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Lorelai is a London born interior designer by trade, a designer that choose sunny Barcelona against rainy London to pursue writing after graduation, she then joined Architecture Lab in 2017 as a design contributor.
  • Lorelai joined Architecture Lab as a design contributor in 2017
  • Apart from the writing pursuit, Lorelai is also chasing waves in Northern Spain
  • She has a research-heavy approach and great communication and organizational skills
  • Lorelai and Aida are the backbone of Architecture Lab today
Lorelai is a free spirit and great communicator that pursues a calm and down to earth lifestyle on her own terms. At Architecture Lab she currently enjoys the position of Senior Content Manager while still tackling home décor, DIY trends and product design topics extensively. She loves keeping the team organized and in sync and is a huge advocate for good communication both at the workplace and in the personal life.
Aida is a graduate of Chelsea College of Art & Design of London
TITLE | Design Contribuitor at Architecture Lab
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Lorelai Greene

UNA Residences Brickell by Adrian Smith | Gordon Gill Architecture in Miami

Want to get away from the chaotic city and enjoy the serene ocean life? Rejoice as UNA Residences Brickell sweeps Miami with its sensational waterfront condominium.
Lorelai Greene

Types Of House Siding | All You Need To Know

Looking for the best types of house siding options to renovate your house and amp up its aesthetic appeal? We bring you some excellent sidings to consider, so read on! 
Lorelai Greene

18 Awesome Terraria House Design Ideas You Need to Try

Looking for some great ideas to build the perfect house in Terraria? Here are some excellent Terraria house ideas that you can try out in the game right now. 
Lorelai Greene

19 Tips To Help You Excel In Your Architecture Studies

Surviving architecture school is no child’s play. If you are looking for tips to excel in your architecture studies, then check out our list for some tips.
Lorelai Greene

What Is A Linear Foot | Architect’s Information

Are you confused about what is a linear foot and how to calculate linear foot measurements? Check out our informative guide to find out the right way to do it.
Lorelai Greene

10 Best Project Management Software for Architects

Are you an architect in need of a project management software to help you manage your tasks efficiently? Here are ten top-notch options you must consider.
Lorelai Greene

14 Best Render Farm For Architects + Guide

Are you looking for the best render farm technology to amp up your architecture profile? Here’s all you need to know about the best render farm for architects.
Lorelai Greene

17 Best SketchUp Plugins For Architects

Are you an architect, and do you want to make the most out of SketchUp? Read on to know more about the best SketchUp plugins for architects.
Lorelai Greene

18 Best Squarespace Themes For Architects

Are you an architect? Do you want to use Squarespace to make your website look great but are having trouble picking a theme? Read on to know more about squarespace themes for architects.
Lorelai Greene

Structural Engineer Vs Architect | All You Need To Know

Not sure about the difference between structural engineer vs architect? We've provided the details in this short article.
Lorelai Greene

Architect Definition | Ideas & Career

Planning on starting off your career as an architect but have no idea what the title entails? Here’s everything you need to know about the world of professional architects and architect definition.
Lorelai Greene

Best CAD Program For Architects | All You Need To Know

Wondering which CAD program would be suitable for the recent architectural project that you have taken up? Here’s all that you need to know regarding CAD Program For Architects.
Lorelai Greene

22 Best Apps For Architects to Consider

Want to know about some nifty apps for architects and architecture students? We’ve got you covered with our list of the best architecture apps today.
Lorelai Greene

Differences Between A Kitchen And A Kitchenette

Are you confused about differences between a kitchen and a kitchenette? Check out our informative guide to find out which one's right for your apartment.
Lorelai Greene

What Is A Bungalow? | All You Need To Know

We decided to jump into the unique history of these popular housing styles to answer the question: What is a bungalow?
Lorelai Greene

Quarter Round vs. Shoe Molding [A Clear Winner?]

Quarter round vs. shoe molding, which are incredibly similar, so which is the better choice? Read on to find out!
Lorelai Greene

Epic Cathedral Ceiling Design & Ideas

Looking for some spectacular cathedral ceiling designs for your home? Below is an extensive guide on cathedral ceilings to help you out.

What Is A Telescoping Ladder | Ideas

What is a telescoping ladder

A telescoping ladder is an easy and portable device that can be extended to desired heights. It is easy to store and incredibly lightweight compared to conventional ladders.  Did you read the title and scratch your head wondering what a telescoping ladder is? A telescope like a ladder or a ladder like a telescope?  Well, …

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7 Best Telescopic Ladder For Loft | Reviews

Telescopic ladder for loft

If you’re looking for a ladder that’s easy to store and ideal for tight spaces, then the Ohuhu Telescopic Ladder is a perfect choice. It’s lightweight and can be used in the loft space or for reaching the ceiling. A telescoping ladder is a great tool for gardeners, homeowners, and DIY enthusiasts. In fact, a …

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7 Best Telescoping Ladder For Boat | Reviews + Guide

Telescoping ladder for boat

If you are looking for a telescopic boat ladder that is easy to use and store, then you can find the right fit from the options below. We found the Hoffen Telescoping Ladder to be the best overall. Likewise, the Amarine Stainless Steel Telescoping Ladder and the Marinebaby Pontoon Boat Ladder are viable options for …

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8 Best Ink Pens For Business | Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Ink pens for business

Using ink pens for business gives you a sense of class and sophistication. In that context, the Montblanc Meisterstuck Platinum has the best premium feel. Subsequently, the Waterman Expert offers incredible smoothness and luxury at a reasonable price. And if you want more variety, then consider the Parker Duofold Ballpoint pen. One of the many …

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14 Best Ink Pens For Drawing | Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Ink pens for drawing

The Sakura Pigma Micron Fineliner black ink pens are among the best drawing pens available due to their quick-drying, fade-resistant ink. They come with multiple nib sizes for a variety of uses, including drawing, writing, journaling, and more.  Artists specializing in ink drawings rely on high-quality alcohol ink paper and the best inking pens. While …

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How To Use A Thermal Imaging Camera? | All You Need To Know

How to use a thermal imaging camera

While a thermal camera is typically used commercially in security systems, drones, fire detection, etc., hobbyists can look for affordable options or accessories to explore the technology via smartphone apps.  Unlike some decades ago, thermal imaging is no longer rocket science. With the best thermal imaging camera, you can enjoy “heat-sensing vision” and apply thermography …

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How Accurate Are Thermal Imaging Cameras? | All You Need To Know

How accurate are thermal imaging cameras

Infrared cameras detect the heat signatures of different objects and measure their temperatures. However, the ability of thermal cameras to show accurate temperature readings by minimizing the margin of error largely depends on proper calibration and several other factors.  There’s no point in purchasing an expensive thermal camera if you don’t know how accurate are …

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