The 12 Best Electric Wall Heaters: Reviews and Buying Guide

Winter is coming. And it’s time to brace ourselves for the cold north wind. So, bring out those blankets and turn up your heaters. 

Speaking of heaters, electric wall heaters are so much more comfortable and easy to use than those old furnaces and fireplaces. That said, purchasing a new electric wall heater might be a good idea if you’re planning to spend this winter nestled in the favorite corner of your house. 

However, the question remains — which electric wall heater should you buy? There are so many high-tech wall heater models that making a choice can get confusing and overwhelming. But, don’t worry because we’ve got you covered. 

In this article, we’ll review the 12 best electric wall heaters that are widely popular among customers today. We’ll also include a buyer’s guide that can further help you narrow down your decision. 

So, without further ado, let’s dive in! 

Best Electric Wall Heater Reviews

Our Top PickOur Top PickArchilb-table__imageBroan-NuTone 174
  • Generates 120 Volts of electricity 
  • Power of 1500 watts 
  • Weighs 5.97 pounds
Archilb-table__imageHeat Storm HS-1000-WX
  • Infrared, wall-mounted heater included 
  • Produces radiant, forced air for heating 
  • Weighs 7.48 pounds 
  • Adjustable thermostat included 
  • LED digital display 
  • Weighs 18.3 pounds 
Archilb-table__imageHeat Storm HS-1500-PHX-WIFI
  • 1500 watts of heating power
  • Wi-Fi-enabled infrared heater
  • Weighs 9 pounds 
Archilb-table__imageEconoHome Wall-Mount Heater Panel
  • Corded electric power source 
  • Convection heating method 
  • Weighs 17.8 pounds 
Archilb-table__imageStiebel Eltron 074058
  • Wall-mount design 
  • Operates at 120 volts and 150 watts
  • Weighs 8 pounds 
  • Corded electric power source 
  • Produces forced air for heating
  • Weighs 15 pounds 
Archilb-table__imageBroan-NuTone 198
  • Operates at 4000 and 2000 watts
  • 18-gauge steel white grille 
  • Weighs 21 pounds 
Archilb-table__imageTrustech Wall Mount Heater
  • One-button control 
  • Convection heater with no fan 
  • Weighs 14.72 pounds 
  • Requires corded electric power source 
  • Covers up to 500 square feet area 
  • Weighs 14.12 pounds 

Best electric wall heater

1. Broan-NuTone 174 Wall Heater

First on our list is the white enamel electric wall heater by Broan. This steel unit comes with an in-built heater that offers an energy-saving heating supplement to the house. It also has a manual reset button to prevent thermal overload and ensure safe operation. Overall, the heater is pretty easy to use and comes with detailed guidelines. 

Broan-NuTone Wall Heater, White Grille Heater with Built-In Adjustable...
  • WALL HEATER: Wall heater provides an energy-saving...
  • FUNCTIONAL DESIGN: White grille has downflow...

Why Did We Like It?

This electric wall heater has a one-piece design and comes with a baked enamel finish that offers durability. So, you don’t have to worry about replacing it anytime soon. Moreover, you can easily operate it at 500 watts even though it is originally designed to operate at 1000 or 2000 watts. Simply put, it is an energy-efficient option. 

Plus, it has a front-mounted thermostat, which can automatically adjust the room temperature to its optimum level. Not to mention how it is pretty safe to use. It includes a manual reset protector that prevents any thermal overload. 

If you look closely, you will see a steel-louvered grille that gently directs heat towards the floor and is more efficient in small rooms. So, if you’re planning to keep the chill out of your bedroom during winter, it might be a good choice. 

What Could’ve Been Better?

The major flaw of this electric wall heater is the functional defects of the thermostat. The metal grate of the heater conducts heat to the thermostat, and it turns off earlier than it should. So, the thermostat clicks off automatically once the metal grate heats up while blowing out hot air. 

