11 Best Wall Mirrors Right Now | Buyer’s Guide

Deemed as a remarkable discovery by humankind, mirrors hold an incredible enigma as being one of the most attractive things yet. 

They have gradually evolved from being merely the reflective surface of the pond to becoming a tiny slot inside of a compact-powder case. 

However, mirrors do a lot more than just helping you touch up your makeup. 

Because mirrors, especially the ones that go on the walls, are indispensable in the interior-decor industry. From creating an illusion of space to making a stunning statement, wall-mirrors have unquestionably come a long way in redefining personal decor styles.

But, not all mirrors will work the way you want them to, as each design will have a different purpose to serve.

And, that’s why we are here with a comprehensive guide of some of the best wall-mirrors you can get for yourself right now!

So let’s get right into it!

Best Wall Mirror

Best wall mirrors 3

  1. Modern Antiqued Silver Frame Wall Mirror

There’s always something so inexplicably beautiful with any antique design that they do not fail to leave a mark even at first glance. However, what’s even better is the perfect fusion of the new and the old that makes something unique altogether. 

And, that is precisely what this mirror from Hamilton Hills brings for you- an enchanting antique design with a functional layout, ensuring a highly versatile look overall! 

Hamilton Hills 30x40 inch Silver Framed Mirror | Large Rectangular...
  • SOPHISTICATED DESIGN: One of our Best Sellers,...
  • SAFE AND EASY TO INSTALL: Our authentic silver...

Why Did We Like It?

It goes without saying that the most impressive feature of this mirror is its design. It is a stunning silver-framed mirror which is set in an attractive contemporary layout. The clear lines of the design blend in charmingly with any modern decor statement, creating a pretty sophisticated appeal.

Interestingly, the center plate glass is set on the frame leaving an eighth of an inch of air space. This forms a protective air-cushion for the glass that keeps it from shattering if the frame accidentally bumps against a hard surface. We also liked the sturdy ½ inch wide and 2-inch deep silver-finished frame that not only accentuates the beauty of the mirror but also protects the glass amply.

The mirror also scores well in terms of practical features such as the solid wood backing it comes with. This adds stability to the overall structure and keeps it from warping or distorting over time. 

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Additionally, this solid wood backing also comes with pre-installed D-ring hanging clips making it easy for you to put it up on any wall. The package also includes the necessary hardware for installing the mirror, which is a huge pro!

What Could Have Been Better?

Although there is little to complain about this mirror, we only wish it wasn’t incredibly heavy! This makes it a hassle to move the mirror on different walls if the need arises.

Also, this is quite an expensive model that makes it off-limits for many to avail.

  • Stunning and exceedingly versatile design
  • Well-designed structure keeps the glass from breaking
  • Wooden back provides stability to the unit
  • Comes with the required hardware for installation
  • Quite heavy
  • Expensive
  1. Large Framed Angled Beveled Mirror

More than just being used for practical purposes, large mirrors are often admired for making statement pieces in a house. If you have limited space in your room, then you can just go ahead and put a large mirror on a wall to magnify the appearance.

So, the next model we have for you is this gorgeous large beveled mirror from Hamilton Hills that will definitely up your room’s glam quotient several notches!

Hamilton Hills 24x36 Inch Rectangular Polished Silver Framed Mirrors...
  • ´Sophisticated Design- Our 30x40 inch rectangle...
  • ´Sophisticated Design- Our 24x54 inch rectangle...

Why Did We Like It?

Well, honestly, there’s little to not like about it. This rectangular mirror features a wonderful modern design that blends effortlessly with most contemporary decor. It comes with well-defined 3-inch angled mirror sides that slope down to the centrally located large beveled mirror. 

This looks absolutely gorgeous on any wall from any angle. And, it measures 24” x 36”, which is substantially big for home-use. 

The mirror further comes with a solid protective wood-backing, which stabilizes and defines the structure of the mirror. Not only does it protect the glass within from sudden bumps or thuds, but it also keeps the mirror from warping with time.

Moreover, if you are concerned about having to look for hardware separately, then you can just keep all that worrying aside. This mirror comes with D-ring hanging clips and all the required hardware such as screws and bolts that dismiss the need to call in a professional for installation.

