9 Best Indoor Natural Gas Space Heaters [Reviewed]

Not all houses have elaborate fireplaces and central heating systems, making winter nights a bit more challenging to handle.

Of course, no one likes to be in a poorly heated home as it puts a halt to carrying on with the day’s activities. Moreover, the constant chill in the air can dampen anyone’s mood in a second. This is why it is essential to have a heater that can effectively keep the temperature of the house under control.

Now, the question is – which natural gas indoor heater is ideal for your home? With the number of options in the market, it can be a challenging decision. Some natural gas heaters might be too big, while others might be too small for your home. For your convenience, we are here to review the best indoor natural gas space heaters available in the market.

So, without further ado, let’s get right into it.

Best Indoor Natural Gas Space Heaters



Our Top PickOur Top PickArchilb-table__image Mr. Heater Natural Gas Heater MHVFB30NGT
  • Automatic low oxygen shut down
  • 30,000 BTU
Archilb-table__image Dyna-Glo Natural Gas Heater BF20NMDG
  • No electricity needed
  • Temperature control knob
Archilb-table__image Mr. Heater Radiant Natural Gas Heater MHVFRD10NG
  • Ideal for spaces up to 250-square feet
  • Manually adjustable
Archilb-table__image ProCom MGT20BF Wall Heater
  • Dual fuel operation
  • Oxygen depletion sensor
Archilb-table__image World Marketing of America Wall Heater KWN521
  • 1000-square feet coverage
  • Built-in sensor for low oxygen
Archilb-table__image Rinnai EX38CTN Natural Gas Heater
  • High altitude usage approved
  • Convection Fan
Archilb-table__image Avenger FDT3IR Ventless Heater
  • Can heat up to 1400-square ft
  • Five plaque setting
Archilb-table__image Ashley Hearth DVAG11N Natural Gas Heater
  • Matchless lighting
  • Sealed burn system
Archilb-table__image SignitePro Indoor Vent Free Natural Gas Heater
  • 700-square ft.
  • One push start

Hand adjusting room temperature. Apartment

1. Mr. Heater Natural Gas Heater MHVFB30NGT

Winter mornings can be made even cozier now, thanks to the Mr. Heater Natural Gas Heater. This battery-operated unit is a handy product to have in a large house. Let’s take a look at some features in detail.

Mr. Heater 30,000 BTU Vent Free Blue Flame Natural Gas Heater...
  • 30,000 BTU Natural Gas heater to heat spaces up to...
  • Blue flame burner for even convection heat....

Why Did We Like It?

If you are looking for a high-quality and efficient heater, then this one by Mr. Heater is worth considering. The Mr. Heater Natural Gas Heater is a CSA-certified product that can effectively warm any space up. Furthermore, it has an output of 30,000 BTU, which is enough for a 1000-square feet space.

Interestingly, this one by Mr. Heater is a convection heater, a.k.a. a blue flame heater. The blue flame indicates maximum heating but does make the room too hot. Unlike infrared heaters, it only heats the air in the room instead of objects. Also, the unit has an automatic low oxygen cut-off feature in case there is too much gas in the air.

Additionally, the unit is quite flexible in terms of installation. It can be set on the ground or mounted on the wall, and the package contains all the necessary hardware.

410hpvu5q3l. Sl500

What Could’ve Been Better?

Overall, the heater is an excellent primary unit and even a secondary one if you do not want to use the main fireplace. The only issue is that it is the body of the heater tends to heat up a little, so you have to be careful around it. Also, this unit is not ideal for anyone living 4,500-ft above sea level.

  • Flexible installation
  • Effective heating
  • No gas odor
  • Certified unit
  • Automatic low oxygen cut-off
  • Not ideal for people living 4,500-feet above sea level
  • Body tends to heat up slightly

2. Dyna-Glo Natural Gas Heater BF20NMDG

The best part about winter is cozily sitting by the window and watching the snowfall while sipping on hot chocolate. But, this plan will fail without a proper heater in the house. This is why you need to look at the Dyna-Glo Natural Gas Heater.

