Melbourne Grammar School / John Wardle Architects

Melbourne Grammar School / John Wardle Architects

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Melbourne grammar school / john wardle architects

In May 2004, Melbourne Grammar School announced John Wardle Architects as the winner of a design competition for a landmark building on Domain Road, establishing a new front door for the school. The Centre for Learning and Leadership integrates a library and information technology functions, and include a 240 seat lecture theatre and administration centre.

Melbourne grammar school / john wardle architects

The subject of learning becomes the face of the campus through a transparent library envelope. The emphasis is on providing an active space with access to knowledge in a variety of media, electronic as well as traditional forms. The library elevation is an open glass façade that exposes rows of books as well as thriving companion activities, symbolically representing both a repository of knowledge and a shift to a more open and engaging institution.

Melbourne grammar school / john wardle architects

The entry on Domain Road will be expressed as a slice through the new building that reveals the West Quadrangle’s1858 facade.

Location: South Yarra, Victoria, Australia
Type: Educational Public
Architects: John Wardle
Client: Melbourne Grammar School
Awards: Victorian Architecture Medal AIA
Premier’s Design Mark Award, State of Design 2008
National Award for Public Architecture AIA
The Emil Soderstan Award for interior Architecture AIA
William Wardell Public Architecture Award AIA Victoria
Date Completed: 2008
Photography: Trevor Mein – Peter Hyatt – Dianna Snape – Flickr


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