’s get straight to the point! Here’s a list of best pens that architects must have in their pocket if they must be taken seriously.

Best Pens for Architects and Artists

  1. Caran D’Ache 849 Ballpoint

The first one on our list is Caran D’Ache’s 849. This ballpoint pen offers everything an architect would need. It features a solid, comfortable aluminum body in the form of hexagonal design. It feels brilliant to use, much like an extension of the tip of your fingers.

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An architect can pour out his plans onto charts, sheets and notebooks using this Swiss gem of a ballpoint pen with effortless ease AND look elegant at the same time. Of course, this pen isn’t entirely as classy to look at as Mont Blancs and Bentley pens, but it’s up there with the best.

  • Smooth writing experience. The ink flows seamlessly across paper seamlessly and never stutters or fluctuates
  • Swiss Finesse. Caran D’Ache is one of the best-known brands in the industry and comes with a history of Swiss craftsmanship
  • Hexagonal design is comfortable and productive. It is elegant but not as flamboyant Simple to look at and effective in use. It feels grippy and secure between fingertips
  • The clicking mechanism gets jammed sometimes
  • A bit expensive for a ballpoint pen
  1. Lamy Safari Fountain Pen

Lamy Safari Fountain Pen - Charcoal - Fine
  • Charcoal Black ABS coloured plastic body
  • Black coated steel nib; fine point

If you’re new to the idea of fountain pens and are in the market looking for one that will be easier to understand and use than all those expensive but elegant fountain pains with so many different nib and ink options then the Lamy Safari is the pen for you. As a budget fountain pen, there are not many ways you can go wrong with it.

What makes the Lamy Safari so good for an architect is its wide range of options. There are different nibs you can buy for it including a nib especially designed for left-handers. The other options include extra-fine, fine, medium and broad. This means that there’s a nib size for every need.

Furthermore, all accessories that are needed for using the Lamy Safari are relatively cheap in the market, as is the pen in itself, given that it is a Fountain Pen, of course. Availability is also in plenty. So as an architect, you’re getting a pen that not only flaunts class, being a fountain pen and all but is also offering several choices and can be maintained with ease.

  • Affordable Fountain Pen
  • Smooth finish and feels nice to hold
  • Variety of nibs available in the market
  • Isn’t grippy enough to hold
  • The feel of the ABS build isn’t for everyone
  • Variety of nibs available in the market
  1. Worther Shorty 3.15mm Mechanical Pencil

Worther 115 10 Shorty Pencil with Clip - Yellow
  • yellow pencil with yellow clip
  • mechanical pencil made of superior plastic

German Engineering is the best in the world. Epitomizing this fact is the German company, Worther’s mechanical pencil, the Shorty. This 3.15mm Mechanical Pencil offers everything that you would want from it as an architect.

The sheer quality of its aluminum and metallic build feels marvelous to hold between your fingers and the pencil automatically shapes the lead into a triangular point shape as you use it, making the output neat and attractive to look at.

Whether you need this pencil for sketches, outlines or drawing construction plans, it is perfect for everything, and you won’t be complaining. The only issue is that the quality of the lead feels a little unimpressive and you might want to opt for points from other companies like Lamy or Faber Castell which fit onto this pencil.

  • Beautiful build quality and the aluminum finish feels nothing short of brilliant
  • Automatically shapes the lead into a triangular point as you use it, delivering a neat output
  • Comes with a rather thick 7B lead which feels unimpressive and delivers like a crayon
  1. Sakura Pigma 30062 Micron Ink Pen

SAKURA Pigma Micron Fineliner Pens - Archival Black Ink Pens - Pens...
  • The Go-To Tool for Art, Work & Play: Black pens...
  • Assorted Point Sizes: Contains 1 of each Micron...

If you’re an architect and you’re looking for the ultimate drawing tool then look no further. Sakura’s Pigma Micron range of Ink Pens offers precision, comfort and a consistent ink flow in one package. And its relatively inexpensive too. As an architect, you’re obviously going to need plenty of accuracy when it comes to drawings.

The Pigma Micron offers exactly that and you feel nice using it too. Its affordable and convenient as well. The fact that it’s disposable means you don’t have to worry about replacing the refill or filling it with ink again. It can be found in your local stationary store at a relatively inexpensive price tag. You even get sets of it so that in case you need different colours and styles.

As a matter of fact, these pens are so good that there are many artists out there who use it for high-detail sketches. And, of course, an architect would need tools to emphasize his attention to detail. It also feels nice and grippy to hold, despite how smooth its material feels. And the ink flow does not skip at all.

  • Relatively affordable and available everywhere
  • Feels nice and smooth to use and it does not falter much
  • Precise and accurate nib
  • Disposable, which means you do not need to worry about refills
  • Disposable, which means you need to keep buying it or having it in stock
  1. Staedtler Triplus Fineliner 0.3mm

Staedtler Triplus Fineliner Pens, .3mm, Metal Clad Tip, 20-Pack,...
  • Assembly Required: No, Ink Color: Assorted, Tip:...
  • Features: Acid-free Ink

The Staedtler Triplus Fineliner is a pen that we’ve all grown accustomed to. It has been around since forever and people that use drawing and art pens on a regular basis are always known to have one of these as part of their kit. This is because it is a pen that has always been reliable to use and has a price tag that can be afforded by literally anyone.

