10 Best TV Wall Mounts of 2022 | Buyer’s Guide and Reviews

Best TV Wall Mount

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As the days go by, the bigger and heavier LED screens and Flat-screen TVs are getting more and more budget-friendly.

An increasing number of customers today are opting into the bigger TV models, with the sole motto of ‘bigger is always better.’

But as these devices get larger, the requirements for installing them, and mounting them on the walls becomes even more complicated. 

QUICK COMPARISON: Our Top 3 Picks for TV Wall Mounts

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  • One of the best TV mount models for Samsung, Sony, Vizio, and LG
  • Sturdy enough to hold a TV which is over 132 lbs.
  • Grants a full-tilt angle of 15 degrees
318ourskofl. Sl300
  • Provides the maximum tilt range for the largest of TV screens
  • Open plate design lets you hide the hanging cords and wires
  • Easy to install
5112tpeu+rl. Sl300
  • One of the easiest to install TV mounts on the list today
  • Has a fantastic, tilting and swivel feature
  • The perfect pick for TV sets which are 25 to 42 inches in size

And this is precisely where TV wall mounts and mounting brackets come in.

However, picking the model that can meet your specific needs can be a rather difficult task. With so many designs out in the market, finding the perfect TV mount can take up a lot of time and effort.

But today, let us help you out with with all your mounting queries with a buyer’s guide and a list of some of your favorite TV mounts which are dominating the entertainment market.

Best TV Wall Mounts

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Sanus VLT6-B1
  • Provides the maximum tilt range for the largest of TV screens
  • Open plate design lets you hide the hanging cords and wires
  • Easy to install
51uovl0hnjl. Sl300
Echogear EGLF1 BK
  • One of the best TV mount models for Samsung, Sony, Vizio, and LG
  • Sturdy enough to hold a TV which is over 132 lbs
  • Grants a full-tilt angle of 15 degrees
5112tpeu+rl. Sl300
  • One of the easiest to install TV mounts on the list today
  • Has a fantastic, tilting and swivel feature
  • The perfect pick for TV sets which are 25 to 42 inches in size
Mounting Dream MD2380
  • One of the sturdier TV mounts out there today
  • Has the capability of supporting a 4K TV very easily
  • Fluid extension and retraction
Cheetah APDAM3B
  • Capable of supporting up to VESA 400
  • Can carry up to 115lbs
  • Swivel capacity of up to 130-degrees
51oo9rbfnbl. Sl300
Mount Factory Pro X-6
  • The sleekest and most attractive mount model on the list
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Fits most VESA patterns with ease
51e+xgji yl. Sl300
Echogear EGLT1-BK
  • Light-weight
  • Attractive
  • Minimalist design
41+gsd8ns5l. Sl300
Perlesmith PSMFK3
  • Can be installed anywhere
  • Fluid extension and retraction movement
  • Fits any sort of TV structure
311fzcrg6el. Sl300
AmazonBasics Full Motion Articulating Wall Mount
  • Can carry up to 132lbs
  • Easy to install
  • Allows easy extraction and retraction of the arms
  • Easy to install
  • Low-profile mount
  • Offers the highest swivel angle of 180-degrees

Best tv wall mounts

So, sit back and read along!

1. Sanus VLT6-B1

This TV mount from Sanus is just amazing when it comes to supporting TVs which are above 60-inches, if your flat screen is around 65-inches or even at most 75-inches, then the VLT6-B1 can indeed be the perfect fit.

The model is quite hardy with great extension capabilities, and the ability to fit almost any VESA pattern.

No products found.


To start off, let’s just say that the VLT6-B1 has an amazing extension reach of 5.7” which can allow you easy access to the ports on the side of the TV. 

This will help you to insert or remove cables without having to compromise on the position of the device.

But what keeps this mount a cut above the rest is the maximum tilt range that it provides for the largest of screens. 