  • Operates at 1000 and 2000 watts
  • Front-mounted thermostat
  • 20-gauge louvered grille
  • Baked enamel finish
  • Thermostat clicks off automatically

2. Heat Storm HS-1000-WX Wall Heater

Next on our list is the electric wall heater by Heat Storm that has a built-in infrared space heater. It can help you keep your bedroom warm and cozy even long after it is turned off. Also, you don’t have to worry about burning your skin while touching it as the heater is made of anti-burn material. 

Heat Storm Deluxe Mounted Space Infrared Wall Heater, White
  • EFFECTIVE HEAT - Our infrared space heaters warm...
  • SAFE TOUCH GRILL - That’s because our grills are...

Why Did We Like It?

One of the most impressive features of this electric wall heater is its ability to produce radiant and forced air that circulates all across the room to warm it up. Furthermore, the heater is safe to touch as the material doesn’t burn your skin on touching. It also automatically shuts off to prevent overheating. 

You can also easily mount it on any of the walls in your bedroom or bathroom. The modern wall-mount design ensures that you don’t lose extra floor space while installing this heater. Hence, it can work wonderfully to heat up small areas without hassle. 

Additionally, it has an adjustable thermostat with a LED display that shows the ambient room temperature. Moreover, the remote makes it very easy to control the heater and adjust the temperature. 

51x7wvwhpll. Sl500

What Could’ve Been Better?

Although the heater effectively keeps your bedroom warm and cozy, it doesn’t work for the whole house. You cannot use it to keep the chilly winter air out of your living room or dining room. So, it’s not suitable for heating large and open spaces. 

  • Infrared space heater
  • Automatic power off
  • LED temperature display
  • Remote-controlled
  • Only effective in small spaces

3. DeLonghi

The third item on our list is the conventional panel heater by DeLonghi that comes with an EcoEnergy saving mode. It generates 1500 watts of heating power for warming up the entire room. The dual fan system also helps to produce forced air that keeps the chill out of the room. 

De'Longhi Convection Panel Heater, Full Room Quiet 1500W,...
  • Room Heater - Fast, Efficient heat packs 1500...
  • Versatile Style - Offers maximum performance,...

Why Did We Like It?

The sleek and modern design of the heater really impressed us. Even if you have a small bedroom or bathroom, you can easily install the heater without wasting much space due to the sleek design. 

Moreover, the wall-mount feature of the item can help in saving floor space. Hence, you can essentially place the heater anywhere in the room without worrying about space. Additionally, the heater has a dual-fan system that produces forced air of 1500 watts of heating power to warm up the entire room and keep it cozy and comfortable.

Furthermore, the manual thermostat and the three heat settings offer you a personalized heating experience. You can easily customize the heat output of the heater using these heating settings and an adjustable thermostat. Also, the safety thermal cut-off feature prevents the heater from overheating. 

418dg3kzqrl. Sl500

What Could’ve Been Better?

The heater doesn’t have any automatic turn-off option. So, even if the safety thermal cut-off is effective in preventing overheating of the machine, it doesn’t turn the power off automatically. You need to keep a close eye on the heater to turn it off manually on time to avoid any hazards. 

  • Packs heating power of 1500 watts
  • Convenient wall-mount design
  • Dual fan system
  • Energy-efficient
  • No automatic turn-off option

4. Heat Storm HS-1500-PHX-WIFI

Next, we have the high-tech wall-mounted electric infrared heater by Heat Storm that comes with a Wi-Fi-enabled thermostat. This modern piece is also equipped with a radiant heating method, which efficiently warms up your room really quickly. It is also portable, making it easy for you to move it to any room around the house. 

Heat Storm HS-1500-PHX-WIFI Infrared Heater, Wifi Wall Mounted
  • (Wall Mounted Heater Only.) Wi-Fi enabled makes it...
  • Safe to the touch grill. 1500 watts of power

Why Did We Like It?

The infrared red has a smart heating technology that’s Wi-Fi-enabled and allows you to control the heater from your smartphone. So, you can be sitting in the living room yet easily adjust your bedroom temperature using this Wi-Fi heater. 

