The 3 Best 4×6 Printers for Studio Use Right Now

Best 4x6 Printers 

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Whether you are a professional photographer, a determined beginner, or somebody who is passionate about photography, you will know that a fine printer is what you need to produce high-quality and detailed prints for your works.

Some printers work pretty well in the initial stage but soon depreciate as time goes by. Not only that, they also need a lot of maintenance. You constantly have to keep shedding your money to get it fixed.

However, with an excellent photo printer by your side, you will have lesser stress and worries about it wearing out soon.

Choosing the right photo printer takes a fair amount of effort to make sure you get the best prints when you want physical copies of those photographs.

So to ease your search for the best printers, we are delighted to present you the 3 best 4*6 printers that we’ve carefully picked out for studio use.

Have a look!

Best 4×6 Printers

Best 4x6 printers 2

  1. Canon imagePROGRAF PRO-1000 Professional Photographic Inkjet Printer, 17 x 22-Inches

The Canon imagePROGRAF PRO-1000 is a professional grade printer that is 17-inches wide. It produces 2400 x 1200dpi large prints.

Some special features about the printer include having an anti-clogging system that cleans and maintains itself for a long while, a special air feeding operation that’s in charge of accurate and high-quality prints, and it uses the Lucia Pro Ink System which utilizes 11-color cartridges for better and enhanced photo quality.

Canon imagePROGRAF PRO-1000 Professional Photographic Inkjet Printer,...
  • Anti-Clogging Technology: The Fine print head...
  • Air Feeding System: The Canon Air Feeding System...


Alright. So the prints come out really vibrant because this printer contains 11 color cartridges to produce detailed variations of colors. Compared to other photo printers with fewer color cartridges, we can say that this one does more justice to your prints.

Because the printer uses a printhead that’s 1.28” wide, this makes its printing speed much faster than what you would expect from a photo printer. Basically, the printing surface is 50% larger than that of regular printers.

This is really useful if you are a professional or an earnest photographer who has got to produce a large number of prints and do a lot of projects.

And this does not only make the printing faster but it also prevents clogging; which means you don’t have to worry about those nozzles getting dirty all the time. The printer already does that for you (although we would recommend cleaning it once a while to keep it in good shape).


However, to be better safe than sorry, the package comes with a backup print nozzle, just in case there is a clog in the print head.

Also, with this printer, there is no need to spend money on changing the print head. You can do it by yourself and it’s pretty easy!

Although the printer is made to clean itself up, the process, however, can sometimes lead to wastage of some amount of ink. However, we recommend you getting it checked every once in a while.

  • Has a special air-feeding system for precise and good quality prints
  • Contains 11-color cartridges for better resolutions
  • Uses anti-clogging technology for maintaining clean nozzles
  • Can cause ink wastage during its cleaning process
  1. Epson SureColor P800 17″ Inkjet Color Printer,Black

The Epson SureColor is 17-inches wide with 2880 x 1440dpi.

It is a professional grade printer which offers large prints that have no borders and utilizes 80ml 9-color cartridges allowing multiple color variants.

It works best on 4×6-inches, as well as other common photo sizes.

This printer’s features include having an Epson MicroPiezo AMC print head, an Epson UltraChrome HD 8-color ink set, and large-sized ink cartridges for creating the best and most striking details.

Epson SureColor P800 17" Inkjet Color Printer,Black
  • Unit Dimensions: 26.93"W x 14.80"D x 9.85"H |...
  • Maximum Printable Area: Maximum paper width: 17" |...


Since the printer uses the Epson Ultrachrome HD ink technology, it has helped prints remain as fresh as they were on the first day.

You have come across prints that don’t truly hold pigments in the long run. Fading and corrosion are inevitable with them. With this printer, things are a bit different. You will see that throughout different room temperatures, the prints remain free from abrasion. And the long-lasting pigments are as true as promised.

Moreover, we love the Black&White effects. It truly stands out from the rest.