A lot of the standard mounts on the market today don’t allow much room for tilt, and as a result, you will not be able to angle your TV after a certain threshold or it would hit the wall.

The VLT6-B1’s tilting capabilities will help remove a majority of the glare that may be caused by poor light positioning. It’s the ideal pick if you want to install a TV at locations above the eye level, like over the fireplace for example.

Another aspect of the VLT6-B1 which we absolutely adore is that it fits almost all the VESA patterns and can be mounted over electrical outlets due to the open wall plate design.

This will allow you to hide the extra cables and provide your set with a clean and minimalist look.

However, the VLT6-B1 is quite expensive and not as sturdy as we would have liked it to be for the price that one pays for it.

It can be a bit wobbly and shaky around the edges, and we recommend that you keep it away from any sort of accidental physical impact at all times.

  • Provides the maximum tilt range for the largest of TV screens
  • Open plate design lets you hide the hanging cords and wires
  • Is easy to install and compatible with almost all VESA patterns
  • The mount along with the brackets are pretty expensive and can be wobbly

2. Echogear EGLF1 BK

It’s not every day that we come across a TV mount manufacturer that creates models solely with just a few TV companies in mind. 

Well, Echogear is one of the very few who actually do this. 

And their latest mount model, EGLF1 BK is often renowned by many tech geeks as the perfect wall mounting solution for televisions from Samsung, Sony, Vizio, and LG.

ECHOGEAR Full Motion Articulating TV Wall Mount Bracket for TVs Up to...
  • Get your TV off it's stand and onto the wall in...
  • Extend, tilt, and swivel your TV exactly where you...


What we just adore about this TV mount is the absolutely fluid full-motion design that it supports.

It allows for a lot of space behind the TV so that one can have very easy reach while configuring the knobs, or even while screwing in the final touches without having to adjust the position of the TV much.

The mount goes very well with a set up which relies on an external TV antenna. It will allow you to connect the jack or remove it whenever you wish along with hiding the cable completely out of sight.

The swivel feature is another aspect of this TV mount that a lot of the Echogear customers love. 


The EGLF1 BK will allow the user to swivel their TV 130-degrees left to right along with granting a full-tilt angle of 15-degree to avoid any sort of glare or distorted images. 

Moreover, when you don’t need to extend your TV very much, the EGLF1 BK will always help you to tuck in your device close to the wall, and retract it almost 2.6” away from the boundary.

The model is quite sturdy as well and capable of holding just over 132 lbs, making it perfect for larger televisions as well.

However, though a fantastic mount from all sides the EGLF1 BK is not all that easy to install, so you may have to depend on professional help when mounting it. 

You might need to purchase some additional screws as well, as the ones provided are quite flimsy.

  • One of the best TV mount models for Samsung, Sony, Vizio, and LG
  • Sturdy enough to hold a TV which is over 132 lbs.
  • Grants a full-tilt angle of 15 degrees to effectively reduce glare
  • Quite hard to install on your own and may need additional screw purchase


The VIDEOSECU ML531BE is a favorite for many, especially because it’s so easy to install and comes with a fantastic full motion swivel feature to help anyone make the most of their TV viewing experience.

Much like the Sanus mounts, this one form VIDEOSECU fits most VESA models as well, and you will not have a problem while mounting your TV onto it.

VideoSecu ML531BE2 TV Wall Mount kit with Free Magnetic Stud Finder...
  • Heavy gauge steel mount supports TV up to 88 lbs....
  • Tilt, pan and 20” pull out from the wall...


The best part about the VIDEOSECU ML531BE has to be the ‘Full Motion Swivel Articulating Extension Arm.’

It lets the user pull the TV about 20-degrees from the wall and possesses fluid swivel motions, making it one of the best full motion TV mounts on the market today.

The VIDEOSECU ML531BE is also one of the easiest mounts to install and comes with a steel plate and adjustable arms which goes at the back of the TV.  It fits a majority of the VESA patterns so that you don’t have much to worry about.

