12 Best Monitors For Architects and Artists in 2022 | Reviews & Buying Guide

To be honest, one of the things that can make or break design projects is a monitor. 

While working on a new design, it’s necessary to have accurate representations on the screen. This is especially true for colors as low resolution, or an improper viewing angle can make the designs less accurate. 

On top of that, the size and aspect ratio of a monitor screen matters quite a bit more than what was thought before. At the same time, when you’re getting a monitor with a curved screen or a wide viewing angle, it becomes necessary to opt for an ergonomic option. 

Hence, whenever a digital artist or architect shops for a monitor, they need to be particularly careful about its features. Therefore, we thought of creating this list of the twelve best monitors for architects and artists available on the market. 

Best Monitors For Architects and Artists

Our Top PickOur Top PickArchilb-table__imageLG 34” UltraWide Monitor 
  • Screen size 34-inch 
  • sRGB 99% color gamut 
  • Tilt and height adjustable stand 
Archilb-table__imageBenQ 27” 4K Monitor
  • Resolution of 3840x2160 pixels
  • Factory-calibrated color range 
  • Flicker-free 
Archilb-table__imageSAMSUNG 34” Ultrawide QHD Monitor
  • Screen resolution 3440x1440 pixels
  • Intel thunderbolt 3 for charging and data transfer
  • 3000:1 contrast ratio
Archilb-table__imageLG 27" 4K UHD IPS Monitor
  • sRGB 99% Color Gamut
  • Virtually borderless display 
  • Adjustable ArcLine stand 
Archilb-table__imageViewSonic 24” Dual Pack Head IPS Monitors
  • VESA mounting compatibility
  • Full HD 1920x1080 display 
  • Versatile color adjustability
Archilb-table__imageAsus ROG 49” Curved Gaming Monitor 
  • Large 49 inch display 
  • Swivel, tilt and height adjustable 
  • Comes with Asus Eye Care technology 
Archilb-table__imageSceptre 35” Curved UltraWide Monitor
  • Aspect ratio 21:9 
  • Refresh rate up to 100Hz
  • Reduces blue light 
Archilb-table__imageAOC 32" Super-Curved 4K UHD Monitor
  • 1500R Curved VA panel 
  • 121% sRGB Coverage
  • LowBlue mode to protect the eyes 
Archilb-table__imageASUS TUF Gaming 32" Curved Monitor 
  • 1500R immersive curvature 
  • 165Hz refresh rate 
  • Ultra blue light display 
Archilb-table__imageSAMSUNG 34” Ultrawide QHD Monitor
  • 3000:1 contrast ratio 
  • Eye saver mode
  • Adjustable stand 

Best monitors for artists and architects

1. LG 34” UltraWide Monitor 

When choosing the best monitor for architects and artists, one of the first things to look for is a display that supports a wide color. That’s why the LG 34 inch UltraWide monitor stands out as it supports the sRGB 99% color gamut. At the same time, it has a detailed contrast due to the presence of HDR 10. 

LG 34WN80C-B UltraWide Monitor 34” 21:9 Curved WQHD (3440 x 1440)...
  • 34” 21: 9 WQHD (3440 X 1440) Curved IPS display
  • USB type-C connectivity

Why Did We Like It? 

The foremost thing that stood out has to be its ultrawide curved display. It has an aspect ratio of 21:9 that allows you to work on many things at once. On top of that, this monitor supports split screen features to make the most out of a single display. 

Another thing that artists and architects are bound to love is the color range of this monitor. As it’s an IPS with an sRGB spectrum of 99%, the colors displayed are highly accurate. So, while working on a digital art piece, you wouldn’t need to keep on checking whether the colors are right. 

LG has also added an adjustable stand that allows you to make tilt and height adjustments to make this monitor more comfortable. Therefore, while working, you can change the positioning of the display based on personal preference, which reduces stress on your neck and back. 

41iklxowscl. Sl500

What Could’ve Been Better? 

Overall, this is one of the best computer monitors for anyone looking for a better viewing experience. However, our only gripe is that this product lacks in-built speakers, the inclusion of which would have saved the cost of buying external speakers. 