Comparing the Epson black & white prints with other normal black and white printing, you will see vivid results. The print done with Epson shows clearer and much finer details. The highlights are unbeatable, as well as the black shades that really enhance takes Black&White effects to another level.


We also like the fact that it works on Wi-Fi and is also compatible with Apple AirPrint as well as GoogleCloud Print.

However, being a very good printer, it comes with no warranty. Getting in touch with customer support is advisable in case there are a lot of clarifications regarding the printer.

Besides working great on photo papers, it receives and works smoothly on papers such as posterboards and fine art papers too. It also has a smooth touchscreen for print settings and it is pretty easy to use.

  • It produces extraordinary black and white effects
  • Has a user-friendly touchscreen
  • It ensures long-lasting colors
  • It does not come with a warranty
  1. Mitsubishi CP-9810DW Dye Sub Color Thermal Photo Ultra-Fast, Large Volume Printer with 2.0 USB Interface, 300dpi Resolution

This one is not an inkjet printer and is different from other printers because it uses heat to carry the color into the print head before the printing process. This process acts like a color dryer and produces highly accurate and long-lasting prints.

The Mitsubishi CP-9810DW works a lot faster on 4×6” prints. The range of sizes is from 4×6” and 6×9”. It contains 300dpi thermal head that is very efficient and densed.

With this printer, you have very less fixing to do. The reason is because it has a smaller print space that works equally the same as that of inkjet printers and it does not cause a lot of complications.


There is no waiting needed to handle your prints. As soon as the printing is done, you can touch your prints because the heating system has dried it faster than any usual drying. This is perfect if you have to produce a bundle of prints to be sent out within a few minutes.

However, unlike inkjet printers that  can work on multiple different papers, this printer only accepts a small range of print papers and the printing media has to match with its thermal head.

This is, by far, easier to clean and disassemble a few mechanical parts. It’s perfect for someone who is new to photo printers as it’s very easy to use as well.


One admirable thing about this printer is that it dos not completely rely on the computer to get the job done. For instance, it has an inbuilt 32 MB memory and this not only saves a lot of time but it also prevents the computer from slowing down.

It uses a roll printing media that can print continuously as preferred.

The details of the prints on the photo are very high in resolution. The prints will serve you for a very long time without degrading or fading away. The layer-print sheet from the back truly preserves the condition of the print. It’s perfect if you want prints that will last for a very long period of time.

  • Produces quick-dry prints for immediate handling
  • It has got inbuilt 32 MB memory
  • Uses roll print media for continuous printing
  • It only accepts specific types of print medium

Studio Printer Buyer’s Guide

There are a few things that one needs to keep in mind before buying a photo printer. Read along the following guidelines if you need assistance for buying the perfect printer.

  1. The type of printer

The kind of printer you get determines the level of maintenance you will be providing. Inkjet printers are much more affordable and much easier to maintain, while heat printers are are much more expensive to buy and maintain it.

However, if you want to produce only high-quality photos, then heat printers are the best for you. Inkjet printer, on the other hand, produce high quality prints while being wallet-friendly at the same time.

  1. Resolution

The resolution of the print can affect how your photos appear to another person’s eye.

In fact, we think this is what everything boils down to when we print photos – we want to make sure they look really amazing. Therefore, it is really important to make sure that you get the best resolution from your photo printer.

In this case, a professional grade printer is something that will work really well with all your projects and assures you the best possible prints.

Look for printers that are somewhere 4800 x 1200 dpi or even higher if there is no budget. For heat/dye sublimation printers, however, it is different because it normally has 300×300 dpi, but the method of creating the print is where heat printers overtake inkjets.

  1. The size of the printer

When you want to purchase a printer, look for the size.

If you are someone who mostly works on small print papers, then you should opt for a smaller printer. Not only will it consume lesser space, but it will also be much more portable.

On the other hand, if you want to work with large prints besides the 4×6” in the future, we recommend you get one that is ideal for both small and big projects.


Getting a printer is indeed a big decision and we understand that. So we really hope this article has helped you in one way or the other.

Until next time folks!

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