However, this mount doesn’t do all that well with TV sets which are on the heavier and bulkier side. Anything above 90 lbs and you will see significant wobbling of the arms, to the point where it can come off and crash to the floor if the tiniest of external, physical force is applied to it.


But for television sets which are 25 to 42 inches in size, this mount is just the perfect choice.

It also possesses a remarkable tilting angle of 150-degrees forward and 5-degrees backward along with a swiveling capability of 180-degrees left to right. 

Apart from the lack of sturdiness and the inability to support bigger televisions, the VIDEOSECU ML531BE has one problem with the extension arm which a lot of people find to be inconvenient.

When extending the arm, the viewing level changes, and it takes up additional time and effort to make it level again.

  • One of the easiest to install TV mounts on the list today
  • Has a fantastic, tilting and swivel feature
  • The perfect pick for TV sets which are 25 to 42 inches in size 
  • Not sturdy enough to support the heavier TVs
  • Extending the arm often messes with the viewing level

4. Mounting Dream MD2380

When it comes to the category of universal wall mounts, there are not many models out there which are as versatile as the Mounting Dream MD2380.

Whether you’re a proud owner of an LED, OLED, Plasma, Flat Screen or even an LCD, the Mounting Dream MD2380’s universal VESA compatibility will allow you to mount any sort of TV onto it.

Mounting Dream TV Mount TV Wall Mount with Swivel and Tilt for Most...
  • UNIVERSAL TV MOUNT: TV wall mount fits for most of...
  • UPGRADE VIEWING EXPERIENCE: This full motion TV...


Not every TV mount out there allows post-installation adjustments, and this fact is especially true for the more standard models which primarily opt for utility over ease of use.

The mount arm rotates about 3-degrees in every direction so that you can put in the final touches and adjustments.

We just love the overall sturdiness of the Mounting Dream MD2380; it’s capable of supporting up to 100 pounds and can effortlessly take on TV sets which are 55 inches in size.

The retraction and extension motion is incredibly fluid as well and this is precisely why this mount is the perfect pick for those who own a 4K TV.

The dual arms of the mount can be very conveniently pulled out up to 15.2-inches from the mount and retracted to up to 3-inches from the wall.


Sturdiness and ease of installation are other factors which make the Mounting Dream MD2380 very popular among a lot of customers.

The 45-degrees swivel capability will allow you to install the mount in any room, irrespective of the sitting arrangements. It will help you to make the best of your TV viewing experience every time.

However, the higher sturdiness of this TV mount is like a double-edged sword. The functioning arm and the tilting angles are rather stiff and it’s quite difficult to move them around all that well.

Because of this, leveling the entire set becomes an issue and you will need to invest a lot of time in getting the adjustments that you want.

  • One of the sturdier TV mounts out there today
  • Has the capability of supporting a 4K TV very easily
  • Fluid extension and retraction with arm extension capacity of 15.2-inches
  • The tilting and leveling functions are bit stiff and need a lot of time to adjust

5. Cheetah APDAM3B

There are not many TV wall mounts on the market today that will offer their customers an integrated HDMI cable along with supporting up to VESA 400. 

The sturdy and reliable Cheetah APDAM3B is a fan favorite no matter where you look, and with a sturdy design and reliable maintenance to boast, this mount is simply hard to ignore.

Cheetah Mounts APDAM3B Dual Articulating Arm TV Wall Mount Bracket for...
  • Fits VESA 400 TVs up to 115lbs. Will NOT fit VESA...
  • The 17” wall plate fits 16” wall studs...


Who wouldn’t love an integrated HDMI cable to be a part of their entire entertainment set?

From hooking up your console to laptops to even DVD players with your TV, an HDMI cable is man’s best friend when it comes to entertainment.

The Cheetah APDAM3B shows the perfect balance between utility and performance. It’s sturdy enough to hold a TV as heavy as 115lbs and be functional enough to have an arm extension of 14-inches.