  • Comfortable viewing experience
  • Several ports are present
  • Displays true colors
  • Sleek design
  • No in-built speakers

2. BenQ 27” 4K Monitor

BenQ is a leading brand that produces quality computer monitors, especially for professionals. This one is made to fit the needs of a designer who would value colors and the ability to see their work on a high-resolution display. And, by far, this has to be the best monitor for architects when it comes to multitasking.

BenQ PD2700U 27 Inch 4K UHD IPS Factory Calibrated Computer Monitor...
  • Ideal for Professional Work: 27 Inch 4K UHD IPS...
  • AQCOLOR Technology: Developed by BenQ that...

Why Did We Like It? 

The thing that attracted us most to this BenQ computer monitor is the specifications related to the display of colors. With a screen resolution of 3840×2160 pixels and the presence of AQCOLOR technology, this monitor can display accurate colors. It’s even Calman verified as well as validated by Pantone, making the monitor a great choice for graphic designers.

However, the CAD/CAM mode stood out for us, which is a necessity for artists and architects working in technical illustrations. As such, the proper screen brightness and contrast display well-defined lines and shapes. Not to mention, you get to try out various professional modes to personalize your way of using this BenQ computer monitor. 

Moreover, this monitor comes with low blue light technology to reduce stress on the eyes, so you remain fatigue-free even when you work for hours. 

61sfffy5nul. Sl500

What Could’ve Been Better? 

Although this BenQ monitor has a fantastic display, it still lacks the wide gamut feature, which is loved by those who work with Adobe software. Having said that, this monitor still has a 100% sRGB display which would come in handy for most designers and artists. 

  • Supports dual view mode
  • Clear and crisp images
  • Has thin bezels
  • Doesn’t cause eye fatigue
  • Doesn’t support wide gamut

3. SAMSUNG 34” Ultrawide QHD Monitor

Are you looking for a monitor, offering superior image quality? If so, then check out the Samsung Ultrawide QHD monitor, as it has every feature that a professional artist or architect can wish for while working. Its curved display is especially a favorite for those who work with heavy software that demands crisp and clear images. 

SAMSUNG CJ79 Series 34-Inch ViewFinity Ultrawide QHD (3440x1440)...
  • First Curved monitor with Intel Thunderbolt 3 for...
  • One cable to Link and dock monitor and laptop

Why Did We Like It? 

This item from Samsung defines what you should get when looking for the best monitor for architects and artists as it gets almost everything right. Let’s start by pointing out its resolution of 3440×1440 pixels, which lets you look in great detail into a design or image. 

This monitor also supports sRGB color space up to 125% and is paired with Quantum Dot technology to represent colors accurately. What we liked the most was the contrast ratio of 3000:1, which makes the images vivid and bright along with highlighting the deep blacks. And all these features are tied together by the 34-inch curved screen with a 21:9 aspect ratio for a truly immersive experience. 

Furthermore, it is made for multitasking at all levels, as it has two Intel Thunderbolt 3 ports and other input ports to connect devices like laptops. 

41eqj49ltfl. Sl500

What Could’ve Been Better? 

This Samsung curved monitor is definitely more expensive than our other suggested items. However, the performance-enhancing features, like the fast refresh rate and high aspect ratio, make the device worthy of its price. Nevertheless, it has to be a monitor we would recommend primarily for professionals. 

  • Fast performance
  • Presence of several ports
  • Speakers sound loud and clear
  • Multitasking is easy
  • Expensive

4. LG 27″ 4K UHD IPS Monitor

When it comes to getting the best monitor for architects and artists, you can trust LG because of its superior quality. This is yet another exceptional 4K monitor from LG that makes working on designing projects much easier. And as a bonus, the company has even made it suitable for heavy gaming. 

LG 27UK850-W 27" 4K UHD IPS Monitor with HDR10 with USB Type-C...
  • 27 inch 4k UHD resolution (3840 X 2160) IPS...
  • HDR 10 Compatibility

Why Did We Like It? 

First of all, the display quality of this monitor is truly exceptional. This 27-inch IPS panel has a UHD resolution of 3840 X 2160 pixels along with HDR 10, which helps it support a wide range of colors and brightness. Moreover, LG has tested and included sRGB Color Gamut up to 99% in this monitor to make it suitable for graphic artists who need vivid colors. 