But, what we really found impressive is that you can actually hang the mirror both horizontally and vertically to suit your requirements. This makes the design even more versatile in terms of usability.  

What Could Have Been Better?

In our opinion, the glass on this mirror is really thin, which may distort images if the light hits the surface squarely. Although this may be a design flaw, we can’t help thinking that that’s a flaw too noticeable.

Also, this is a heavier model than the last one we talked about, so that makes it challenging for you to uninstall the unit and move it elsewhere in the house.

  • Beautiful modern design complements most contemporary decor
  • Wood-backing of the mirror protects it from warping or damages
  • Comes with all the required hardware
  • Versatile structure; could be hung both horizontally or vertically
  • Glass is too thin; may distort images at certain angles
  1. Sandberg Furniture Wall Mirror

When it comes to mirrors, many look for delicate or intricate designs that not only highlight the rest of the room decor but also reflect beautifully as the focal point of the space. However, not all mirrors can create such appeal even if they are set in some really well thought-off frame design.

And that’s why we’re gonna suggest this absolutely stunning piece from Sandberg, which will turn all heads towards itself with its highly elegant appeal!

Sandberg Furniture White Wall Mirror, 36" x 30"
  • Finish: White
  • Four (4) inch frame; beveled glass

Why Did We Like It?

As we mentioned, well-structured designs for mirrors are difficult to come by. So, when we stumbled upon this one from Sandberg, we knew we had to talk about it.

This charming rectangular wall mirror features soft, yet well-defined boundaries with gentle curves bounded in a beveled glass layout. It goes without saying that such structures can be greatly challenging to create. And that is why we took the time to examine it closely and could tell you that the structure is, for the most part, flawless.

This creates a warm, spirited aura that is pretty old-school and yet, at the same time, very comfortable with modern touches. Such a versatile layout makes this mirror a perfect addition to any space, be it the living room, bedroom, the hallway, or even the bathroom. This mirror can also be hung vertically or horizontally.


Coming to the specs, the mirror comes with D-rings hooks that allow you to put it on any wall, quite easily. Do remember that this is a big mirror with overall dimensions measuring 36” x 30” x 2”, in height, width and depth, so do plan out its space before getting it.

What Could Have Been Better?

This is a really beautiful, but quite a fragile mirror to handle, truth be told. This requires you to manage it with a gentle hand at all times. 

But, what really ticked us off is that the mirror scratches and stains easily, and those are almost impossible to remove then.

  • Beautiful delicate design
  • Complements both traditional and modern designs
  • Can be hung both horizontally and vertically
  • Comes with D-ring hanging clips
  • Scratches and stains easily
  1. Round 1 Inch Beveled Mirror

Round mirrors are probably more common than any other shape of reflective glass, for that matter. These make beautiful statement pieces and are often grouped together using several different sizes to create a significantly attractive look.

And that’s why we have this beautiful round 1-inch beveled mirror from Hamilton House to suggest, which can be just the ideal addition to your bathroom or powder room!

Hamilton Hills Large Round Mirror 30 inch Polished Glass Frameless,...
  • SOPHISTICATED DESIGN: One of our Best Sellers,...
  • SAFE AND EASY TO INSTALL: Our authentic silver...

Why Did We Like It? 

The thing that we really liked about this mirror was the functional design that made it a suitable fit for dressing rooms or bathrooms. This 1-inch beveled round mirror looks brilliant against minimalistic room decors and contemporary design elements.

We also liked the quality of this model quite a bit, owing to its substantially robust metal frame construction. The beveled edge of the mirror is solidly set, securing the glass firmly in its place. This eliminates the possibility of the glass coming loose, moving around, and eventually falling off the frame. 

Additionally, the mirror comes with a protective backing, that not only stabilizes the structure but also accentuates the overall appeal of the mirror, giving it a clean, floating look. 


What really impresses about this mirror is that it is by no means a small or medium-sized object. The mirror comes with a 30” diameter that provides substantial space for you to look into and dress up with ease.

What Could Have Been Better?