Installing the mount solo is rather easy as well. As the package comes with 3-Axis magnetic bubble level, and 4 sets of TV mounting screws and spacers, getting the entire thing up and running will not take much time at all.


The Cheetah APDAM3B is also a full-motion design and besides from retraction and extension, it’s capable of swiveling 130-degrees sideways as well. It can also tilt up to 10-degrees and rotate along the axis, and thereby help you make the most of your viewing experience. 

However, even with the tilting mechanism in place, it can be rather hard for one to get the tilt angle just right. Leveling is equally difficult, and the arms tend to jam and get stuck requiring a high amount of force to get it moving again.

The mount makes it quite hard to make smaller adjustments to your set and can be a disappointing purchase to those who have bad room lighting which causes a lot of screen glare.

  • Is capable of supporting a mounting parameter of up to VESA 400
  • Can mount TV sets which are as heavy as 115lbs
  • Has amazing swivel capacity of up to 130-degrees
  • Using the leveling and tilting feature can be rather difficult

6. Mount Factory Pro X-6

Aesthetically pleasing TV mounts are not something which one would find in the market so very readily. 

As they are primarily built for performance; looks were something which was never really stressed upon.

However, the Pro X-6 from Mount Factory is one of the sleekest mount models you will ever come across. It fits a modern room and a minimalist designed TV set just perfectly and is sure to be a conversation starter on any occasion.

Heavy-Duty Full Motion TV Wall Mount - Articulating Swivel Bracket...
  • Universal fit and compatibility for televisions...
  • Heavy-duty mount: rated for televisions up to 100...


The Mount Factory Pro X-6 is specifically designed to fit most modern TVs perfectly. It has a capacity of holding a set which is about 100lbs in weight and supports a diagonal length of 40 to 70-inches. 

Additionally, the brackets which go at the back of the TV are capable of fitting most VESA patterns with a range of 200mm x 200mm up to 400mm x 600mm, making it quite versatile.

Though very small, light and elegant in design, don’t think for one moment that the Mount Factory Pro X-6 is fragile in any way.

It was built using heavy-duty steel and some of the sturdiest barrel hinges so that you don’t need to worry about your TV’s safety once you’ve mounted it.


The mount also has a fantastic swivel rotation of 160-degrees, and you will be able to enjoy your TV from anywhere in the room without having to compromise with the glare and quality.

However, one of the major disadvantages of this mount model is that it’s incredibly expensive. 

Sure! In terms of performance and design, it’s indeed one of the best, but it’s often out of reach for most average customers who are just looking for some pocket-friendly reliability.

We noticed some problems with installation as well; the guide provided contains instructions which are a bit confusing, so it’s better to take professional aid when putting it up.

  • The sleekest and most attractive mount model on the list
  • Lightweight and durable, capable of holding up to 100lbs
  • Fits most VESA patterns with ease 
  • One of the most expensive TV mount models
  • The installation instructions can be quite difficult to follow

7. Echogear EGLT1-BK

If you have a lot of unadjustable lights around the room, because of which your TV often suffers from screen glares, then the Echogear EGLT1-BK might just be able to help you out of this predicament.

This mount model is known for its superb tilting feature and will help you achieve a personalized entertainment setting to significantly improve your overall TV viewing experience.

ECHOGEAR Tilting TV Wall Mount with Low Profile Design for 32-70 inch...
  • Eliminate annoying screen glare with up to 15º of...
  • The low-profile design securely holds your TV only...


Much of the Echogear EGLT1-BK’s appeal in our eyes lies with the low-profile and minimalist design that it boasts. 

Its light-weight body is very easy to install and comes with a variety of lock in place knobs which will help keep your TV fixed to the wall. 

This mount is all about keeping your TV put, while still having enough versatility to remove any and all signs of glare through the tilting mechanism.

With a tilt angle of 15-degrees upwards and downwards, it offers easy access to the ports of your TV and help you to personalize the set up in whichever way you want. 