Another feature that sets this LG unit apart from other monitors is the presence of on-screen control. It allows you to navigate essential monitor settings through a single window. 

What’s more, this monitor comes with an adjustable ArcLine stand that has a maneuverable height, tilt, and pivot. So, you can set the monitor at a viewing angle that is comfortable for your eyes. 

51h6tnlg8sl. Sl500

What Could’ve Been Better? 

Overall, we really liked the performance and display quality of this monitor. But, it does have an external power brick, so you would need to spend a bit more time in cable management. Plus, make sure that the brick lies in a suitable area for the heat to dissipate easily. 

  • Fast response
  • Good for design and gaming
  • Easy to connect with other devices
  • Ergonomically sleek and elegant design
  • External power brick

5. ViewSonic 24” Dual Pack Head IPS Monitors

Are you looking for the best budget monitor to improve your setup? If so, then this combo of two monitors from ViewSonic can be a great option, especially for beginners. Along with a resolution of 1920×1080 pixels, this monitor offers unmatched color accuracy, which is pretty similar to the premium units. 

ViewSonic VP2468_H2 24-Inch Premium Dual Pack Head-Only IPS 1080p...
  • TWO MONITORS: Sold as a dual-pack without monitor...
  • PREMIUM MONITORS: Full HD (1920x1080p) 60Hz IPS...

Why Did We Like It? 

Compared to the other products we looked into, this was among the rare ones offering dual monitors. It includes two FHD monitors that are VESA compatible, making it easy to install them. 

These monitors come with DisplayPort connectivity so that you can connect them to each other or different devices through a single cable. And the frameless design allows a seamless viewing experience in multi-monitor setups. 

However, what makes this device the best monitor for architects has to be the color accuracy. The monitors come factory calibrated, so you wouldn’t struggle to assemble them. Along with that, these units can use a palette of 4.39 trillion colors to display accurate images that are necessary for professional use. 

Besides, you can adjust the primary colors yourself using the 6-Axis Color Enhancement technology included in these monitors. 

51zbmnech4l. Sl500

What Could’ve Been Better? 

We don’t know if this counts as a drawback of this device, but these units don’t come with a monitor stand. However, as they are VESA mount compatible, the monitors can easily be kept side-by-side because of the no-bezel design. Hence, you can place them in a setup according to your preference. 

  • Uniform display across screens
  • Fast refresh rate
  • Easy calibration
  • Has many connectivity ports
  • Stand not included

6. Asus ROG 49” Curved Gaming Monitor 

Asus is known for making some of the most powerful displays available on the market. Even though this monitor is primarily targeted towards games, the ultrawide aspect ratio and large screen size would benefit most artists and architects. On top of that, the seamless display eliminates the need to buy multiple screens for your setup. 

Asus ROG Strix XG49VQ 49” Curved Gaming FreeSync Monitor 144Hz Dual...
  • 49” dfhd (3840 x 1080) 1800R curved Super...
  • Aspect Ratio is 32:9; Viewing Angle (CR≧10, H/V)...

Why Did We Like It? 

Are you looking for the right monitor with a large screen size? If so, then this one from Asus can be your perfect choice as it measures 49 inches. On top of that, it has a huge aspect ratio of 32:9, which is almost unbelievable for a single display. 

Moreover, this monitor comes with a 1800R curvature, allowing a user to have a full-on immersive experience while working or gaming. At the same time, this feature makes multitasking easier by providing a comfortable viewing experience. 

Nevertheless, what caught our attention the most was the superfast refresh rate of 144Hz. It will allow architects and artists to use heavy design programs without worrying about facing lags when it comes to the visuals. 

51ztlr zcil. Sl500

What Could’ve Been Better? 

To be honest, we really like this ultrawide display from Asus as it makes working on big projects easier. But, one of the things you need to be aware of is that the USB port is placed at the bottom of this monitor. Hence, accessing it can be challenging if you have a messy setup. 

  • Great alternative to multi-monitor setups
  • Doesn’t strain the eyes
  • Has slot for cable management
  • Excellent for gaming
  • USB ports at the bottom

7. Sceptre 35” Curved UltraWide Monitor

If you would like to invest in a curved monitor with amazing image quality, then a 35 inch ultrawide unit might be a good option. This frameless monitor also comes with a high screen resolution of 3440×1440 pixels, perfect for viewing the tiniest of details in images. 