The ink colour feels sharp, the nib feels smooth and precise. The ink flow never stutters and the triangular design feels really good to hold with your fingers. Unlike the Pilot Hi-Tec or Uni-Ball pens, the Triplus Fineliner has a soft tip and feels more like that on a brush-pen, although this is no brush pen.

Moreover, Staedtler advertises the Triplus Fineliner as a Dry-Safe Pen which means you can leave the pen uncapped for days on end and still use it just as effectively as you did when it was new. While that may not seem believable with most drawing pens, this one definitely works as advertised.

  • Nice, grippy triangular design feels really good to hold and use
  • Soft tip gives it a brush-pen feel but it works without a fuss as a drawing pen
  • Easy on the pocket, inexpensive and conveniently found almost everywhere
  • Available in plenty of colours
  • Nice, grippy triangular design feels really good to hold and use
  • Soft tip gives it a brush-pen feel but it works without a fuss as a drawing pen
  • Easy on the pocket, inexpensive and conveniently found almost everywhere
  • Available in plenty of colours
  1. Porsche 3140 Shake Ball Point Pen

No products found.

Now here’s a special one every single established architect would want to carry around in their pockets. After all, it boasts of a brand that can brag about a long heritage of sports-cars and racing cars that has now become one of the standards of pedigree in luxury performance cars.

The 3140 Shake ball point pen by Porsche is more than just a pen made by one of the world’s most popular sports car companies though. It features what Porsche likes to call shake technology and what this technology basically does is enable the pen to write with just a flick of your wrist. Flick it again and the refill slots right back in after you’re done writing. Pretty innovative, right?

Furthermore, the pen is also extremely light because it is made of carbon-fiber. That’s right. One of the materials used to make sports-cars lighter and more competitive has been used to make this pen. At the end of the day, owning and using this pen as an architect is about the status and the function, no matter how elegant and classy comes at a premium price tag.

  • Porsche Branding
  • Elegant, classy and rich feel
  • Carbon-Fiber build feels really cool and expensive
  • Shake technology is quite nifty and innovative
  • Exorbitant premium price tag
  1. Faber Castell Ondoro Oak Wood Fountain Pen

Faber-Castell Ondoro Fountain Pen, Smoked Oak Wood - Medium
  • The straight lines of the hexagonal barrel are the...
  • Faber-Castell is renowned for its high quality,...

We can’t have a list of best Architect’s pens without mentioning a Faber Castell pen. That would be criminal of us. Afterall, Faber Castell is one of the biggest brands in the Pen industry with a long, cultured heritage full of craftsmanship and innovation. The one that makes it to our list is the Ondoro Oak Wood Fountain Pen.

One look at the pen and you’ll fall in love with it. We most certainly did and with good reason. The oak wood finish feels so precious and vintage that you could write with this pen forever and never tire of it. It looks gorgeous and is even better to use. Of course, the price of this pen is quite high but then, this is one of the pens you want to have in your pocket because you’ve actually made it somewhere.

It comes with a variety of nib options and also a standard international converter which is used in refilling the ink. This is an advantage as using a proprietary cartridge/converter system is a bit of a pain since you cannot find them everywhere and they’re generally more expensive.

  • Really gorgeous to look at and feels absolutely amazing to use
  • Uses an industry standard Cartridge-converter system for refilling that works on most other pens too
  • Brilliant packaging
  • Feels like the Rolls Royce of Pens
  • The steel cap gathers smudge marks, scratches and dust too easily
  • Exorbitant premium price tag
  1. Sternglas x Kaweco Pen

It is know that black is the architects’ color, if there is something that unifies most of the architects, deep down, it is black.

The exceptional geometric design of the Sternglas pen brings this color forward almost flawlessly in an aluminium build. The critical thinking of an architect might consider the build a tad flawed due to the fact that the geometric body has not been machined in one piece but two; this is obviously just the gimmick of an architect.

Thumbnail 1

The black sculpture here called a pen is further enhanced by the brilliant metallic boxes it presents itself in, this is no ordinary pen and you will know of this as soon as you see the box.

If you’re an artists that looks for epicness in everything, the Sternglas will be an awesome addition to your pen collection; needless to say this one makes for a great gift for architects and/or interior designers!

  • Brilliant Packaging
  • Splendid Aluminium Build
  • Gorgeous all black design
  • Blue lead in all-black pencil

So at the end of the day, as an architect, you’re going to have to carry yourself with style and substance. You’re also going to always have the right tools for the job on you. When people size you up, they’ll notice whether you’re using the best in the industry or just your usual stuff.

You need to use pens that deliver their ink with precision and accuracy. They shouldn’t look cheap either.

Bestseller No. 1
Matte Black Forest Fountain Pen Extra Fine Nib Classic Design with...
  • This pen is equipped with a unique, streamlined...
  • It comes with a converter for bottled ink, Ink...
SaleBestseller No. 2
SHARPIE S-Gel, Gel Pens, Medium Point (0.7mm), Black Ink Gel Pen, 4...
  • Gel pen with no smear, no bleed technology
  • Intensely bold gel ink colors offer always vivid...
Bestseller No. 3
EEOYU 5pcs Gel Pens Quick Dry Ink Pens Fine Point Retractable Roller...
  • Gel Pens: You will receive 5 quick-drying ink pens...
  • Fade-Resistant Quick-Drying Ink: These retractable...

Photo 1416339158484 9637228cc908 Best pens for artists and architects Best pens for architects and artists

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