Dyna-Glo 20,000 BTU Natural Gas Blue Flame Vent Free Wall Heater,...
  • Natural Gas Ready (Fuel conversion not permitted)
  • Blue Flame Technology works by converting heat to...

Why Did We Like This?

Another highly recommended product that works with blue flame technology is this one by Dyna-Glo. This natural gas heater is worth considering if you wish to heat large spaces in little time. What’s even better is that the blue flame technology is 99% efficient and will effortlessly heat and circulate the air in the room.

The Dyna-Glo heater has a heat output of about 10,000-20,000 BTUs which is more than adequate for a 750-square feet space. Additionally, it has a control knob that can be used to change the temperature. The lowest setting is 10,000 BTU, followed by 15,000 BTU, and finally, the highest is 20,000 BTU.

You will appreciate that this heater requires no electricity to function. This means that it can be used as a primary or secondary heating unit as it is just as effective as an electrical heater.

41np2y62ecl. Sl500

What Could’ve Been Better?

There is hardly anything to fault with this unit. It’s efficient, effective, and affordable. However, it is a bit of a downside that the legs for floor installation are not a part of the package and need to be purchased separately. In addition, some users find the three pre-set heat modes a bit restrictive.

  • Effectively cools a large space
  • Unit does not heat up
  • Circulation fan available on purchase
  • No electricity needed
  • Legs for installation not included

3. Mr. Heater Radiant Natural Gas Heater

Next on this list is yet another Mr. Heater Natural Gas Heater. This one is slightly smaller than the one previously reviewed and is ideal for smaller spaces and personal use. Now, moving on to some more details about this unit.

Mr. Heater Corporation Vent-Free 10,000 BTU Radiant Natural Gas...
  • 10,000 BTU Natural Gas heater to heat spaces up to...
  • Radiant heat burner

Why Did We Like It?

The thing about heaters is that bigger is not always better. If you live in a small space, big heaters might be more of a nuisance than a blessing. This is why there is a need for smaller heaters to adequately and not overly heat smaller spaces. Mr. Heater’s natural gas heater (MHVFRD10NG) is perfect in this regard.

The heater is relatively compact and only weighs about 17 lbs. furthermore, it has a heat output of 10,000 BTU (max) which is more than enough for spaces up to 250-square feet. Hence, if you are looking for a heater for a small office or a studio, this one’s for you.

Additionally, it has a “low oxygen” cut-off button that will automatically go off if the oxygen level in the room is low. Also, it is CSA certified, making it safe to use in any space.

What Could’ve Been Better?

One of the main issues with this unit is that it has no proper fan to circulate the hot air in the room. This can lead to the uni creating a few pockets of hot air. We suggest using an extra fan to push the air around the room.

  • Can work without electricity
  • Manually adjustable temperature setting
  • Wall-mount and floor installation hardware included
  • Close to 100% heating efficiency
  • No fan to circulate the air

4. ProCom MGT20BF Wall Heater

If you are looking for a heater that provides tremendous value at an affordable price, the ProCom MGT20BF wall heater is the one for you. Being a duel fuel heater, you can enjoy this unit however you want. Now, let’s take a look at what it has to offer.

PROCOM HEATING MGT30BF 30,000 BTU Dual Fuel Blue Flame Gas Wall Heater
  • Blue flame wall heater operates at 30,000 BTU with...
  • Can heat an area of up to 1,000 sq. Ft., and works...

Why Did We Like It?

Sometimes natural gas heating is not enough, and you feel the need to switch it up a little, just to turn it up a notch. This is where the ProCom heating comes into the picture. The ProCom MGT20BF wall heater is ideal for people that want the best of both worlds.