Sceptre 35 Inch Curved UltraWide 21: 9 LED Creative Monitor QHD...
  • Ultra wide ultra slim curved monitor 21: 9...
  • 100Hz refresh rate with 100Hz refresh rate, images...

Why Did We Like It? 

First of all, let’s talk about what makes this a perfect monitor for artists and architects. As we have already noted, it has a QHD resolution of 3440×1440 pixels. So, you can expect to get a crisp and sharp image quality. Along with that, this monitor supports 99% sRGB to display the highest range of colors in their accurate form. 

However, what sets this monitor apart from the other options has to be its brightness which stands at 300 nits. Yes, there’s an option to tone it down when necessary, but the brightness does help in understanding the accurate colors. 

Another key feature that makes this monitor suitable for architects is the 1800R curved display. The curvature resembles the contours of the human eye to give a natural viewing experience to keep them strain-free even while looking at the display for hours. 

51pnmlzvy2l. Sl500

What Could’ve Been Better? 

Even though this monitor is primarily meant to be used by gamers, it doesn’t come with speakers. This can cause a slight issue for artists who like to work with audio-visual mediums like video editors. But, there’s an audio out port in the back of the monitor to let you connect to external speakers or headphones. 

  • Anti-flicker to keep eyes strain-free
  • Fast performance while using heavy programs
  • Comfortable viewing experience
  • Attractive backlights
  • No speakers

8. AOC 32″ Super-Curved 4K UHD Monitor

AOC is a well-known brand available worldwide that makes durable computer monitors. This unit is a professional monitor from the brand that comes with a superior curved 1500R VA panel that makes working on it quite comfortable. On top of that, it supports 90% Adobe RGB making the monitor perfect for using design tools. 

AOC CU32V3 32" Super-Curved 4K UHD monitor, 1500R Curved VA, 4ms, 121%...
  • AOC 32" (31. 5" viewable) widescreen monitor with...
  • Super-Curve 1500R VA panel that displays more...

Why Did We Like It? 

Like anyone else, we have a certain amount of trust in AOC products as they are usually of great quality. This widescreen monitor is no different, as it’s potentially one of the best 32 inch 4K UHD screens available on the market. And we were pretty surprised to know that AOC could fit a resolution of 3840×2160 pixels in a moderately sized monitor. 

However, what stands out the most has to be the color range present in this product. Along with supporting a wide color gamut, the monitor can display up to 90% of Adobe RGB and 121% of sRGB. AOC especially suggests this monitor be used for graphics-intensive work because of its ability to show true colors. 

Additionally, multitaskers are going to love this monitor as it supports “Screen+” from AOC. The program lets you divide the ultrawide screen into different segments for enhanced productivity. 

41nipks6ohl. Sl500

What Could’ve Been Better? 

The only drawback of this AOC monitor is that you can’t adjust the height of its stand. However, as it’s a VESA-compatible device, you can replace the stand with one of the flexible mounting options for better viewing angles. 

  • Multitasking enabled
  • Displays brilliant and accurate colors
  • Sleek look
  • Excellent connectivity options
  • Height of stand can’t be changed

9. ASUS TUF Gaming 32″ Curved Monitor   

Once again, we have a monitor from Asus, one of the leading companies in the world of PCs. However, this time we wanted to provide an option to those who aren’t fond of huge monitors. At 32 inches, this display is compact yet powerful enough to show you all the details of an image. 

ASUS TUF Gaming 32" 1440P HDR Curved Monitor (VG32VQ1B) - QHD (2560 x...
  • 31.5-inch WQHD (2560x1440) 1500R gaming monitor...
  • ASUS Extreme Low Motion Blur (ELMB) technology...

Why Did We Like It? 

When it comes to getting a new monitor, you can’t go wrong with the ones offered by Asus. This 32 inch monitor is targeted towards immersive games, but it’s just as good for visual artists like architects or image and video editors. It’s specially made possible by the 1500R curvature of the display that lets you truly get into the image. 

Furthermore, to make the experience comfortable for the users, Asus has provided tilt and swivel options in this monitor. And the angles are quite diverse, so you’re most likely to find a sweet spot based on your preferred viewing angle. 