This is a charming round mirror which is pretty functional in every way. However, we couldn’t help but notice that the metal frame tarnishes and rusts easily, which ruins the overall look of this mirror. It also scratches substantially that damages the finish of the surface.

  • Exceedingly functional design; could be used anywhere in the house
  • Offers a large looking surface
  • Firmly set 1-inch beveled edge protects the glass
  • Complements most modern room decor
  • The finish of the frame wears off easily
  1. Frameless Rectangle Wall Mirror

The next mirror that we have for you is this brilliant frameless piece from The Better Bevel. Frameless mirrors look beautiful in a minimalistic decor scenario, reflecting a kind of futuristic appeal. This a significantly versatile design that looks good in any room of the house, creating an illusion of a large space.

Better Bevel 24" x 36" Frameless Rectangle Mirror | 1" Beveled Edge |...
  • Classic, frameless, rectangular design is both...
  • Innovative Ultra-Flush Hanging System installs in...

What Did We Like About It?

The simplicity of the mirror’s overall design is what actually makes it stand apart from many other models out there. The overall dimensions of this unframed mirror stand at 24” x 36” that allow you to easily accommodate it on any wall. So, you can rest assured that it won’t make your wall space look crowded in any way. 

We would also like to add a bit about the quality of the product, as The Better Bevel is known to always provide top-grade items. And this mirror is no exception to that norm, as it is constructed using superior grade ¼ inch glass, which assures you of sparkling image reflection!


The mirror features a beautiful 1-inch bevel edge that looks pretty attractive, accentuating the reflective capability of the mirror. Additionally, the unit also comes with 3 pre-installed loop-style that make it easy for you to hang the mirror either vertically or horizontally.

What Could Have Been Better?

Frameless mirrors undeniably look great, but the one problem you can expect with them is that the edges can chip off really fast as they aren’t protected by any frame. And it is the same with this mirror as well. It is too fragile and can get damaged if it collides with anything during installation. It is a considerably high maintenance item.

  • Looks incredibly beautiful
  • Made of high-quality glass
  • Large looking surface
  • Creates a statement piece
  • Edges may get chipped off quickly
  1. Scallop Edge Rectangular Wall Mirror

Not that scallop-edges on a mirror are something that has been a recent find, but no matter how many times we see this design, it never fails to charm us with its beauty. And that’s the reason we have chosen this beautiful scallop-edge rectangular mirror for you, which is definitely going to look spectacular in your house!

Hamilton Hills Rectangular 24x36 inch Scalloped Frameless Mirror | 1...
  • SOPHISTICATED DESIGN: A simple beveled flair on...
  • SAFE AND EASY TO INSTALL: Our authentic silver...

Why Did We Like It? 

Well, in all honesty, there is but little to not like about this mirror. This is another exemplary model from Hamilton Hills that highlights its brilliant craftsmanship.

This is yet another frameless mirror that we have on our list today, pretty much like the one from The Better Bevel that we reviewed for you just before this model.

This large rectangular mirror measures around 24” x 36” in its overall dimensions and comes with a charming beveled edge. But, needless to say, the best part of the mirror are the edges on it, which are exquisitely scooped out to have the perfect scallop shape. This fuses a stunning vintage look with an attractive frameless design that is so contemporary.


And, like every other mirror from the brand, this one too comes with a robust protective wood backing that protects the glass from sudden impacts and provides stability to the structure.

Also, you can hang it up either vertically or horizontally; and do so easily, thanks to the pre-installed D-rings along with all the required hardware in the package.

What Could Have Been Better?

Clarity-wise, you would hardly have any issue with the mirror, but we can’t say the same about its overall quality. It is too fragile, and since it is a frameless model, there are all the chances that the edges will chip away at the slightest hit.

  • Brings in a beautiful fusion of a vintage look with a modern design<
  • Significantly large model
  • Comes with a protective wood backing
  • Includes pre-installed D-rings and installation hardware
  • Edges may get chipped off too soon
  1. Umbra Circular Wall Mirror

Ever thought what makes circular mirrors such efficient looking-glasses? It is because the circular design of the mirror forms a focal point in the center, which lets you see yourself better, highlighting every minute detail on you.

