11 Best Bean Bag Chair For Dogs | Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Do you want to make sure that your dog is cozy and comfortable? Well then, consider getting a top notch bean bag chair

Dogs absolutely get to nap on soft and comfortable surfaces. That is why a bean bag is a perfect place for them to cuddle up and get cozy. It can easily conform to the body contours of your pup, which provides them with greater comfort. For us humans, bean bags are good for back pain, imagine how much the little furry creatures can enjoy them!

But if you own a dog, you’ll be well acquainted with its tendency to bite, chew, and scratch at things. So, you’ll need to get a bean bag that can withstand most of such doggy shenanigans. 

There are numerous choices available in the market that will make you scratch your head while choosing a bean bag chair. That’s why we did some research on the best bean bag chair for dogs, and compiled a list of top 11 options. 

So, without any further ado, let’s jump right in! 

Best Bean Bag Chairs For Dogs

Our Top PickOur Top PickArchilb-table__imageBest Friends By Sheri Original
  • Comes in 5 different sizes, from small to double extra large
  • Made from soft AirLoft polyester fibers
  • Outer covering made from durable vegan nylon
Archilb-table__imageBedsure Calming Dog Bed
  • Comes in four different sizes
  • Made from faux fur, microfiber, plush, and wood fillings
  • Features a non-slip bottom
Archilb-table__imageActive Pets Plush Calming Dog Bed
  • Available sizes: small (23”), medium (30”), and large (36”)
  • Made from faux fur, plush, and plastic
  • Uses polypropylene cotton filling
Archilb-table__imagePUPPBUDD Calming Dog Bed
  • Available in four size options
  • Made from nylon and faux fur
  • Comes with polypropylene cotton filling inside
Archilb-table__imageOQQ Fluffy Luxe Pet Bed
  • Suitable for pets weighing 25-55 pounds
  • Comes in four size variants
  • Outer covering made from faux fur
Archilb-table__imageFurhaven Plush Ball Bed
  • Comes in four sizes from small to jumbo
  • Features a polyester faux fur cover
  • Uses fully recycled fluffy filling
Archilb-table__imageMajestic Pet Bagel Pet Dog Bed
  • Uses premium high-loft polyester fill
  • Available in four different sizes
  • Suitable for dogs weighing between 10 and 70 pounds
Archilb-table__imageNeekor Soft Plush Donut Pet Bedding
  • Available in two sizes - large and medium
  • The outer covering is made from 12-centimeter long plush
  • Features a unique Oxford non-slip bottom surface
Archilb-table__imageNononfish Dog Bean Bag Bed
  • Available in six different sizes and a variety of colors
  • Surface made from soft faux fur
  • Uses premium quality virgin pearl cotton filling
Archilb-table__imageWAYIMPRESS Calming Dog Bed
  • Comes in 3 small-size variants
  • Made from fluffy plush and faux fur
  • Non-slip bottom made from high-density fabrics

Best bean bag chair for dogs

1. Best Friends By Sheri Original

The original calming shag donut cuddler is a pretty fantastic bean bag chair for your dog from the brand Best Friends By Sheri. It comes as a bundle that includes a bean bag bed and a pet throw blanket that your dog will love. 

Best Friends by Sheri Bundle Set The Original Calming Shag Donut...
  • BUNDLE PET GIFTS DEAL: You’ll love the bargain;...
  • COZY LUXURIOUS SLEEP: Give your pet the cozy...

Why Did We Like It?

Durable and soft, the original calming shag donut cuddler is the ideal bean bag chair for your dog. Its different sizes makes it a great choice for all types of dogs, as well as cats. You simply need to choose the size that best fits your pet. The durable vegan nylon is both soft and resistant to scratches and bites from your furry friend. Furthermore, the polyester filling lasts 3 times longer compared to conventional pet beds. 

The bean bag features a raised rim, which provides a sense of security to your pet, and also provides support for the head and neck. And its compact and lightweight design makes it highly portable, so your pets can get comfortable relaxation anywhere. 

