14 Best TV Wall Mounts | Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

While a TV wall mount may not command a lot of attention, selecting the right one can offer several benefits. 

The first of these is obviously helping provide a better TV viewing experience and help save space to make any room look larger. Plus, using such mounts greatly reduces the chances of accidents such as TV tip-overs. 

But finding the best TV wall mount for your home is easier said than done because of the huge number of options on the market. And you need to consider several important factors such as the type of mount and compatibility to ensure buying the right one. 

That’s why we’ve decided to create this informative guide by reviewing some of the best options along with a buyer’s guide to make things easier. So, let’s get started! 

Top 14 TV Wall Mounts

Our Top PickOur Top PickArchilb-table__imageVogel’s Full Motion TV Wall Mount
  • TV Mount Guide app
  • Universal compatibility
  • Up to 10-degree tilt
Archilb-table__imageVogel’s Full Motion TV Mount
  • Up to 20-degree tilt
  • Cable cover
  • Post-installation leveling
Archilb-table__imageMounting Dream TV Mount
  • Glare reduction
  • Low profile wall mount
  • Freely adjustable tilt
Archilb-table__imagePipishell Full Motion TV Wall Mount
  • Full motion articulating arm mount
  • 360-degree rotation
  • Heavy-duty steel arms
Archilb-table__imagePerlesmith Tilting TV Wall Mount
  • High-quality steel construction
  • Quick release locking mechanism
  • Low profile mount
Archilb-table__imageUSX Mount Full Motion TV Wall Mount
  • Dual articulating arms
  • Tool-free tilt function
  • Safety screw
Archilb-table__imagePipishell Tilt TV Wall Mount 
  • Open wall plate design
  • Graphical installation guide
  • Compressed steel construction
Archilb-table__imageJuststone Full Motion TV Wall Mount
  • Unique height adjustment
  • 90-degree swivel
  • Cable clips on arms
Archilb-table__imageAmazon Basics Tilt TV Wall Mount
  • 12 degrees of tilt
  • Easy pull string safety lock
  • Heavy-duty steel construction
Archilb-table__imageSanus Tilt Universal TV Wall Mount
  • Open wall plate design
  • Post-installation level adjustment
  • Compatible with Sanus sound mounts

Installing mount tv on the wall at home. Best tv wall mounts.

1. Vogel’s Full Motion TV Wall Mount

The Vogel’s full motion TV wall mount might finally be the answer to your search for the perfect TV mount. It is a stylish TV bracket that is compatible with most TVs and even comes with a smartphone app that makes it incredibly easy to install. 

Vogel's Wall 3145 Full-Motion TV Wall Mount for 19-43 inch TVs | Max....

Why Did We Like It?

Having been in business since 1973, Vogel’s has built up its reputation by offering an amazing selection of TV mounts and brackets, such as this full motion option. It is a universal mount compatible with most makes and models from various brands. This means it supports TVs ranging from 19 to 43 inches and can be used with Plasma TVs, 4K TVs, Smart TVs, and more. 

Also, it can be tilted up to 10 degrees up and down for easy adjustability, as per your requirements and convenience. Plus, it supports swiveling of 180 degrees left and right and can be extended up to 17 inches. These features make it easy to adjust the TV mount to get the best viewing angles for the most enjoyable TV viewing experience. 

Furthermore, the TV Mount Guide application is available on Android and iOS platforms, which can help you find the perfect mounting position on the wall.

41m7wwtkwdl. Sl500

What Could’ve Been Better?

Being a full motion mount, this unit definitely offers a wide range of tilting and swiveling motions for easy adjustability. However, you need to apply considerable force for the purpose, which many users may not find very appealing. That said, the overall performance of the mount is very impressive. 

  • Modern and sleek design
  • Strong and durable
  • Value for money
  • Wide compatibility
  • Requires force for making adjustments

2. Vogel’s Full Motion TV Mount

Since Vogel’s is such a popular brand and offers a fantastic selection TV wall mounts, we decided to include another option from the brand here. This is also a full motion TV mount that comes with an attractive design and can be easily used with most TVs without hassle. 