Furthermore, the infrared quality of the heater makes it energy efficient. It also has a wall-mount design that can help you save floor space in your room. Hence, it is ideal for small areas, such as bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, and so on. 

Additionally, the heater is safe to touch even when it’s turned on. That said, the outside of the heating unit remains cool to the touch, along with the wall on which it is mounted. Moreover, the anti-burn material of the grill ensures that you don’t burn your hands while touching it. So, it can be a good choice to keep your bedroom cozy, warm, and safe during the winter. 

41bwwzy8kal. Sl500

What Could’ve Been Better?

If you have a power source that generates less than 1500 watts of power, you can face issues while using this infrared wall heater. If you plug it in low-power sockets, it only operates at 1500 watts, and can cause electrical damage at a higher power. 

  • Wi-Fi-enable smart heating technology
  • Energy-efficient
  • Safe to touch
  • Infrared heater
  • Operates only at 1500 watts

5. EconoHome Wall-Mount Heater Panel

The fifth product on our list is the wall-mount electric heater panel by EconoHome that has an in-built thermostat. It is a 400-watt convection heater ideal for rooms with around 120 square feet of area. Also, it is a 120-volt electric heater that comes with an overheat protection feature. 

EconoHome Wall Mount Space Heater Panel - with Thermostat - 400 Watt...
  • CONVECTOR HEATER SPECS: Ideal for a 120 sq. ft....

Why Did We Like It?

The most attractive feature of the heater panel is its new and improved heating method, which allows warm air to be circulated throughout the entire room. It uses convection heating methods, and so the convection currents from the heater panel produce a consistent room temperature. 

Moreover, the panel warms up quickly without wasting any excess electrical energy. Additionally, it comes with a heat reflector that prevents heat from getting absorbed in the wall. So, you’ll be able to reduce heat loss by almost 50% with this convection heater. The heater also has a triple reinforced design that ensures its durability. 

Furthermore, the overheat protection of the panel helps maintain safety when the heater is left unattended. And since it doesn’t have a fan, the air won’t dry, and there will be no dust circulation around the room. 

31pvzhh0fjl. Sl500

What Could’ve Been Better?

While the space heater panel works perfectly for around 120 square feet or smaller rooms, it won’t be much effective in larger spaces, such as living rooms or dining rooms. So, if you have a large dining space, you won’t be able to keep the chill out using this convection heater. 

  • Saves 50% heating costs
  • Overheat protection
  • Triple reinforced durable model
  • No built-in fan
  • Not suitable for larger rooms

6. Stiebel Eltron 074058

Next on our list is the 1500-watt electric heater by Stiebel Eltron that has a wall-mount design and a built-in thermostat. It comes with a high-quality construction that ensures its durability and is known for its quiet performance. And the best part — it works beautifully even in rooms larger than 215 square feet. 

Stiebel Eltron 074058 120-Volt 1500-Watts Heater
  • Surface mount design
  • Quality construction

Why Did We Like It?

This wall heater comes with an ultra-quiet fan that offers a quiet and peaceful performance — you won’t even realize when the heater is turned on. Also, the down-draft design helps the heater to suck up cold air from the top and blow out warm air from the bottom. It ensures the even distribution of the warm air throughout the room. Hence, the heater can easily warm up large rooms.

Furthermore, the built-in thermostat helps in easy temperature regulation within the room. So, you can adjust the heat as per your needs without much hassle. It also has a booster timer that monitors the heat output. The timer allows a maximum heat output for an hour before the heater reverts to its original thermostat setting. 

The thermostat also comes with a frost protection setting. Hence, even the lowest temperature of the thermostat will remain above the freezing temperature within a closed space. 

What Could’ve Been Better?

The heater needs some hardwiring for its successful installation, and the process can be a bit tricky. If you’re not an experienced electrician, you’ll most likely need to hire an expert professional to install this heater. That said, you might have to spend some money on installation expenses. 

