Sofia Lofts introduces historic Golden Hill to a sharply contemporary, distinctively community-oriented approach to urban living. Appealing Mid-Century Modern design and forward-looking sustainability features (including on-site electric vehicle chargers and an innovative bike-sharing program) create an environment to foster inter-generational living.

Sofia lofts / nakhshab development and design
© Paul Body

A total of 16 studio, one and two-bedroom rentals have been constructed around an existing, historic three-bedroom house was chosen by the NDD team to be restored and used as a focal point within the project. While the century old home lies in the center of the property, there is an elegant contrast between the old and new architecture on the property.

Sofia lofts / nakhshab development and design
© Paul Body

The historic home is highlighted and the new architecture is built in harmony complementing the home. A duplex in the front of the complex boasts a dramatic cantilever design for the patios and foundation that allowed the existing cobble stone retaining wall to be preserved. Units all include minimal beauty with a clean-line design and open-concept layouts that allow residents to arrange their space to their needs.

Sofia lofts / nakhshab development and design
© Paul Body

A “community within a community” objective is achieved by a layout in which all units surround an intimate common area with a BBQ grill, a lounge area, a space for showing movies outdoors and other shared activities. The idea is for all residents to mingle and interact, very much like a large family of several generations. Expansive balconies and patios allow residents to enjoy the breezy Golden Hill setting.

Project Details:

Location: 3045-3057 Broadway, Golden Hill, San Diego, California, USA
Type: ResidentialHousing
Size of unit or building (or size of units) in sq. ft.: 13,711, Units ranging from 465 – 1,683 SF
Architects: Nakhshab Development and Design, Inc.
Photographs: Paul Body

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