Vogel's Wall 3245 Full-Motion TV Wall Mount for 32-55 inch TVs | Max....

Why Did We Like It?

When buying products like TV mounts and brackets, going with options that support a larger range of devices is always an advantage. This is one of the reasons why we liked this TV mount from Vogel’s. You can use it to mount TVs from almost all brands, including Smart TVs, 4K TVs, Plasma TVs, and others, with sizes ranging from 32 to 55 inches.

Additionally, it comes with a smartphone application to help with the installation and mounting of your TV. However, the feature we liked the most was its cable cover, which provides a safe place to store your cables out of sight. 

Furthermore, the mount supports 120-degree swiveling motion and can be extended up to 22 inches. It even supports a forward tilt up to 20 degrees to reduce glare and improve viewing angles. To further enhance your experience, the mount allows post installation leveling for correct positioning of the TV. 

41zcagus7wl. Sl500

What Could’ve Been Better?

During the testing process, we noticed that this mount comes with plastic covers to hide the fixing bolts, which may not be suitable for thicker bolts and washers. However, it can be resolved by extending the raised portion of the cover to get a bigger margin. 

  • Sturdy
  • Easily adjustable
  • Wide compatibility
  • Attractive design
  • Comes with plastic covers for hiding bolts

3. Mounting Dream TV Mount

Mounting Dream is a leading manufacturer of a wide range of premium TV wall mounts. And this universal tilting TV mount with features like easy installation and an eight-degree tilt is among the best offerings on the market you can buy right now. 

Mounting Dream TV Mount for Most 37-70 Inch TV, Universal Tilt TV Wall...
  • [Wall TV mount with Patented Design] The Mounting...
  • [Space Saving] This wall mount offers a great...

Why Did We Like It?

This TV wall mount from Mounting Dream has a patented design that allows it to support TVs ranging from 37 to 70 inches. And despite having a low-profile design, it can be used for TVs weighing as much as 132 pounds, making it a fantastic choice for large TVs. 

Also, thanks to the 1.5-inch design, this unit keeps the TV close to the wall, which helps save considerable space in your living room or bedroom while providing a stylish appearance. Similarly, the tilting angle allows the TV to be tilted up to eight degrees forward for a more enjoyable viewing experience. 

What’s more, the installation process is very easy and only requires three simple steps. You also get the complete set of mounting instructions from the brand for an easy DIY installation process. 

41ohwipudcs. Sl500

What Could’ve Been Better?

We did not really come across any significant downsides to this impressive unit from Mounting Dream. However, you may notice that the included level does not work very accurately. So, it is best to use another one while installing this TV mount. 

  • Easy assembly
  • Compatible with a wide range of TVs
  • Sturdy build
  • Affordable
  • Leveler is not very accurate

4. Pipishell Full Motion TV Wall Mount

If you’re looking for a full motion TV wall mount, this option from Pipishell is worth looking into. It is a universal mount that supports a large selection of TVs and computer monitors from various brands and can be used for both home and professional requirements. 

Full Motion TV Monitor Wall Mount Bracket Articulating Arms Swivels...
  • TV Mount Compatibility - TVs wall mount fits...
  • Full Motion for Optimal Viewing - Our articulating...

Why Did We Like It?

A full motion mount can make for the most enjoyable TV viewing experience, and this unit from Pipishell can help you achieve just that. It supports most TVs from popular brands, including Samsung, LG, Sony, and others, with sizes ranging from 13 to 42 inches and weighing up to 44 pounds. 

As for the tilting motion, the arm can tilt +9°/-11° to reduce glare and swivel 90 degrees left or right as required. This means that even people not sitting directly in front of the TV will get a clear picture. Additionally, the 360-degree rotation allows you to adjust it in portrait or landscape mode as required. 

