A-Frame House in The Hamptons Revamped by Edgar Papazian

A-Frame House in The Hamptons Revamped by Edgar Papazian

New York studio Doon Architecture lead by Architect Edgar Papazian has redefined an aged A-frame house into a timeless cozy family nest in an area known for an “outrageous housing market”.

It is entitled the Triangle House and it was the subject of a major renovation project, the old home, an dilapidated A-frame cabin dated back to 1965.

Long Island, Sag Harbor, the waterfront hamlet in The Hamptons is well known upmarket location, renown as a summer destination populated by high-end mansions.

Doon Architecture practice, a studio based in The Hamptons, revamped the A-Frame “woodsy hideaway” that follows; the project has been envisioned for a family of four.

A frame house in the hamptons revamped by edgar papazian triangle house 3

“The house is an exercise in frugality and true Minimalism in an outrageous housing market,” Edgar Papazian states,”It has just enough room for everything.”

A sloped site grants the establishment access through a small footbridge to visitors, this leads to the main entrance. An entry vestibule greets the guests thus greatly enhancing practicality, this is the first element of the dormer-type structure envisioned by the architect.

A-frame house in the hamptons revamped by edgar papazian

The home`s signature element, the original roof that shapes the whole has been upgraded in the renovation with 200 mm rigid-foam insulation panels, approximately 8 inches, walls have been wrapped in wood boards, eaves have been painted bright orange and yellow cedar shakes have embellished the envelope.

Douglas fir in warm colors has been used inside throughout to conserve the original, inviting-cozy ambiance of the home.

A frame house in the hamptons revamped by edgar papazian triangle house 5

A single open space for the dinning and living room has been created at the main level by removing the wall under the sloping rafters.

In a triangular volume one could find a small bathroom and the kitchen, the latter contains cabinets constructed with “sapele”, an African Wood where the counter-tops are laminated veneer.

A frame house in the hamptons revamped by edgar papazian triangle house 6

Ladders are shaping the path towards two opposite mezzanines connected through a open-slat bridge “A vertiginous catwalk at the roof peak connects two mezzanines – used for a home office – adding drama to the interior space,” the artist relates.

A sinuous curving staircase described by Edgar Papazian as “smallest code-compliant spiral stair” sculpts the interior space in its way towards the basement level. In here one discovers the bedrooms, the family living-room and an utility room. In the attempt to keep the costs down the floors use re-purposed locally sourced wood.

A frame house in the hamptons revamped by edgar papazian triangle house 7

The dwelling features heated and cooled bathrooms through a mini-split system along extensive storage and closet spaces.

What do you think about the Triangle House? Is this A-Frame House enough to distract one from the chaotic urban lifestyle ?

Photography is by Lincoln Barbour

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