The next model that we have is a brilliantly functional circular wall mirror from Umbra that optimizes all the benefits of such a design for you!

Umbra Hub Wall Mirror – 24 Inch Round Wall Mirror for Entryways,...
  • LARGE, ROUND MIRROR: Hub is a 24-inch diameter...
  • DECORATIVE RUBBER FRAME: Hub’s innovative rubber...

Why Did We Like It?

What we really liked the best about this mirror is its design, which includes a colored rubber trim on the frame. Not only does this make an attractive accented statement for the room-decor, but on the functional side, it sets the glass secured tightly in its place. This absolutely eliminates the risk of the glass moving around or falling off any time soon. 

Additionally, in our opinion, this circular mirror gets the reflective game on point, owing to its perfectly concentric design with the rim. We mean that the shape and the border of the rim make for a highly focused looking area for you, that magnifies every detail of whatever it is reflecting. This is why it can be just the ideal fit for any bathroom or dressing-room where one needs to really get every aspect of themselves right and ready for the day.

We also thoroughly appreciate the use of top-grade materials by the brand. This ensures high durability for the object, making it last for a substantially long period of time. And, we really dig the industrialized look of the model that complements any sort of modern decor.


Lastly, we’d like to let you know that the rubber-trim on the frame is also available in other colors that make it easier for you to color-coordinate it with the rest of your room decor.

What Could Have Been Better?

We really like this mirror as it works so beautifully, even in high-traffic areas. However, we can’t help but wish it were a little pocket-friendly. This is an expensive mirror that makes it pretty difficult for the wider public to avail.  

Also, designs such as this one wouldn’t complement any traditional decor, which restricts its potential.

  • Highly efficiently design
  • Magnifies every detail
  • Helps magnify the dimensions of a room
  • Strong rubber-trim looks great and holds the glass securely in place
  • Complements all modern decor
  • Quite expensive
  • May not fit well with traditional designs
  1. Head West Genoa Wall Mirror

Now, we know this list has gone on for too long discussing modern and minimalist designs. And, we hear your requests to see a traditional pattern. And that is why we’re here with this breathtaking design from Head West that will not only grab all eyeballs but will also redefine the boundaries of your house!

Head West 6262 Mirror, 27 x 35, Brown
  • Frameless mirror
  • Vertical or horizontal mount

Why Did We Like It?

This is undeniably one of the most beautiful mirrors on our list today, owing to its intricate frame-design. This is actually a silk-screened design which emits a chromatic array of bronze, amber and golden hues when it catches the light. And that is why the mirror looks like it has a differently colored frame when you look at it from different angles.

We simply love the intricacy of the designed borders that features a vintage intertwined floral pattern. The glass surface features a thick clear scroll embellishment, which accentuates the overall beauty of the layout.

And the best part about this mirror is that it is of substantial dimensions, measuring 27” in width and 35” in height. You could easily use it as a full-length bathroom mirror, in the hallway, or define the space in a narrow passageway or a small room.


The mirror could be hung both vertically and horizontally that maximizes its utility in the house. And, we think that even if you had a modern decor scenario, the inclusion of this mirror to that would add a touch of sheer beauty, bringing in a fusion of styles.

What Could Have Been Better?

However, keeping all good things aside, this mirror is expensive, and you do need to maintain it well to keep it shining. Also, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the mirror is quite heavy, given its illustrious frame. This can make it a bit difficult for you to quickly move the mirror whenever need be.

  • Stunning design and details
  • Can work well for both modern and traditional interior decor
  • Made using quality materials
  • Can be used to define room dimensions
  • Can be hung both horizontally and vertically
  • Pretty heavy
  • Requires maintenance
  1. Mirrortek Greenwich Wall Mirror

Mirrortek is one brand that is known for its captivating modern contemporary designs and styles for looking-glasses. And the Greenwich collection by the brand has been deemed as one of the most selling categories ever, owing to its timeless designs.

So, we decided to go ahead and pick this amazing full-length door mirror from the collection. It really transforms the overall look and feel of your home’s entrances with its beauty!