Last but not least, it can extend to 14.59 inches and retract back to 2.7 inches, which can be helpful in saving space. 

51fkfdebvbl. Sl500

What Could’ve Been Better?

One thing we noticed while testing this TV wall mount is that its movable parts are quite stiff initially and require a great deal of effort to swivel. However, this problem is present in many new TV mounts, and the movement does become easier with use. 

  • Sturdy
  • Easy to install
  • Value for money
  • Wide range of motion
  • Initial movement is quite stiff

5. Perlesmith Tilting TV Wall Mount

Next up on the list is a versatile unitt from Perlesmith, a brand known for its effective solutions that make everyday life easier and more enjoyable. This TV wall mount has a space-saving design and excellent tilt adjustment, which, combined with the affordable price, makes it a highly compelling choice. 

PERLESMITH Tilting TV Wall Mount Bracket Low Profile for Most 23-60...
  • UNIVERSAL DESIGN: Tilting TV wall mount fits most...
  • SAFE AND STURDY: High quality steel construction...

Why Did We Like It?

The Perlesmith TV mount is among the best tilting TV mounts we’ve come across, and one reason for that is its high-quality construction. Made of the best quality steel, this wall mount can easily hold up TVs ranging from 23 to 55 inches and weighing up to 115 pounds. 

It also features a locking mechanism with quick release that secures the TV to the mount properly, eliminating the chance of accidents and ensuring maximum safety. You also get a pull-down strap to make adjustments to your TV that disengages the lock without requiring any tools. 

You’ll be glad to know that this TV wall mount comes with all the hardware required for installation, including anchors for brick walls and 16-inch wooden wall studs. This makes the installation process simple. 

As for the tilting capabilities, the wall mount can be adjusted up to seven inches forward to improve the viewing angles. 

What Could’ve Been Better?

Unlike most other options in this range, the Perlesmith tilting mount does not come with free accessories such as an HDMI cable and a leveling tool. But this is not a major issue, as the mount itself suffers from no defects and delivers a great experience. 

  • Very affordable
  • Highly durable
  • Wide compatibility
  • Easy to install
  • Does not include free accessories

6. USX Mount Full Motion TV Wall Mount

For those unaware, USX Mount is an American brand that specializes in manufacturing and supplying a wide range of mounts for televisions and sound devices. And this full motion TV mount with dual articulating arms is just what you need to take your TV viewing experience to the next level. 

USX MOUNT Full Motion TV Wall Mount for Most 47-84 inch Flat...
  • UNIVERSAL DESIGN: This full motion TV mount fits...

Why Did We Like It?

First of all, we’d like to highlight the fact that this full motion TV wall mount has a universal design that allows it to support almost all types of TVs. These include televisions from various brands with sizes ranging from 47 to 84 inches and weighing up to 132 pounds. 

Then, there are the dual articulating arms that include +5° /-15° tilt, ±45°swivel, and you can even adjust the tilt for post-installation leveling. Speaking of the installation, this full motion wall mount comes with complete instructions and hardware to make the assembly and installation easier. 

Apart from that, it can pull out to 16.49 inches from the wall and retract back to 2.40 inches. This allows a very high level of flexibility in adjusting your TV while also saving space to make your room clutter-free. 

41wudnckk7s. Sl500

What Could’ve Been Better?

We were a bit disappointed with the arms, as extending them took us a reasonable amount of effort. This does depend upon the TV size to a certain extent, but the manufacturer should look into the design and make the process easier to improve the customer experience. 

  • Comes with all accessories needed for installation
  • Ten-year US-based customer service
  • Easy installation
  • Sturdy build
  • Can be difficult to extend the arms

7. Pipishell Tilt TV Wall Mount

Since we’ve already discussed the Pipeshell brand above, we’ll only focus on the TV mount here. This is an incredibly sturdy option made from high-quality materials and features an efficient tilt function allowing you to easily adjust your TV for better viewing angles and reduced glare. 