In addition, the faux fur blanket is self-warming, which is reminiscent of a mother’s fur coat, thereby keeping your pets warm and cozy. As a bonus, the bean bag is machine-washable, which makes it pretty quick and easy to clean. 

419dm2s36tl. Sl500

What Could’ve Been Better?

This bean bag is a pretty comfortable and versatile choice for your pet. But due to its premium quality and versatility, it is priced slightly higher than other dog bean bag beds. So, it might not be the most feasible choice if you’re on a strict budget. 

  • Excellent choice for small dogs and cats
  • Easy to carry around
  • Extremely soft and durable
  • Easy to clean
  • Slightly expensive

2. Bedsure Calming Dog Bed

Bedsure is a brand that makes affordable home linens, and its products are known to offer incredible comfort. The Bedsure calming dog bed also lives up to the brand’s reputation. It is a compact bean bag bed that is great for dogs and cats that like to curl or snuggle. 

Bedsure Calming Dog Bed for Small Dogs - Donut Washable Small Pet Bed,...
  • Calming & Comfortable: With over 20,000 5-star...
  • Soothing Support: This donut dog bed is ideal for...

Why Did We Like It?

The calming dog bed features a compact, circular design with fluffy, raised edges. So, it supports the head and neck of your pet and helps relieve muscle and joint pain. Besides, the 8 or 10-inch high edge provides a greater sense of security for your pet. 

In addition, the microfibers and fine wood fillings make it soft yet relatively durable. They complement the faux fur and plush coating to provide greater insulation from the cold so that your pup stays cozy and warm. 

This dog bed comes with a thick, non-slip bottom that can be easily fixed on any floor surface. It provides sufficient support to prevent slippage on smooth tile floors. Moreover, the thickness of the bottom provides better cushioning for your pet. 

Apart from that, this bean bed, which is available in camel, frost grey, and dark grey, is fully machine washable. So, you can quickly and easily clean it if it gets too dirty. 

51v5zufgpbl. Sl500

What Could’ve Been Better?

While this bean bag is a great option if you have small dogs and cats, it is not very suitable for large dog breeds. The sleeping space is relatively small, due to which these large dogs will not be able to fit inside the bean bag completely. 

  • Pretty affordable
  • Provides incredible warmth and comfort
  • Highly durable
  • Fully machine-washable
  • Not suitable for large dog breeds

3. Active Pets Plush Calming Dog Bed

When it comes to pet essentials, Active Pets is a brand that is held in high regard, thanks to the quality of its products. And that’s why we have included its plush calming dog bed, which is one of the softest and most ergonomic bean bag dog beds available. 

Active Pets Plush Calming Dog Bed, Donut Dog Bed for Small Dogs,...
  • Supports Better Sleep - Only the best for your...
  • Incredibly Comfortable - This cozy, soft, and...

Why Did We Like It?

This bean bag bed features an outer covering made from extremely soft and shaggy faux fur, plush, and polypropylene cotton as filling. Therefore, it easily adjusts to the preferred posture of your dog, serving to be a snug and calming resting spot. In addition, the faux fur and plush coverings are safe and durable against scratches and bites. 

The ergonomic donut-shaped design features a raised edge that provides support for the neck and head while relieving any muscle and joint stress. Besides, its softness and warmth help eliminate anxiety and calms your pet down. 

Furthermore, the bottom surface is made from anti-slip plastic, which is dirt and water-resistant. So, it is easy to fix on any surface, and you also need not worry about it getting dirty or wet easily. 

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What Could’ve Been Better?

Without a doubt, the Active Pets plush calming dog bed is an extremely soft and durable bean bag for your dog. But we noticed that it is not very easy to wash and takes a long time to dry. So, that can be a bit inconvenient for busy dog parents. 

  • Highly durable
  • Incredibly ergonomic design
  • Calms and relaxes your dog
  • Dirt and water-resistant bottom surface
  • Not very easy to wash

4. PUPPBUDD Calming Dog Bed

The calming dog bed by professional dog bed manufacturer PUPPBUDD is another excellent choice for a dog bean bag. Coming in a wide range of colors, it is an affordable and luxurious bean bag with a unique design. This design makes it a great choice for small to large size dogs, not weighing more than 100 lbs. 