However, the reason for recommending this product would be the Shadow Boost feature of this monitor. It makes the details in the dark and black areas of a picture visible without overexposing the bright areas. This feature is pretty helpful while editing images and making digital designs. 

51gfnleyn4l. Sl500

What Could’ve Been Better? 

Overall, this is a great screen to include in a monitor setup if you’re looking for compact options. But, we would have appreciated it even better if Asus went ahead and added some speakers. However, the audio out port lets you easily connect with headphones or an external speaker. 

  • Compact and sleek look
  • Excellent connectivity through ports
  • Adjusting swivel and tilt is easy
  • Extremely fast response
  • No speakers

10. SAMSUNG 34” Ultrawide QHD Monitor

Are you looking forward to getting some monitors for a professional setting? If so, then this one from Samsung might be the perfect option as the display measures just 34 inches. At the same time, the monitor has enhanced connectivity, which is much needed in offices to easily connect multiple devices.  

SAMSUNG CH890 Series 34-Inch Ultrawide QHD (3440x1440) Computer...
  • 34-Inch 21: 9 WQHD 3440 x 1440 wide screen with...
  • Connect via HDMI, DisplayPort, or USB Type-C to...

Why Did We Like It? 

First of all, let’s appreciate the sleek and clean look of this monitor. We think that this unit would go well with office settings that call for clutter-free items. There are ultra-slim bezels on three sides to provide a sophisticated look to the monitor. 

Additionally, the slim bezels increase the real estate of the display, letting you have an immersive experience while working on designs. Moreover, the 1800R curvature of the screen feels natural on the eyes and keeps them free from strain even when working for long hours. You can also activate the Eye Saver Mode to limit blue light from hurting your eyes. 

Coming to the multitasking features, this monitor comes with both USB Type-C and USB 3.0 ports to let you connect to other devices. And, the split-screen (PBP) technology from Samsung makes working on multiple windows smoother than what’s present in other similar monitors. 

41zfpptsmgl. Sl500

What Could’ve Been Better? 

While checking out the reviews for this Samsung monitor, we found out that some people have received units with a wobbly stand. So, make sure to check for the issue and contact customer care as soon as possible to get it replaced. 

  • Doesn’t strain the eyes
  • Great for multitasking
  • Switching between devices is seamless
  • Excellent for office use
  • Stand might be a bit wobbly

11. Dell 32” FHD Curved Monitor

Dell has been producing high-quality monitors for the longest time. This monitor is even more interesting because it is affordable, even after having an FHD display. If you’re a student of architecture or have just taken up designing, this unit can easily be the best monitor for your setup. 

Why Did We Like It? 

The first thing that you should notice about this monitor is its display specifications. It has a 31.5-inch curved VA panel with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels, which is enough to produce sharp and detailed images. 

However, what got us interested in this monitor was that it supports 99% of the sRGB colors. Dell claims that it can accurately portray up to 16.7 million colors, making this an excellent unit for visual artists and designers. 

On top of that, due to the contrast ratio of 3000:1, the deep blacks and bright whites have far more detail, useful for discerning monotonous designs. Not to mention, this is a glare-free matte TÜV-certified monitor, so there’s no need to worry about getting eye fatigue even when working on it for hours. 

51s8o6lqvdl. Sl500

What Could’ve Been Better? 

One of the things that could have been better in this monitor is the positioning of the ports. They are placed at the back of this monitor and are facing down. So, make sure to keep your work area clutter-free for easy access to the ports. 

  • Affordable
  • Great for students and amateur designers
  • Can be wall mounted
  • Comfortable on eyes
  • Hard to reach ports

12. Dell 34” WQHD Ultrawide Monitor

Last but not least, we have another excellent monitor from Dell. But, this time, we have picked a premium ultrawide monitor with a WQHD 34-inch IPS panel that’s specially designed for professionals. This enhanced sleek design with its improved cable management helps keep your desk clutter-free at all times. 

Dell 34 Inch Ultrawide , WQHD (Wide Quad High Definition), Curved...
  • Immersive Productivity: See more and achieve more...
  • Work Comfortably: Tilt, swivel and adjust the...

Why Did We Like It? 