Pipishell Tilt TV Wall Mount Bracket Low Profile for Most 37-75 Inch...
  • Universal Compatibility - Our ultra strong TV...
  • Improve Your Viewing Experience - our wall mount...

Why Did We Like It?

Made from high-quality reinforced and compressed steel, this Pipishell mount is among the best tilt mounts you can get right now. One of the most impressive things that we discovered is that it has been stress tested to hold four times its weight as per UL standards. 

Furthermore, the design makes this TV wall mount compatible with all popular TV models from various brands, including Samsung, Toshiba, Panasonic, and others. And TVs ranging from 30 to 70 inches and weighing up to 132 pounds are compatible with it. 

We also loved the open wall plate design that allows this TV wall mount to be mounted over electrical outlets easily. Plus, you can use the pulling cords to lock and release the TV as required, and the elegant panel edges prevent it from falling off. 

51tx fbud5l. Sl500 

What Could’ve Been Better?

The lag bolts included with this wall mount come in Metric sizes, so you may have some difficulty finding the right drill bits for it in the US. Keep this in mind before you decide to go with this option. We definitely feel that the manufacturer should alter the measurements to meet US requirements. 

  • Sturdy construction
  • Space-saving design
  • Easy to install
  • Excellent cable management options
  • Lag bolts are not in Imperial units

8. Juststone Full Motion TV Wall Mount

With over ten years of manufacturing and design experience, the Juststone brand has become a household name associated with reliability and unmatched performance. And this full motion TV wall mount with features like adjustable height and safety lock screws is a great example of just how good its products are. 

Full Motion TV Wall Mount, JUSTSTONE TV Bracket Fits Most 26-65 Inch...
  • 【UNIVERSAL TV BRACKET】Full motion TV wall...
  • Heavy Duty & Sturdy - The strong articulating...

Why Did We Like It?

The first thing we liked about this full motion TV wall mount from Juststone is its unique height adjustment feature. It has two hook height modes that allow easy adjustment of your TV height to ensure maximum viewing comfort. 

Like some of the best TV mounts on the market, this one is compatible with a wide range of TVs from different brands. It supports models with sizes ranging from 27 to 70 inches, weighing up to 121 pounds, and has a sturdy build quality. 

Another noteworthy feature of this unit is its tilt feature, allowing the wall bracket to tilt down 15 degrees and backward up to three degrees. This also improves the viewing experience by reducing glare and helps protect your eyes. 

And it can swivel left or right 45 degrees and even extend up to 14 degrees from the wall. 

51opspsg9vl. Sl500

What Could’ve Been Better?

We should mention that the bubble level included in the package is very small. This makes it difficult to use, and using another one is recommended. Moreover, the edges of the mount are very sharp, so be careful while installing. 

  • Easily adjustable
  • Wide compatibility
  • Sturdy construction
  • Value for money
  • Included level very small
  • Sharp edges

9. Amazon Basics Tilt TV Wall Mount

Now we bring you a product from the famous technological and e-commerce giant Amazon. This TV mount has been designed with the best quality materials for heavy-duty use and is among the highest-rated options available. And the best part is that it delivers a fantastic experience without costing an arm and a leg. 

Amazon Basics Tilt TV Wall Mount fits 12-Inch to 40-Inch TVs and VESA...
  • Tilting TV wall mount accommodates 12-40 inch TVs...
  • 12 degrees of tilt for optimal viewing angle (+9...

Why Did We Like It?

The Amazon Basics TV wall mount is a reliable and heavy-duty option. Built using the best quality steel which provides it with incredible durability, it is ideal for all types of TVs. That’s why it can easily support TVs ranging from 12 to 43 inches and weighing up to 40 pounds. 

Apart from that, it has an easy string pull safety lock, which secures your TV in place and can be very useful for preventing accidents. We only wish this feature was present in TV mounts from other brands as well! 