PUPPBUDD Calming Dog Bed Faux Fur Pet Bed Self-Warming Donut Cuddler,...
  • ☀ASSORTED SIZE: X-Large -- 32''x24''x8'' donut...
  • ☀HIGH QUALITY MATERIAL: Calming & Self-warming...

Why Did We Like It?

Unlike many other dog bean bags, which come in a round shape, this bean bag instead comes with a unique oval-shaped design. As a result, it allows for more freedom in sleeping and sitting postures so that your dog is more comfortable. 

Its raised edge allows your dog to rest its head and neck without difficulty. Furthermore, the soft and luxurious faux fur cover provides a warm and cozy sleeping space. The outer covering also features nylon fabrics, which provide some degree of durability. On top of that, it has an anti-slip, rugged bottom, which makes it easy to fix on any surface. 

All the materials used to make this bean bag are pet-safe and eco-friendly, which makes it a safe and sustainable option. It is evenly stuffed with polypropylene cotton fibers, which makes the bed soft and fluffy everywhere. Besides, it is easy to wash, and you can either wash it manually or by using your machine. 

513kbcpumpl. Sl500

What Could’ve Been Better?

While the PUPPBUDD calming dog bed is quite resilient due to its nylon covering, it is not very durable against biting and chewing. So, if your dog has that habit, we suggest getting another option, as it won’t last very long in such cases. 

  • Relatively affordable
  • Unique shape that provides more freedom
  • Evenly stuffed and sewn
  • Easy to wash
  • Not very durable against biting and chewing

5. OQQ Fluffy Luxe Pet Bed

The OQQ brand is known for making different types of bedding options for pets. All of its products are made from high-quality materials, which is why we have considered reviewing the fluffy luxe pet bed. It is another affordable and versatile option that will be loved by your dog or cat. 

OQQ Fluffy Luxe Pet Bed for Dogs & Cats, Anti-Slip, Waterproof Base,...

Why Did We Like It?

This bean bag comes with a soft yet durable outer covering and it will resist the bites and scratches of your pooch very well. Additionally, its bottom surface is rugged, which prevents the bean bag from slipping, regardless of what surface it is on. On top of that, it is dirt and water-resistant, adding to your convenience. 

Its oval shape and raised rim design make it very comfortable for your pets to lay on. The fiber filler helps to retain heat easily, which keeps the bed warm and cozy. As a result, it eases the stress and anxiety of your pets and helps them relax better. 

Furthermore, washing this bean bag is extremely quick and simple. All you have to do is put the whole thing into your machine and subsequently tumble dry it. And as a bonus, you get to choose from 7 different colors ( white, pink, brown, grey, beige, black, and khaki) based on your preference. 

51tgjim9r7l. Sl500

What Could’ve Been Better?

There is one aspect about this bean bag that we found a bit bothersome. We observed that the stuffing is not evenly spread, especially on the bed surface. Due to this, it is too thin, which can be somewhat uncomfortable for your pet, especially on cold floors. 

  • Versatile bean bag
  • Comes at a low price
  • Highly durable
  • Convenient to clean
  • The bottom surface is thin

6. Furhaven Plush Ball Bed

Furhaven is a reputed brand in the domain of pet products since they manufacture everything from pet toys to pet apparel. And that is why we had to include the plush ball bed by Furhaven on our list. It is a versatile and large dog bed that is great for all dog breeds. 

Furhaven XL Dog Bed Plush Faux Fur Beanbag-Style Ball Nest w/...
  • COMFORT AS PRIORITY: The beanbag style creates a...
  • SLEEP SURFACE: Featuring oh-so-soft plush faux fur...

Why Did We Like It?

The plush ball bed is a proper bean bag chair and bed for dogs. It features a soft ball-shaped design that’s great for when your dogs want to cuddle. The soft, plush faux fur cover provides excellent comfort for your pets. 