The small and lightweight design allows the Echogear EGLT1-BK to be installed on 16 or even 24-inch studs, to help it to accommodate most VESA patterns for TV sets which are up to 70-inches.

One amazing aspect of the tilting feature of the Echogear EGLT1-BK is the ‘lock-in place’ ability, which not many mounts can boast of.

Once you have the perfect tilt angle for your TV, you can then very conveniently lock the thing in place without having to ever worry about it changing its position again.

However, though the mount is VESA approved for most TV models, it’s not able to fit the screens which don’t support a flat back. Hence, it’s better to first check if the mount will fit the TV model you have before you invest in it.

  • Light-weight, attractive and minimalist design, that can fit in everywhere
  • Has an amazing tilting feature which can reduce glare to a minimum
  • Easy to install and comes with a lock-in place knob 
  • Doesn’t fit those TV models which do not have a flat back

8. Perlesmith PSMFK3

The Perlesmith PSMFK3 is one TV mount which you can install anywhere.

Its full-motion design can be mounted on concrete or even wooden studs irrespective of the space in between them.

Perlesmith makes this possible by designing their mount to fit the wall vertically and not horizontally, and this is precisely what makes this mount so very unique.

No products found.


Unlike the Echogear EGLT1-BK, the Perlesmith PSMFK3, on the other hand, is capable of fitting the structure of any type of TV.

Your TV may have flat, curved or even a rounded back, and the brackets present in the model will still be able to effortlessly mount the set and not wobble at the first sign of physical contact.

The mount is also designed to fit most VESA patterns, so in terms of versatility, and installation, you will not be facing many problems at all. 

Moreover, the articulating arms are designed in such a way that they have a very convenient extension and retraction process, that will hardly take up much space and can be very easily customizable.

This, in turn, will allow you to install the mount at any corner of the house you wish and have a very personalized setting going at your disposal. 

The tilting and swiveling motion of the mount also makes it easy to reach the ports at the side or even at the back of the television, and you will not have to compromise on any of your viewing experiences when opting for this mount.

However, even with the fluid tilting and swiveling motion, the mount has no lock-in position feature to be exact. And you will need to twist a sort of a key along its sides to unlock the two features, which can be quite inconvenient to many.

  • Can be installed anywhere and at any corner of the house as it hardly takes up space
  • Fluid extension and retraction movement for ease of use
  • Fits any sort of TV structure, and is very versatile 
  • Needs a key to constantly lock and unlock the tilting and swiveling features

9. AmazonBasics Full Motion Articulating Wall Mount

If you’re planning to buy a TV which is over 80-inches in size and weighs over 132lbs, then you will not find a better mount model than this to support it on the wall. 

The AmazonBasics Full Motion Articulating Wall Mount possesses some of the sturdiest wall brackets that you will ever have the privilege of seeing. 

So, if you have an overgrown TV and don’t know how to get it up on the wall, without having it crashing down the first chance it gets, then this mount model will come quite handy indeed.

Amazon Basics Full Motion Articulating TV Wall Mount Bracket with...
  • Full motion articulating TV wall mount fits most...
  • 15 degrees of tilt (+10 to -5 degrees) for optimal...


Though a bit on the heavier side in terms of overall weight and design, the AmazonBasics Full Motion Articulating Wall Mount is not at all difficult to install. 

It comes with plates that go on the back of the TV set and is capable of fitting most of the VESA patterns, without causing much trouble for TVs from lesser-known brands. 

The body of the mount is made out of a combination of heavy-duty aluminum and steel; this further decreases the difficulty of installation, and you will not have to rely on professional aid in any way.

41t 1ge1p7l

The full-motion design with the articulating arms is capable of extending to a distance of about 19.9-inches from the wall or retracted to a low profile of 2.6-inches, helping you to customize as per the light positioning of the room as well as the sitting arrangement.

But what honestly disappoints about this wall mount is the cable management, and because of which, the post-installation and post-mounting don’t look all that good. 