Mirrotek DM1448BLK Door Mirror, 13.7" x 48", Black

Why Did We Like It?

What really impressed us about this mirror was that it really delivers well on being a door-mirror. We have often come across door-mirrors which were either too fragile to function on a door or fell short of the appropriate length.

The overall dimensions of this MirrorTech model stand at 14” W x 1.5” D x 48” H, which ideally suit the back or front of a standard-sized door. But, do not think that that’s the only space that’s gonna suit the mirror. The versatility of this mirror lets you put this up anywhere in the house.

It is made using top-grade materials that make it a sturdy and enduring item that lasts for pretty long.


And what’s even more amazing is that the brand offers you a range of beautiful finishes which not only work well for your room decor, but they also protect the frame.

What Could Have Been Better?

One of the things that we did notice is that the image on the mirror gets a bit distorted when you move far back, or from certain angles. However, this doesn’t happen when the object is right in front of it. So, in that way, it is hardly a deal-breaker.

  • Sleek and functional design works well for door structures
  • Manufactured using top-notch materials
  • Sturdy construction lasts for a considerable period of time
  • Available in many beautiful finishes
  • Image may distort for objects placed far off
  1. MCS Beaded Oval Wall Mirror

The next mirror that we have on our list is an absolute stunner from MCS. But before we get on about it, we’d like to ask you if you’re gonna love having a classic vintage oval-shaped mirror around you? And if that’s a yes, then that is exactly what we have for you right here!

MCS Beaded Oval Wall Mirror, 22.5 x 29.5 in, Bronze
  • The 3. 25 inch wide frame has a bronze finish with...
  • Overall Measurements: 22. 5 Inches x 29. 5 Inches

Why Did We Like It?

Well, this is an absolutely elegant oval mirror with a marvelous bronze finish. But, the winning feature of this model is its beaded inner edge, which sets a scorching statement for your place.

The mirror measures around 16” x 23” that allows you to put it on any wall you want. It is a pretty compact structure that doesn’t take up much space on the wall. Instead, it actually accentuates the decor of the space, upping the glam quotient of the room!

Additionally, what we also admired about the design of this mirror is the 1-inch wide beveled border, which pulls the focus to the center of the mirror. And, for this reason, the mirror can also be placed in the bathroom, where one usually needs to focus on their features.


This mirror is made using polystyrene molding for the frame with a glass center. This makes it relatively lighter than the ones with metal and glass frames. So, you can easily move it back and forth whenever you want.

What Could Have Been Better?

This is really a very beautiful mirror, but it may not go that well with modern decor. It may look a bit off against starkly modern interior designs. Also, the hangers on the back of the mirror are not really on the same level as one another. So, hanging it up could be a hassle.

  • Bronze accents with beaded inner-edge look incredible
  • The lightweight structure makes it portable
  • Substantial reflective or looking space
  • Made using quality materials
  • May not complement modern decor
  • Hanging anchors, not on an equal level as one other
  1. Stonebriar Decorative Round Antique Grey Ceramic Wall Mirror

The last mirroref that we have for you is, in every way, truly unique. That is majorly because it has no ordinary frame made of the conventional materials, but one that’s made entirely of ceramic!

The exquisite craftsmanship of this decorative piece from Stonebriar truly foregrounds the company’s reputation of providing some spectacular mirror designs.

Stonebriar Decorative Round Antique Gray Ceramic Wall Mirror, Vintage...
  • Decorative wall mirror features a round glass...
  • Stonebriar vintage ceramic mirror measures 7.9...

Why Did We Like It? 

When you see this mirror for real, you’ll notice the precision of the details on its ceramic frame. And, this is what is really impressive about this mirror. This vintage ceramic frame measures about 7.9 inches in diameter and is cut in a floral motif. 

Additionally, the grey frame is given a slightly distressed texture for creating a definite accent, which brilliantly highlights the rest of the room decor. The overall structure of the mirror makes it the perfect model for the bedroom or the living room or even the hallway. 