Besides, the size options make it suitable for all dog breeds, cats, and even children. The high-loft, recycled fluffy filling helps it adjust to the body shape and posture of your pet to provide them with restful sleep. 

Another notable feature of this bean bag chair is that it comes with a zippered design. So, you can stuff it with some extra filling or replace the default filling with whatever suits your pet. The interior liner is stretchable, so you can stuff in a lot of filling without any fear of it bursting out. In addition, it is entirely machine washable, so cleaning it will be convenient as well. 

51woodyahjl. Sl500

What Could’ve Been Better?

The Furhaven plush ball bed is the perfect dog bed for any dog, except for one minor limitation. It is not able to withstand excessive biting and chewing. So, if your dog likes to bite and chew into everything, this dog bed will not last very long. 

  • Can be stuffed with extra filling
  • Highly stretchable bean bag chair
  • Comfortable ball-shaped design
  • Both the outer covering and inner liner can be cleaned
  • Cannot withstand biting and chewing

7. Majestic Pet Bagel Pet Dog Bed

The bagel pet dog bed by the brand Majestic Pet is another decent bean bag chair that you can get for your dog. It is another spacious dog bed made from high-quality materials, and it can be used by most small, medium, or large dog breeds. 

Bagel Pet Dog Bed By Majestic Pet Products Black 40 in
  • Outside Dimensions: 40"L x 29"W, Inside...
  • Waterproof Denier Base: Base of round bagel bed is...

Why Did We Like It?

The large variant is a 40-inch large dog bed that has inner dimensions of 30” x 18”, along with an 8” high cushion and 9” high bolster. So, it is an excellent bean bag chair for some larger dog breeds, as it provides enough space for them to sleep comfortably. But you can also opt for the 24-inch, 32-inch, or 52-inch bed based on your dog size. 

This bean bag comes with a bolster that provides good support for the spine, so your dog can comfortably relax its head and neck. Besides, the high-quality polyester fiber filling retains sufficient heat to keep your dog nice and warm. And the soft cotton twill exterior is not only durable but also has a calming effect on your canine friend. 

Moreover, the base is made from 300/600 waterproof denier material, which protects the bean bag bed against unwanted spills. And of course, it is machine washable for your convenience. 

41rear0z+el. Sl500

What Could’ve Been Better?

It does not come with a removable cover typically found in large bean bag chairs, so washing the interior liner is impossible. You need to put the whole thing inside your machine, which is only good for washing the exterior surface. 

  • Can be used for most dog breeds
  • The bottom surface is completely waterproof
  • Highly durable
  • Provides excellent support to the spine
  • It has no removable outer cover

8. Neekor Soft Plush Donut Pet Bedding

Despite being a relatively lesser-known brand, Neekor’s pet bedding products are pretty decent in quality and versatility. The same can also be observed for the soft plush donut pet bedding from the brand. It is an affordable donut bean bag bed that you can use for your small to medium-sized dogs. 

Neekor Cat Dog Beds, Soft Plush Donut Pet Bedding Winter Warm Sleeping...
  • ♥♥♥【Size】M (19.7 x 19.7 x 7.9 inch)-best...
  • ♥♥♥【Warm and Comfortable】Super soft 12cm...

Why Did We Like It?

This bean bag chair comes with a circular design, with a raised edge that is 7.9 inches high. Your dog can easily rest its head and neck on this raised edge to relax its joints and muscles and relieve stress. 

The bean bag features an outer surface made from 12 cm long plush and shaggy fur. For the filling, it utilizes high-quality cotton fibers, which complements the heat retention capabilities of the outer surface. As a result, your dog gets a warm and cozy bean bag bed to sleep on. 

In addition, it features a unique Oxford non-slip surface on the bottom. It has a rugged rubber grid, which not only helps to fix the bed on any surface but is also completely waterproof. Apart from that, it is fully machine washable for easy cleaning and is highly portable and lightweight, which makes it easy to carry around. 

What Could’ve Been Better?

One thing that we did not like about this beanbag chair was its uneven stuffing. While the stuffing itself was soft enough, it was not evenly spread throughout the bean bag. As a result, both the bed surface and the sides were lumpy. 