Then there is the adjustable tilt, allowing you to tilt your TV up to 12 degrees to get the perfect viewing angle. What’s more, it comes with all the necessary instructions and hardware required for installation, making the process simple and easy without requiring much time or effort. 

31oocuilmcl. Sl500

What Could’ve Been Better?

This TV wall mount gets the basics right and is among the more affordable options you can get. However, keep in mind that it is not a low-profile option and will take up some space. Hence, it may be a deal-breaker for people who don’t have much space to spare. 

  • Premium design
  • Affordable
  • Installs easily
  • Comes with complete instructions
  • Not a low-profile option

10. Sanus Tilt Universal TV Wall Mount

When it comes to TV and speaker mounts, Sanus is among the most popular brands in the industry. It has a huge selection of items, and this universal TV mount is one of the best ones. Plus, the sturdy design can support TVs of most makes and models. 

SANUS Advanced Tilt Premium Universal TV Wall Mount for 46” to 90”...
  • The Sanus VLT6 Advanced Tilt Premium TV Wall Mount...
  • Large TVs installed on traditional tilting mounts...

Why Did We Like It?

Coming from the Sanus mount, we had high expectations from this TV mount and are happy to say that we were not disappointed. With a modern design that blends form and function perfectly, this mount allows even the largest of TVs to be adjusted easily, thanks to the 5.7 inches tilt extension. 

It also has a bigger tilting range than competing products, leading to better glare reduction. On top of that, the wall mount features an open plate design, allowing it to be easily mounted over electrical outlets for a cleaner installation. You can also make post-installation height and level adjustments to improve your viewing experience. 

However, one of the best features of this TV mount is that you can padlock your TV to it for additional security and safety. And it has been safety tested and UL certified for the same purpose. 

41pp3nrcmul. Sl500

What Could’ve Been Better?

With so many user-friendly features, the Sanus universal TV mount is worth considering. However, it is a bit pricey and may not be the best option for those unable or unwilling to spend that much. 

  • Easy installation
  • Compatible with even the largest TVs
  • Safety tested
  • Easily adjustable
  • Expensive

11. Mounting Dream TV Wall Mount

Yet another unit from Mounting Dream on our list is this full-motion TV bracket mount that allows easy adjustability and can be used with all types of Vesa patterns. Made from durable materials and offering excellent flexibility, it is the perfect mounting hardware and can even be used with curved TVs. 

Mounting Dream TV Wall Mount TV Bracket for Most 42-90 Inch TV, UL...
  • ALL-ROUND TV MOUNT: Like G. I. Joe the soldier, A...
  • GYMNASM-WISE TV WALL MOUNT: New generation, new...

Why Did We Like It?

To begin with, the Mounting Dream TV wall mount is made from the finest quality cold-formed steel for high durability. This makes it a reliable option to minimize the risk of accidents, and makes it suitable for TVs with sizes ranging from 42 inches to 90 inches. 

Also, we’d like to mention the 24 inches long mounting template, which secures the mount to the wall effectively. This allows it to support TVs weighing up to 132 pounds. 

Plus, it has a modern design incorporating six articulating arms, making it pretty flexible. Hence,  adjusting the mount to get the best viewing angle won’t make you strain your hands. The tilt  function ranges between 5 and 15 degrees, while the retracting option ranges from 2.75 to 18.5 inches and it can swivel to 45 degrees on either side. 

41b1tupzhws. Sl500

What Could’ve Been Better?

This TV mount from Mounting Dream is a worthwhile option if you need a full motion mount, but make sure to get additional lag bolts for installation. While testing, we noticed that the ones included in the package were very lightweight and unable to do the job properly. 

  • Suitable for different television screen sizes
  • Good build quality
  • Easily adjustable
  • Easy installation
  • Lightweight lag bolts

12. Pipishell Full Motion TV Wall Mount

Pipshell offers all types of TV mounts, including tilt and full motion ones, and the latter range includes this unit. Made from high-quality steel and featuring adjustable tilt motions, this mount has been specially designed for large-screen TVs. You can use it at the home, office, or even for purposes like exhibitions. 