Wires will hang from the side, as the brackets provided are not capable of housing the wires or even hiding them from view. 

So, if you’re looking for aesthetic appeal in a mount, this model may not be the right pick for you.

  • The sturdiest mount on the list which can carry up to 132lbs
  • Though a heavy design, it’s easy to install and mount a TV on
  • Allows easy extraction and retraction of the arms 
  • Brackets are not capable of hiding the hanging wires all that well

10. WALI WL-1330LM

The final TV mount that we would like to talk on our list is a rather special one in our eyes, and is by far the most unique one in terms of design and utility. 

It is one of the very few mounts on the market that will allow you to have complete control over the adjustment and angulation of your TV.

It lets you move the device whatever and whichever way you want and get the best of your viewing experience no matter how impossible the sitting arrangement of the room is.

WALI TV Wall Mount Articulating LCD Monitor Full Motion 15 inch...
  • Compatibility: Full motion heavy duty wall mount...
  • Fully Adjustable: +/-15 degrees tilt; 180 degrees...


The WALI WL-1330LM comes with just three main components, which makes it another mount model which is ridiculously easy to install. 

It comes with a plate that goes on the wall which is a vertical mount and comes with an arm that allows for a swiveling angle of 180-degrees. 

This is the highest angle provided by all the mounts that we have on the list, and is a great pick for those who have bad room lighting, that causes frequent glares on the screen. 

One thing about the WALI WL-1330LM which surprised us is that its VESA plate can be very easily removed whenever required.  


This keeps the mount easy to maintain and flexible along the axis with minimal chances of breaking down and damaging your TV.

The mount works quite well with ultra-thin TV sets as well. As it has a low-profile of just 2-inches when retracted; it significantly complements the thinnest of TV sets. 

One problem though, that we do have with the mount is with the arm motion. The articulating joints tend to get way too tight, and adjust the arm tends to get rather difficult at certain points.

But it’s not exactly a dealbreaker and one can learn to work around it.

  • Easy to install, low-profile mount, is just perfect for ultra-thin sets
  • Offers the highest swivel angle of 180-degrees
  • The VESA plate can be removed when required 
  • The articulating joints at times gets too tight and hampers the fluidity of the arm motion

TV Wall Mount Buyer’s Guide 

When it comes to picking the right type of wall mount, it’s important to first take into consideration the preferred movement you’d like your TV to have along with the weight of your TV and the wall structure.

All three of them are integrally linked together, especially the TV weight and the mount motion. 

If your TV outweighs the capacity of the mount, it’s quite likely that the TV will sag or rather tilt at a particular angle, and ruin the overall experience.

Each mount has a particular limit and follows certain strict compatibility standards which are set by VESA or the Video ElectronicsStandards Association. 

The typical mounting pattern that VESA recommends is a ‘set of four screw-holes arranged in a form of a rectangle on the back of your TV, and corresponding holes with same spacing on the wall-mount.’

This formatting makes sure that the TVs and mounts are totally interchangeable, thereby allowing for a wider range of versatility and customization.

So when getting your TV or mount it’s always important to make sure that the set is VESA compatible so that you do not have to keep changing them every now and then.

 1. Fixed-mount or a Motion Mount?

The first hurdle you will usually come across when opting for a mount is whether you require a fixed one or one that supports directional motion. 

This will heavily depend on your personal preferences and the overall layout of the room where you’re keeping the TV in.

So what are the different kinds of wall mounts.

A. Fixed Mounts

Now, the fixed mount-varieties are the ones which firmly holds your TV in place against the wall restricting any form of motion. 

Fixed mounts have a much cleaner and slicker look than the motion ones, and will allow you to customize and stylize the entire structure in whichever way you want.

However, they do not offer any position adjustments, and the angle at which you watch your TV is fixed and permanent, without any room to meet your preferred watching angle.  

It’s often recommended to use fixed mounts in rooms where you will have complete control over the lighting of the room, to avoid screen glare. 