This monitor from Dell comes with a design that makes it highly productive for professionals. The 34-inch ultrawide screen can easily take the place of a dual monitor setup and still let you multitask through the built-in Picture-by-Picture mode. Moreover, you can connect two PCs and use them simultaneously, which is great for office settings. 

Dell has also enhanced the Display Manager which makes using multiple applications easy. And, you can use up to five windows simultaneously by arranging them on the screen according to your preference. 

Furthermore, this unit has a screen with a 3800R curvature compared to other similar monitors. This provides a unique aspect ratio of 21:9, which is more comfortable for the human eyes. 

4100d2dgsxl. Sl500

What Could’ve Been Better? 

To be honest, this monitor from Dell is quite expensive, so we expected it to have Adobe wide gamut support, which would have made the viewing of colors even better. Having said that, the monitor still supports 1.07 billion colors, and they are quite accurate. 

  • Great for office spaces
  • Availability of many ports
  • Seamless multitasking
  • Doesn’t hurt the eyes
  • No wide gamut

Monitors for artists and architects buying guide

Monitors For Artists And Architects Buying Guide 

Are you a little overwhelmed with the choices of various monitors? Don’t worry, as we have gathered some points to help you select the best monitor for architects and artists that would suit your needs. So, let’s check them out. 

1. Resolution 

One of the first things to check in a monitor is the screen resolution. As you might have noticed, we like to side with 4K or ultra-high-resolution displays as they provide the most detailed and crisp images. If you’re unable to afford a UHD display at the moment, the least resolution to look for in a monitor will be 1920 x 1080 pixels, also known as an FHD display. 

The resolution matters a lot when trying to design 3D models or plans. Along with that, make sure to pick a monitor with high color accuracy to get vibrant and accurate images. 

2. Panel Type 

As you might know, computer monitors are available in different panel options, including IPS, TN, and VA. However, recently, IPS or in-plane switching has become the most widely available variant on the market. 

And, we think it can be the best monitor for architects and artists because they have the best viewing angles and excellent colors. They are expensive, but most professionals recommend opting for high-quality IPS displays. 

Having said that, those looking for a better contrast ratio and refresh rate might like vertical alignment or VA panels the most. In comparison, twisted nematic or TN panels are best suited for people who want a budget monitor with high performance. 

3. Connectivity Ports

When using your computer for design-based work, ports become absolutely necessary. They can come in handy to add extra displays or multiple input tools. Hence, you should always look for monitors that come with HDMI ports, thunderbolt ports, dual-link DVI ports, and DisplayPort. DisplayPort 2.0 is still fresh on the market, but we highly recommend looking for it while upgrading your setup. 

Frequently Asked Questions ? 

Which screen size is best for architects and artists? 

To be honest, the choice of screen size is quite personal and will depend on your design needs or expectations. However, it’s often beneficial to have a monitor with a bigger screen size to accommodate large projects. Larger screens also allow you to work in split or dual modes, which is ideal for multitasking.

If you don’t like the idea of purchasing computer screens that are too big, the smallest size we would recommend is 24 inches. Also, make sure to make up for other features such as a wide color range or HD resolution to get the most out of your monitor.

Do architects need to have a 4K display? 

Well, even though it isn’t absolutely necessary, you would get a much better and more accurate image on a 4K UHD IPS (in-plane switching) screen. The monitors with 4K display resolution are specially designed for artists, designers, and architects who need access to the best color and viewing angles.

On top of that, 4K resolution also ensures that you can see even the tiniest of details in an image or design. This helps to keep your work error-free. Moreover, 4K displays usually come with high contrast ratio and screen brightness, which is essential for architects who work with software like AutoCAD.

Best monitors for artists and architects


So, that’s everything we had to tell you about choosing the best monitor for architects and artists. We hope that our suggestions will help you find the best computer monitor to create highly accurate and advanced design projects. 

Among our recommendations, we will suggest the LG 34” UltraWide monitor to anyone looking for a top-notch monitor with a curved screen and excellent viewing angle. In comparison, the BenQ 27” 4K monitor is perfect for those who need color accuracy and a display that wouldn’t hurt their eyes. 

Having said that, all the products included in our list are hand-picked and provide excellent image quality, so you can safely pick any of them. Until next time, goodbye, and take care! 

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