The heater can run on natural gas and liquid propane, which helps if you need more energy from the heating unit. Additionally, it has five heat settings that can be easily controlled using the built-in thermostat. It also has a push ignition that makes it easy to turn on.

Now, coming to the heat out up of this unit. This compact heater has an output of 20,000 BTU which is enough for a 750 square feet room. Interestingly, it has an oxygen depletion sensor which can be pretty helpful since it is a dual fuel unit.

51e0gyqosgl. Sl500

What Could’ve Been Better?

As an AC unit, there is nothing wrong with it as it works effectively and efficiently. However, it is the company’s customer care team that seems to be a little problematic. They aren’t very responsive and, according to some customers, have been unable to help on several occasions.

  • Lightweight unit
  • Heats any space up quite efficiently
  • User-friendly thermostat
  • Can sense a drop in oxygen
  • Poor customer care team

5. World Marketing of America Wall Heater KWN521

Another product that is doing the rounds in the market these days is this heater by World Marketing of America. This one is a simple five plaque natural gas heater made to make winters nights a bit more bearable. It is ideal for large rooms and features plenty of impressive features.

WORLD MKTG OF AMERICA/IMPORT KWN521 5 Plaque 30000 BTU Gas Wall Heater
  • Vent free infrared burner
  • Increased BTU output; No electricity required

Why Did We Like It?

If you are looking for a simple heater that does what it says, check out this one by World Marketing of America. This 25lbs unit is a vent-free infrared burner with a heat output of 30,000 BTU. Additionally, this heater is more than capable of thoroughly heating any room up to 1000-square feet.

This heater is a bit different from blue flame heaters. It has five plaques which means a maximum of five plates can emit heat. Unlike a convection heater, this kind of infrared feature heats the objects in the room and not the air. Furthermore, the room heats up quite quickly and does not even need electricity to run.

A few impressive features are the built-in sensors for low oxygen and the adjustable heat settings. Both these features allow the users to make proper use of the heater without worrying about too much. Plus, the unit has to be controlled manually and so you can be in proper control.

51szqpueg7l. Sl500

What Could’ve Been Better?

One major downside is that the warm air remains in place and does not get distributed in the room. And, while the room heats up quite fast, it also cools down pretty quickly. You will have to keep it on constantly for consistent heating.

  • Adjustable heating options
  • Quick and efficient heating
  • Oxygen depletion sensor
  • Large heating coverage
  • Heating does not stay for extended periods

6. Rinnai EX38CTN Natural Gas Heater

Rinnai heaters have been manufactured to provide comfortable and convenient heating solutions for a long time, and this natural gas heater is no different. The Rinnai EX38CTN heater is a natural gas heater, ideal for large spaces. You can also get this in a propane-based variant.

Rinnai EX38CTN Space Heater Wall Furnace, Direct Vent, Natural Gas...
  • Indoor Heater: Direct vent wall furnace has...
  • Smart Features: Energy efficient furnace includes...

Why Did We Like It?

The Rinnai heater is a vent wall heater that runs only on natural gas. You will appreciate that the heater has a heat output capacity that ranges from 13,200-38,400 BTU, making it ideal for large spaces. Additionally, it has a wall thermostat for easy temperature control. This thermostat can be programmed in Celsius as well as Fahrenheit.

There are plenty of features that the heater has, which makes it stand out in the sea of heaters. One such feature is the convection fan the unit has, which allows the hot air to be directed and circulated appropriately. Moreover, this unit can be used in high altitudes up to 10,000 feet which is a lot more than the usual 4500 feet.

Additionally, this heater has a user-friendly design and provides even heating in any space, which is why it is a popular choice. Furthermore, it is backed by a residential warranty.

31ffmhomq5l. Sl500

What Could’ve Been Better?

The sensor seems to cause some inconvenience. Users have mentioned that the older units would stay on continuously. However, this one has a sensor that causes it to turn on and off once the space becomes too hot. This puts the unit at risk of malfunctioning, which is not ideal. But don’t worry, it does not affect the gas bill.