Viewing position is also something to be considered here, and if the viewing position of the TV is fixed then fixed mounts can indeed be the ideal pick.

B. The Tilting Wall Mount

The tilting wall mount is all about achieving the perfect viewing angle for the audience. 

It will allow you to tilt your TV at particular points vertically while still helping it to maintain its fixed position on the wall.

Tilting mounts can be just perfect for those homes which have a TV at a much higher position than normal. At certain places like over the fireplace, tilting mounts will be able to help you angle the display down towards the viewers perfectly. 

This can also help you to adjust the glare that may fall on the screen due to angling issues. 

Tilting mounts can support an angle range of 5 to 15 degrees along the vertical axis, so you will generally have a lot to work with in terms of customizing.

C. The Full-Motion Mounts

Full-motion mounts also commonly called Articulating TV mounts to offer the greatest range of movements for your TV out of all the three.

The mount comes with an articulating swing arm which will allow you to move the TV towards or away from the wall, along with tilting it up or down as well as angling it horizontally.

Full-motion TV mounts make sure that you get to have the best view of your TV from whichever place in the room. So if you have a room where you don’t have complete control over the lights as well as have a variety of sitting positions all throughout, then these mounts may just be the perfect choice.

But, what we love the most about full-motion mounts is how it opens up a lot of creative possibilities for TV installations. 

It can allow you to hide your TV into an armoire from which you can very easily extend it outwards during the viewing hours. 

Heck! You can even install it at a particular corner or on an angled wall, thereby making your very own home theatre effortlessly.

2. The Durability of the Wall Mount

After you’re certain as to the type of movement you would want your wall mount to have, it’s then important to see if the model you’re willing to get is going to be durable and strong enough to support your TV.

Certain building materials like steel, aluminum, and plastic are quite commonly used in making wall mounts. 

Though steel might be the one you should always look out for, if the mount you get is UL rated for your TV, then you can rest assured that your TV will be fine and you have nothing to worry about.

3. The Type of Installation Required

This may not be much of a concern to you, but there are many who find it to be a valuable factor during a TV mount purchase.

Though most generally go for a company-mandated installation where the manufacturer sends a professional to install it onto the wall, there are many who like to install their mounts themselves. 

Opting for professional help can require a fair bit of money, so we won’t be surprised if many of our readers prefer to install their mounts themselves.

Now, most of the mounts found in the market are pretty easy to install and can be a rather fun DIY project to take up. You can get the whole family involved in the process but do keep in mind to read all the safety warnings and the manufacturer guidelines beforehand. 

Fixed mounts and tilting mounts are fairly easy to install, while the articulating ones tend to get very tricky and complicated 

And apart from the safety and installation guidelines, there are two separate things you will need to consider.

A. The type of wall you want to mount on

Always go for a mounting wall which is thick and strong. 

Standard drywalls or even plaster might seem quite sturdy at first but tends to typically get weaker as the days pass. 

In the long run, the fixture will start to get loose and ultimately make your TV sag and even fall off if things get too bad.

So, if you have any reservations about installing your TV and mount yourself, then do not hesitate to consult a professional installer, just like the ones employed by Abt’s Custom Home Theatre Department.

B. Be aware of all the cables and wires

Wire management is crucial when it comes to installing your TV. If you have a lot of wires hanging out from the side of the mount and the full set up, then something like that is going to ruin your viewing experience very soon. 

Your TV and mount setup needs to look clean, sleek with a modern and minimalist appeal. So, make sure to install the brackets in such a way that it’s able to hide the various wires. 

An effective way of doing this is by using clips on the outside of the frame so as to hold the wires in place. This solves the entire wire problem cleanly and easily.

Final Thoughts

With so many TV mount models to choose from, we know how difficult it can get for any average customer to pick the one that will fit their TV and needs the best.

But we hope that our list and guide today was able to help you with your decision.

Till next time!

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