We also loved that the looking-glass is of high quality, rather than being too thin. This also means that there will be no distortion of the image from any angle. The glass beautifully reflects natural light across the room, magnifying every dimension to create the illusion of space.


All in all, this is one mirror that we really loved, and even more so, because of the reasonable price tag it comes at! 

What Could Have Been Better? 

Let’s put the obvious out here- this is literally a stone mirror, and too heavy to move from one spot to another without requiring an extra pair of hands. Also, if you are at all doing that, then do be very careful, given that the ceramic and glass structure is too fragile.

  • Looks marvelous
  • Uses high-quality glass
  • Does not distort images
  • Beautifully reflects natural light
  • Affordable
  • Too heavy
  • Pretty fragile

Best wall mirrors 2

Wall Mirror Buyer’s Guide

So, with that beautiful mirror sitting at the last slot, we come to the very end of this extensive listicle. And although this guide is prepared to provide you with a heads-up of what’s trending and selling the most in the category, we do want to let you know what makes them so popular!

That’s because, given the million different styles out there, it could get a bit tricky to find one that suits your requirements the best.

And that’s why we are attaching this buyer’s guide for you to know exactly what to look for while searching for that perfect wall mirror!

Types of mirrors

  1. Rectangular

Rectangular mirrors are some of the most common ones and are much admired for their versatility to complement most home-decor styles. These could be easily found and are available in many different styles.

  1. Round or Oval

Round mirrors are generally put up in bathrooms or dressing rooms. They are usually designed to magnify all minute details of an object, thus serving a very practical purpose. 

Oval mirrors are pretty similar to rounded ones in form and function, but they create a more vintage look.

  1. Abstract

Abstract or unconventional mirror designs such as sunbursts or other organic patterns make a unique style statement. These specifically contribute to home-decor requirements, often serving as the center of attraction in a room.


  1. Plastic

Resin and plastic frames are the most popular ones, owing to their incredible range of designs that cover vintage, contemporary, and abstract styles. These are pretty lightweight and hence, make it easier for you to handle and maintain.

  1. Glass

An all-glass mirror or glass-framed mirror reflects natural light beautifully, scattering it across the room. These create a very airy and bright look, magnifying the boundaries of the room; and are often used for that very purpose.

  1. Wooden

Wooden mirror-frames make a very elegant statement, along with adding a warm touch, due to their natural texture. And even though these are usually expected to come in traditional designs, you can also find modern styles in wood easily. These include veneers or non-finished textured wood, which look brilliant around the central glass.

What should you check out for?  

  1. Size 

No matter what kind of style you go for, always make sure that the dimensions of your preferred mirror fit the intended wall in your house. One often makes the mistake of buying a wall mirror that may be too big for the available wall space, making it look cluttered and congested. And, if it is too small, it doesn’t make much of an impression. So, the mirror-size is an absolute requisite to consider before buying one.

  1. Weight

If the mirror you buy for your wall is too heavy, it will be extremely difficult for you to move it around and put it on some other wall if need be. This also increases the risk of the mirror slipping from your hand while moving. So, do make sure it is of manageable weight that lets you carry it easily and maintain it well. But, that being said, do not go for extremely flimsy frames that can fall off due to a strong gust of wind.

  1. Materials and construction

Do make sure that the mirror that you choose is made of quality materials. Not only does a quality item look better than cheaper, flimsier ones, but they also ensure significant product-longevity.

Also, thinner glass can distort images at certain angles, which won’t be the case with high-grade glass plates.


Here we are at the end of this extensive list of beautiful mirrors for you, where we have also attempted to help you find the perfect one!

And, before we log off for good, we’ll just do a quick sum of those wall mirrors we liked the best out of all for their excellent features.

So, first up is the Sandberg Furniture Wall Mirror that we think has the most skillfully curved edges. The next slot is for the most beautiful frame, and we have two models tying at the position: the Head West Genoa Wall Mirror and the Stonebriar Ceramic Wall Mirror.

And lastly, in our opinion, the Umbra Round Wall Mirror stands to be the most functionally designed model on this list!

We’ll be back with more awesome guides for you again.

Till then, we hope your mirror makes you feel like the fairest of them all at all times!

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