  • User-friendly design
  • Fast and effective heating
  • Convection fan
  • Ideal for huge spaces
  • Overly sensitive sensor

7. Avenger FDT3IR Ventless Heater

In search of high-quality heaters? Take a look at this one by Avenger. This heater is made with premium parts to provide even and efficient heating in every living space. It is also packed with features that make it a sought-after product. Let’s move on to see what those features are.

Avenger FDT3IR Dual Fuel Ventless Infrared Heater, 30,000 BTU, 30,000...
  • ASSEMBLED IN USA - Product is proudly assembled in...
  • TECHNOLOGY - 30, 000 Maximum BTU Patented DUAL...

Why Did We Like It?

Finding a heater that is good enough to heat a large space is an asset. If that’s what you’re looking for, the Avenger ventless heater is for you. This heater has a patented technology that allows the unit to have a heat output of 30,000 BTU. Moreover, it is ideal for any space up to 1400-square feet.

Another beneficial feature this unit has is the thermostat control used to customize the heat setting. Since this unit is a five plaque design, the thermostat can set the unit at any setting suitable to you. Additionally, the unit has micro heat adjustments, ensuring the heater provides even heat even at a low setting.

The overall design is pretty ergonomic, and users have no trouble with it. It has push-button ignition for an easy start and has an auto cut-off feature in low oxygen.

41+qagfzi1s. Sl500

What Could’ve Been Better?

There is not much to fault with this particular heater as it is close to perfect in terms of efficiency. However, the placement of the buttons, particularly the blower button, seems a little inconvenient. This is because wall mounting the unit will make the blower button unreachable. We suggest opting for wall mounting this heater for easy access.

  • Easy to control thermostat
  • User-friendly design
  • 1400-square ft. coverage
  • Auto cut-off feature in case of low oxygen
  • Challenging to reach the blower button when wall mounted

8. Ashley Hearth DVAG11N Natural Gas Heater

If you are looking for an old-school heater with the power of a new age one, you should check this out. This Ashley Hearth heater is ideal for people that want a retro, classic heater for their small apartments or any living space. Plus, it is quite easy to install, making it an ideal first-time buy.

Ashley Hearth DVAG11N 11,000 BTU Direct Vent Natural Gas Heater, Cream
  • 11,000 BTU heat input heats up to 375 sq. ft.
  • Designed for use with natural gas

Why Did We Like It?

The Ashley Hearth natural gas heater is a simple, beige-colored indoor heater ideal for small to mid-sized spaces. This heater has a heat output of about 11,000 BTU and can effectively heat any space up to 375-square ft. Additionally, it has a sealed combustion system which makes it safe for bedrooms or any residential space.

This heater’s next beneficial feature is the matchless ignition, which makes it effortless and straightforward to start the heater. Moreover, the heater has a built-in regulator with a safety pilot that can stop the gas flow in case of emergencies or accidents. These features make it perfectly safe to use the heater in any residential complex.

Another significant benefit this heater has is that it has burners that do not make noise, making this unit a noiseless heater. Thanks to this feature, not only are they ideal for large spaces but even small mobile or modular homes.

41rrk2gqshl. Sl500

What Could’ve Been Better?

One major downside is that the instruction manual is a bit difficult to understand. This makes the installation a bit tedious but not difficult. Another issue is that the unit has no blower, so the heat does not distribute evenly in the room.

  • Quiet operation
  • Ideal for small homes
  • Auto cut-off of gas flow
  • Sealed burn system makes it safe for bedrooms
  • Instructions might seem a bit cryptic

9. SignitePro Indoor Vent Free Natural Gas Heater

Finally, we have yet another blue flame heater. The SignitePro indoor heater is made for people that need something mid-sized to suit their space. Moreover, it is stylish and classy looking, making it quite aesthetically pleasing. Keep on reading to find out what features this elegant-looking heater has to offer.