  • Comes at a very low price
  • Excellent at retaining warmth
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Great for small to medium-sized dogs and cats
  • Uneven stuffing

9. Nononfish Dog Bean Bag Bed

With considerable experience in making bean bag beds for dogs, the Nononfish brand has carved a niche for itself on this market. That is why we have included the Nononfish Dog bean bag bed on our list – a soft yet durable bean bag that can withstand dogs that bite and chew. 

Dog Beds for Medium Dogs Washable 30 Inches Pink Dog Bean Bag Bed Girl...
  • Comfortable and deep sleep : nononfish comfy soft...
  • Fluffy calming bed for dogs: A dog bed allows your...

Why Did We Like It?

Since it is a bean bag that features a circular donut-shaped design, it is great for dogs that like to curl up while sleeping. Its raised edges help in providing additional support and a feeling of security to the dog. The high edge also helps the dog to relax its head and neck. 

Besides, the polyethylene plush and soft fur used in the bolster is pretty expandable, which allows for more freedom and flexibility. So, you can use it for small to large-sized dogs, provided you choose the right size variant. Furthermore, it uses high-quality virgin pearl cotton as a filling, which makes it extremely soft and fluffy. This helps calm your pet and gives them a deep, restful sleep. 

The bottom surface is made from tough nylon fabric, which holds the bean bag in place on any surface, and it’s also dirt and water-resistant. However, it is pretty thick and soft so that your pet is not uncomfortable. 

51hi3ase5ol. Sl500

What Could’ve Been Better?

A downside of this bean bag is that it becomes flattened after you use it for some time. It is especially more pronounced if you have a heavier dog. So, it can become uncomfortable for your dog if it flattens too much. 

  • Great for small to large-sized dogs
  • Can withstand dogs that bite and chew
  • The raised bolster is expandable
  • Dirt and water-resistant bottom surface
  • Can flatten easily

10. WAYIMPRESS Calming Dog Bed

The calming dog bed by the brand WAYIMPRESS is another worthy option that you can get for your dog. It comes at a very low price and is made from high-quality materials that provide added comfort and warmth to your pet. 

WAYIMPRESS Calming Dog Bed for Small Medium Dogs & Cats, Washable...
  • Comfort and deep sleep: The comfy calming dog bed...
  • Donut design: The cuddler dog bed perfect for...

Why Did We Like It?

Compact and relatively lightweight, the WAYIMPRESS calming dog bed is an affordable option for small dogs weighing between 15 and 35 lbs. It has a circular donut-shaped design with a fluffy raised edge that calms down your dog and eases any anxiety and stress. 

The outer surface is made from premium quality fluffy plush and vegan faux fur. Moreover, it uses a soft, insulating filling that is self-warming, which thereby provides a warm and cozy surface for your dog to sleep on. 

In addition, this bean bag uses high-density fabrics that contain sticky beads to prevent slipping. So, you can easily fix it on any floor surface. Apart from that, its compact and lightweight design makes it highly portable, and it is fully machine washable as well. 

5183k2oeual. Sl500

What Could’ve Been Better?

While this bed is pretty comfortable and warm, we found it to be quite small irrespective of the size you choose. You can only use it for small dog breeds and cats. Therefore, if you have medium to large-sized dogs (weighing over 35 lbs.), they will not fit in this bean bag. 

  • Comes at a low price
  • It is self-warming
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Easy to wash
  • Not suitable for medium to large-sized dogs

11. Sport Pet Luxury Waterproof Pet Bed

If you have heard of the brand Sport Pet, then you already know how good its pet products really are. And that is why we had to include the luxury waterproof pet bed by this brand on our list. As its name suggests, it is a fully waterproof bean bag chair specifically designed for your pet’s comfort. 

SPORT PET Luxury Waterproof Pet Bed, Soft Fleece Pet Blanket,...
  • ULTRA-PLUSH DOG BED Made with premium high-density...
  • EASY CARE While the comfort is top notch, it...