  • Quiet fan
  • Down-draft design
  • Frost protection
  • Booster timer
  • Difficult to install

7. NewAir

Moving on with our list, we have the portable garage heater by NewAir, a hardwired electric heater with adjustable louvers. It can quickly heat large rooms and garage spaces that are 500 square feet. Rugged and robust, it is ideal for heavy-duty uses. Indeed, it is built to last and work in extreme weather conditions. 

Newair Electric Garage Heater, Adjustable Ceiling/ Wall Mounted with...
  • [RUGGED EXTERIOR BUILT TO LAST] - The hard-shell...

Why Did We Like It?

The primary character that we liked about this heater, which made it stand out from other similar wall heaters, is its rugged design and durable build. It might not have the sleek and modern design of other high-tech wall heaters and panels, but it is more suitable for heavy-duty uses under extreme weather conditions.

Moreover, it is equipped with adjustable louvers that make it so much easier for the heater to distribute warm air throughout large spaces up to 500 square feet. As a result, the adjustable louvers and the built-in thermostat offer easy heat control and allow heat to circulate everywhere in the room. 

Additionally, the heater comes with mounting hardware. The heater design allows you to mount it on the wall or the ceiling of your room without wasting any floor space. Also, with a heating power of 5000 watts, it is one of the most powerful electric heaters that you can own. 

41rt4ffyidl. Sl500

What Could’ve Been Better?

Even though the design of the heater is rugged and durable, it may be a recipe for disaster. That said, the cover screw at the back can cause fire hazards if it touches any of the hot electric wires as it is a 240-volt heater. 

  • Durable design
  • Warms up to 500 square feet of space
  • Adjustable louvers
  • Mounting hardware included
  • Could lead to fire hazards

8. Broan-NuTone 198 High Capacity Wall Heater

Another nifty product on the list is the high-capacity wall heater by Broan-NuTone that comes with a painted grille. It is a high-power heater that’s designed to operate at 4000 watts and 240 volts. This sleek, one-piece design also comes with a front-mounted, adjustable thermostat for easy temperature control. 

Broan-NuTone, White 198 High Capacity Wall Heater, Painted Grille,...
  • WALL HEATER: High capacity wall heater provides an...
  • FUNCTIONAL DESIGN: Heavy duty 18-gauge steel white...

Why Did We Like It?

The major attraction of the product is that it works brilliantly as an energy-saving supplementary heater and the main heater. It can operate at a high wattage of 4000 watts and even convert to half the wattage when required. Additionally, the steel grille has downward louvers that gently direct the warm air towards the floor to ensure its even distribution. 

The heater also has a baked enamel finish that offers durability. Furthermore, the front-mounted thermostat offers a simple and effective way to control and adjust the room temperature. Hence, it makes it easy to control the heat. The wall heater also has a manual reset option to prevent thermal overload. 

Plus, the heater is fairly easy to install. It has a sleek, surface-mount design. So, you can install it in even small spaces without occupying any extra floor space. The baked enamel finish also ensures that the heater can easily blend in with any home décor without losing its appearance for a long time. 

What Could’ve Been Better?

The heater has a noisy fan that can make a real ruckus when it is turned on. So, it might not be such a good idea to install this electric wall heater in your bedroom if you want to get a good night’s sleep. 

  • Energy-saving electric heater
  • Downflow louvers
  • Baked enamel finish
  • Thermal overload protector
  • Noisy fan

9. Trustech Wall Mount Heater

Next on our list is the wall-mounted convection heater from Trustech that operates at 400 watts. It is an indoor electric space heater, and hence it is suitable for warming small spaces. The wall-mounted electric heater design makes it very easy to install on your bedroom wall. It also comes with overheating safety protection. 

TRUSTECH Wall Mount Heater, Heater with No Fan, 400W Convection...
  • Efficient and Quiet Heating; 400w heating power...
  • Overheating Safety Protection; The automatic...

Why Did We Like It?

This 400-watt convection heater helps you enjoy a warm and cozy winter by keeping your bedroom comfortable and toasty. The convection current produced behind the heater panel circulates warm air throughout the room quickly and quietly. Furthermore, the convection heating method of the heater also prevents almost 50% heat loss. 