No products found.

Why Did We Like It?

If you are looking for a sleek and elegant looking natural gas heater, this is the one to go for. This SigntiPro heater is a popular blue flame heater that will efficiently heat any space up to 700-square ft. Furthermore, it has a heat output of 20,000 BTU which is more than enough for small to mid-sized rooms.

You will appreciate that this unit was made keeping in mind the safety of its users. This is precisely why it has an oxygen depletion sensor that automatically goes off if the situation ever arises. Additionally, SignitePro has focused on ease of use and hence added a one-push ignition. This will effortlessly start the heater and eliminate the effort of creating a traditional fire.

Overall, it is a handy and compact heater to have. Even installation is not a big issue since all the hardware required is included in the pack. Since it can be wall or floor-mounted, setting it up is a cakewalk.

What Could’ve Been Better?

One of the biggest complaints with this unit is that it is quite flimsy and breakable. There have been many instances where, after prolonged use, the glass breaks or the fan starts making some rattling noises. Additionally, the temperature control knob is quite tight and sometimes difficult to move.

  • Easy to install
  • Effective and even heat
  • Ergonomic design
  • Affordable
  • Overall flimsy design

A little girl in a warm hat looks at the flame of a gas burner warming at a christmas market in the city. Lights of garlands in defocus on the christmas tree, new year, festive festivities

Buyer’s Guide

Now that we are done with reviewing certain products let’s move on to something just as important. As we know, there are hundreds of products to choose from. This is why it is crucial to know the important features you must look for when buying anything.

To make things easier, we have put together this short buyer’s guide. Hopefully, this will help you understand what makes a heater stand out from the rest.

1. Heating Technology

The heating technology, i.e., infrared and blue flame, are both effective and efficient. Both these technologies will heat the room, but only one is more lasting than the other.

The heaters with infrared technology will heat the objects near it to increase the room temperature. On the other hand, heaters with blue flame technology will heat the air in the room. So while both are 100% efficient and effective, the latter usually keeps the room warm for longer.

Moreover, blue flame technology is a better option if you are looking to bring down heating bills. It is far better in terms of being economical and eco-friendly.

2. Size 

We have touched upon this subject before; size is crucial when it comes to heaters. While extensive and elaborate heaters with plenty of features look good, they will only blend into a large space. In a small space, the heater will end up looking out of place.

The idea is to ensure that the heater is in proportion to the space it is kept in. Not just for aesthetics but also for providing adequate heating instead of leaving the room too hot or too cold.

3. Safety 

It goes without saying that having a heater that is safe for the house is an essential feature. Most households have children and pets, which makes this factor all the more important. You have to ensure that the heater has features that make it safe for all kinds of houses.

Every heater should be anti-leak, sturdy, and should be able to stay upright on any surface, at the very least. Additionally, it should have features like low oxygen cut-off and a heat-resistant surface.

4. Additional Features

There are many other features that a heater could have that make the usage easy and more enjoyable. We have reviewed some of the heaters with features like control knobs, thermostats, a sealed combustion unit, and a push-button ignition. These, undoubtedly, make the heater more functional and efficient.

Space heater device for air warming home vector. Young woman sitting in armchair and use smartphone, space heater gadget heating room. Character girl and electronic equipment flat cartoon illustration


On that note, we finally come to the end of this review on the 9 best natural gas space heaters. We hope this has been an informative read and can help you make a quicker decision as you look for the ideal heater.

We would like to point out our favorites as all of this is a lot to read for anyone just looking for product names. Our top recommendation is the Dyn-Glo natural gas heater BF20NMDG, followed by the Mr. Heater Raidant Natural Gas Heater MHVFRD10NG. The reason we picked these is that both offer effective heating with 100% efficiency.

And that’s it, folks. We shall sign off now but stay tuned for many more interesting reviews and guides.

See you next time!

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