Why Did We Like It?

Unlike most bean bag chairs for dogs, which typically use cotton or polyester fibers, this one uses high-density foam filling. As a result, it is comparatively softer and adjusts better to the body contours of your dog, which is more akin to memory foam. 

Besides, the foam retains its softness for quite a long time, which enhances its lifespan. On that note, it comes with an easily removable outer cover that is fully machine washable. The foam filling is protected by an inner waterproof lining, which can also be conveniently cleaned. Due to these aspects, you can easily maintain it for a long time. 

Apart from that, its size options makes it suitable to be used for any small, medium, or large-sized dog. The soft surface helps in relaxing the muscles and joints of your dog, meaning it is a great option for older dogs as well. 

61gkmznwhjl. Sl500

What Could’ve Been Better?

If you are looking for an excellent bean bag chair for your furry friend, then the Sport Pet luxury waterproof pet bed is an option worth considering. However, you should know that it comes with a pretty hefty price tag due to its quality and features. 

  • Adjusts well to the body contours
  • Fully waterproof inner lining
  • Easy-to-clean outer covering
  • Can be used for a long time
  • Relatively expensive

Bean bag chairs for dogs buying guide

Bean Bag Chairs For Dogs Buying Guide

We hope that by now, you have gone through our list of the 11 top bean bag chairs for dogs. So, have you come to a decision on which one you want yet? 

If you are unable to decide, don’t worry, because we are here to help! Your dog is an integral part of the family, so it is only natural to want the best and most comfortable option for them. That said, if you have some doubts and questions regarding bean bag chairs, keep on reading below. 

Key Factors To Consider

We have listed some of the most critical factors that you should consider before buying a bean bag chair for your bed. This will help you make an informed decision so that you don’t regret the purchase later. 

  1. Size

The size of your bean bag bed should be based on the size of your dog. If you have a small dog, you should get a smaller bean bag. But for a medium or large-sized dog, you should get a bean bag in which they can easily fit. Make sure you check the dimensions and weight capacity before buying. 

  1. Filling

Bean bag chairs for dogs can use different types of fillings, such as fluffy cotton, shredded memory foam, or polyester fibers. A cotton filling is the most affordable option, but in terms of comfort, shredded foam polyester fibers are a better choice. 

  1. Material

The covering material of the bean bag needs to be durable enough to withstand destructive dog behavior while simultaneously being soft and comfortable. A shaggy faux fur covering meets these criteria, but they can be expensive. You can also opt for nylon or polystyrene, which are not as soft, but are quite affordable. 

Bean Bag Chairs For Dogs Frequently Asked Questions ?

Are bean bags safe for dogs?

Most reputed manufacturers today use pet-friendly materials to make bean bags, which makes them perfectly safe for your pooch. 

Do you really need bean bag beds for your dogs?

It is a common misconception that dogs prefer to sleep on hard surfaces. Like any other animal or human being for that matter, they also seek warmth and comfort, and a bean bag provides precisely that. Furthermore, it relaxes the muscles and joints and helps calm your dog. 

Can you use a memory foam bean bag for your dog?

Memory foam is relatively safe, and its ability to conform to the body contours makes it a pretty good choice for a dog bean bag chair. 

How long do bean bags last?

Most bean bags typically last for 4 to 5 years. But it also depends on your dog’s temperament and how well you maintain it. 

Do you need to refill your bean bag dog bed?

If your bean bag comes with a zippered design or removable outer covering, you should refill it from time to time. But if it doesn’t, then there is no need for refilling. 

Best bean bag chair for dogs

Top Bean Bag Chairs For Dogs Verdict

With that, we have come to the end of this informative review-based guide. We hope that it was an enlightening read for you! 

Before we depart, we would like to highlight our favorites from the aforementioned list. The Best Friends By Sheri original is our top pick, thanks to its supreme quality and durability. 

However, if you want a more affordable choice, we would recommend the Bedsure calming dog bed. And for the softest option, consider going for the Active Pets plush calming dog beds

On that note, allow us to end today’s guide. Until next time! 

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