Additionally, the heater doesn’t have a built-in fan, and its windless heating technology ensures that no dust or allergen is circulated across the room with the warm air. Hence, it creates a healthier and cleaner environment that is suitable for asthma and allergy sufferers. Plus, the overheating protection ensures home electrical safety by avoiding any eminent electric or fire hazards due to overheating. 

The heater also comes with one-button control, which makes it extremely easy for even older people to control the room temperature. As long as the button is manually turned on, the wall heater panel will work and create convection currents to warm up your room. 

31sfpgl8mhl. Sl500

What Could’ve Been Better?

You might face some issues if you try to use this convection heater to warm up large spaces. It’s not effective in covering areas more than 200 square feet. So, if you have a large bedroom or a living room with an open floor plan, this heater won’t be enough to keep away the chill during the winter. 

  • 400 watts of heating power
  • No noisy fan
  • Overheating protection
  • Saves 50% energy
  • Covers relatively small areas

10. Trustech Wall Heater

The tenth item on our list is the 1500-watt electric space heater from Trustech that comes with three heating modes. It is effective in warming up closed spaces, such as basements, bedrooms, bathrooms, and garage spaces. The radiant heating method of the heater also helps in the fast and efficient heating of the room. 

Electric Heater - 1500W Space Heater, Wall Mounted Room Heater with...
  • Wall Heater and Standing Room Heater; The electric...
  • Quick and Balanced Heating; The bathroom heater is...

Why Did We Like It?

The item can be used as a wall heater or even a standing heater. It comes with wall-mounted tools. So, if you lack sufficient floor space in the room, you can easily mount it on the wall to save floor space. But, if you have a large bedroom, you can easily make the heater stand beside the bed to keep it cozy and warm. 

Furthermore, with 1500 wattage of heating power, it is suitable to warm up average-sized to large rooms, covering an area up to 500 square feet. Also, the natural cross-convection heating method helps in the balanced and quick heating of the room. 

Moreover, the heater also features three heating modes for minimizing energy consumption and saving energy. Additionally, it has an adjustable thermostat and programmable timer that can help you prevent heat loss. Plus, it has a remote control for effective temperature control. So, you can easily adjust the room temperature even when you’re feeling lazy and don’t want to leave the bed. 

41ibm6fiqdl. Sl500

What Could’ve Been Better?

Although the heater covers a wide area of up to 500 square heat, the heating can be a bit weak. It produces warm air that can be useful in warming up the room in mildly cold weather. However, the air might not be hot enough to keep the room warm and toasty in teeth-chattering chilly weather. 

  • Standing base present
  • 1500 watt of heating power
  • Smart timer function
  • LED display screen
  • Weak heating

11. Dr. Infrared Electric Wall Heater

Next on our list is the heavy-duty wall or ceiling-mounted electric heater that is brought to you by Dr. Infrared Heater. It is a high-power electric heater that operates at 7500 or 4700 watts and 240 volts. The rugged design makes it suitable to use in extreme weather conditions. It also produces enough heat to warm up open and exposed spaces. 

Dr. Infrared Heater DR-975 7500-Watt 240-Volt Hardwired Shop Garage...
  • Heavy duty 240V single Phase 4700/7500W electric...
  • Hardwired, wall/ceiling-mounted heater

Why Did We Like It?

The high electric power of the heater greatly impressed us. It is capable of producing heating power of 7500 watts that can warm up large and exposed spaces. At the same time, the heater can also switch on to its energy-saving mode and operate efficiently at 4700 watts when required. So, it can be both powerful and energy-efficient.

Moreover, it is ideal for heavy-duty uses. The design isn’t very attractive or modern. But, this rugged design offers extreme durability to the heater, which makes it a perfect choice to use under extreme weather conditions. It also comes with a dynamic fan that ensures quick and quiet performance without causing much noise.

Additionally, the remote-controlled thermostat of the heater helps in easy heat control. You can adjust the room temperature between 50 to 90℉ using the thermostat. Furthermore, the five downward louvers work to gently direct the warm air towards the floor and maintain its equal distribution across the room. 