Pipishell TV Wall Mount Full Motion for Most 37-75 Inch LED LCD OLED...
  • FULL MOTION ADJUSTMENT: This premium TV wall mount...

Why Did We Like It?

The Pipishell full motion TV wall mount is made from durable steel that provides it with the required durability and sturdiness. This makes it one of the best full motion TV mounts designed for heavy-duty use, and it is compatible with TVs ranging from 37 to 75 inches. You can easily use it for TVs weighing up to 132 pounds without worrying about accidents. 

For adjustability, it features a tilt mechanism of +8°/-12° and can swivel to +/-45°, so you can easily customize it as per your viewing preferences. 

Along with that, this TV wall mount comes with dual articulating arms and can be extended up to 14.84 inches from the wall. It also collapses easily up to three inches when not in use to help save space and provide a cleaner appearance. 

41zgradtdzl. Sl500

What Could’ve Been Better?

One thing that would’ve made us like this TV mount even more would be an easier installation process. Mounting the arm to the back plate requires installing the screws from behind, which is quite difficult. The manufacturer should work on resolving this issue to make the installation more user-friendly. 

  • Impressive build quality
  • Wide compatibility
  • Easily adjustable
  • Comes with all required accessories
  • Installation is complicated

13. Auoace TV Wall Mount

Looking for a TV mount that can also be used for your computer monitor? Then checkout this studless fixed mount from Auoace that comes with a money-back guarantee. It is an innovative offering that will keep your drywall in pristine condition while ensuring the most enjoyable viewing experience. 

No Stud TV Wall Mount, Drywall Studless TV Hanger No Damage, No Drill,...
  • [STUDLESS TV WALL MOUNT Compatibility] - Drywall...
  • [No Experience Needed, 3 MIN FAST AND EASY...

Why Did We Like It?

Some people prefer a fixed TV mount over a full motion one, and this offering from Auoace is just the thing for such requirements. It comes with a detailed graphical installation guide, making the installation process very easy. In fact, it just took us a few minutes to set it up. 

This is because it requires no drilling, wood studs, or fancy tools and can be completed by a single person easily. And it keeps your drywall intact and free of any damage. Also, the TV stand is made from high-quality cold-formed steel that provides reliability and supports the TV properly. 

Equally impressive is its wide compatibility, and this fixed mount can be used for TVs ranging from 13 to 55 inches, weighing up to 99 pounds without any hassle. Plus, the 1.1 inches of clearance from the wall provides a clean appearance. 

31 ef9kzm7s. Sl500

What Could’ve Been Better?

This is a basic, no-frills option for putting up your TV on the wall easily and affordably. That is why it lacks many of the extra features and functionality many competing products offer. So, if you are looking for such additional features, this might not be the best option. 

  • Durable
  • Easy to install
  • Affordable
  • One-year free replacement warranty
  • Limited features and functionality

14. Home Vision Fixed TV Wall Mount

Home Vision is an innovative brand that dedicates itself to developing sustainable solutions that make everyday living easier and more enjoyable. And this fixed TV wall mount from the brand is one such product featuring a low profile design and a quick-release lock to deliver a better TV viewing experience. 

HOME VISION Fixed TV Wall Mount, Low Profile TV Mount for Most 32-75...
  • LOW PROFILE TV MOUNT: Only 1 inch from wall, low...
  • UNIVERSAL TV WALL MOUNT: Quick lock and release...

Why Did We Like It?

For this wall TV mount, let’s start with the design, which is a low-profile one that helps save space in your room. The mount is only one inch from the wall and combines with your TV naturally, making it aesthetically pleasing as well. 

Its design also includes a quick lock and release design, making it easy to release the mount bracket from the TV. And unlike other wall mounts, you do not need to look at the back of the TV for the installation. 