41s90oxsdbl. Sl500

What Could’ve Been Better?

The electric heater is pretty heavy, owing to its rugged design. Thus, the installation can be a bit difficult. It doesn’t come with any stand, so you can only mount it on the wall or ceiling. You’ll most likely need to hire professional experts to install the heater in your room properly. 

  • Heavy-duty electric heater
  • 4700 or 7500 watts of heating power
  • Remote-controlled thermostat
  • Dynamic fan
  • Difficult installation process

12. Stiebel Eltron 236305 Electric Fan Heater

Finally, we come to the end of our list, and our last item is the wall-mounted electric fan heater from Stiebel Eltron. It uses both convection and forced-air heating methods to warm up your room. It is also known for its quiet performance that can ensure quick heating of any room having an area larger than 215 square feet. 

Stiebel Eltron 236305 CK Trend Wall-Mounted Electric Fan Heater,...
  • Sleek European surface-mount design and quiet...
  • Built-in thermostat for maximum comfort

Why Did We Like It?

The heater has an attractive, sleek surface-mount design that is accompanied by an ultra-quiet to ensure a quiet performance. So, if you are planning to set it up in the bedroom, you need not worry about a noisy fan that can ruin your peaceful slumber. It also has a downdraft design that helps to release warm air from the bottom and circulate it evenly across the room.

Additionally, it creates a heating power of 2000 watts. Hence, you can use it as a stand-alone or a supplementary heater for your room. Plus, the built-in thermostat makes it super-easy to control and adjust the temperature. 

The wall-mount heater also comes with a unique frost protection setting, which makes it an ideal choice to use during extremely cold weather conditions. Furthermore, it comes with different heating modes to ensure energy efficiency and help you save on your electric bills. 

41gslrau5yl. Sl500

What Could’ve Been Better?

While the heater is extremely efficient in heating up small spaces that are within 215 square feet, it cannot cover areas that are more than that. So, it might not be the best idea to install this wall-mount heater if you’re trying to keep the chill out from larger areas such as dining spaces or living rooms.

  • Surface-mount design
  • Built-in adjustable thermostat
  • Frost protection
  • Downdraft design
  • Only works for small spaces

Electric wall heater buyer’s guide 

Electric Wall Heater Buyer’s Guide 

There are multiple criteria to consider before you can make the right choice. So, to help narrow down your purchase decision, we’ve highlighted some of the key features that you can keep in mind while selecting the best wall heater. Let’s take a look! 

1. Energy Efficiency of Electric Heaters

It is an important factor to consider while selecting an electric heater as it’ll greatly help you reduce the electric bill and enhance the overall energy efficiency in the home. There are several heaters that can easily convert to lower wattage and operate at low-energy power sources without a hitch. So, always try to look for the more energy-efficient models that come with energy-saving modes. 

2. Area Of Coverage 

Electric wall heaters are usually most efficient in heating up small closed spaces. But their area of coverage can vary between 200 square feet to 500 square feet or even more based on the heating power. So, it is best to consider the area of the room in which you’re planning to install the wall heater before purchasing it. 

3. Overheat Protection 

Before purchasing an electric heater model, it is essential to consider that it comes with an overheat protection system. The overheat protection system ensures that the heater is not overheated and helps in avoiding potential electrical hazards. Hence, it helps in ensuring the safety of using the electric wall heater. 

Adjusting room temperature with electronic thermostat at home, close-up view with no face. Best electric wall heater

Verdict on Electric Wall Heaters

And with that, we come to the end of our article. We hope you are now well aware of the benefits and drawbacks of some of the best electric wall heaters on the market. 

Our top favorite products from the list are the Broan-NuTone 174 and the Heat Storm HS-1000-WX models for their energy efficiency and high-performance quality. 

That said, you can go for our top picks if you are still confused about selecting the right wall heater. Or perhaps, you may want to do some additional research before making a decision. 

So, on that note, we’ll be signing off. Until next time! 

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