Moreover, you get complete instructions on how to install the mount and all the necessary hardware. This takes out all the effort required in installation and helps save time. 

Additionally, it’s compatible with a large selection of TVs with screen sizes ranging from 32 to 75 inches and weighing up to 165 pounds. 

51wreslkn2l. Sl500

What Could’ve Been Better?

The Home Vision fixed wall mount is made from aluminum, not steel, to make it lightweight. Hence, it may not be as durable as those made from steel in the long run, which is something to consider before buying it. 

  • Space-saving design
  • Easy to install
  • Value for money
  • Wide compatibility
  • Lightweight construction

Man installing mount tv on the wall at home. Tv wall mount buying guide.

TV Wall Mount Buying Guide

When it comes to TV mounts, simply knowing about the best options available may not be enough to pick the right one. This is because there are several factors to consider that can affect the user experience. 

In this section, we’ll be answering some frequently asked questions on the subject before sharing some of the factors you should consider when buying a TV wall mount. 

1. TV Mount Type

The type of mount you should go for depends on certain variables, such as personal preferences, the intended audience, and room layout. Each type of mount offers different advantages and disadvantages. For instance, fixed mounts hold the TV flush against the wall, providing a cleaner look than other mounts. 

They are the best in situations where you have complete control over the lighting, and people will view the TV from the same position. Fixed mounts are also the most affordable of all mounts, but on the flip side, offer no position adjustment and will keep the TV in a fixed position. 

On the other hand, tilting mounts allow angling your TV vertically and are ideal for situations where the TV is mounted higher than normal. These allow the TV to angle downward toward the viewers, while the tilt control prevents glare. 

Finally, there are the full motion or articulating TV mounts, which offer the greatest range of movement. They allow moving the TV close to or away from the wall as needed and ensure that your TV is always at the best viewing angle. Another advantage is that people can sit in different locations while watching it. 

2. The Mounting Point

Another important aspect you need to consider is the mounting point. This is the spot where your TV will be attached to the wall. Depending on the mounting point, there are corner, wall, and ceiling mounts. 

A corner mount point allows mounting your TV in the corner of the room to save space and reduce the chances of accidents. Corner mounting also helps save effort in shifting your furniture. On the other hand, wall mounting keeps your TV close to the wall but results in a limited range of motion. 

A wall mounting point is best suited for fixed mounts but can be used for full-motion mounts as well. 

3. The Size And Weight Of Your TV

The size and weight of your TV will determine if the bracket can hold the TV securely. In this regard, the recommended weight and size are generally mentioned on the manufacturer’s website or the box of the item. Also, check the VESA mounting support and the maximum weight supported by the mount. 

4. VESA Support

The VESA mounting standard has been developed for TV wall mounts and mounting brackets by the Video Electronics Standards Association and has been adopted by most TV brands. It defines the distance in millimeters between the four mounting holes on the back of the TV. 

The most common VESA sizes are 200 x 200, 400 x 400, and 600 x 600, depending on the TV screen size. Every TV mount mentions the VESA mount sizes it supports, and by checking the mounting bracket for the TV, you can know about its compatibility. 

5. Cable Management

Wires and cables hanging chaotically can make the room look cluttered and affect your TV viewing experience. That is why some manufacturers provide housing in the bracket or mount for more efficient management of cables. Such TV mounts may also offer clamps that can hold the wires in place and hide them from sight. 

That is why selecting a TV mount with cable and wire management features is generally a better idea. However, if you decide to go with a bracket without such features, it is vital to take effective steps to fasten the cables by using clips or cable ties. 

TV Wall Mount Frequently Asked Questions ?

Can You Mount A TV On A Brick Wall?

It is possible to mount a TV on a brick wall, but it requires the proper tools. Besides the right wall mount type, you require a power drill and masonry drill bits since these can drill through the tougher material. Wall anchors will also be required to keep the bracket secured to the wall but can be replaced with concrete screws. 

Alternatively, you can use strong adhesives and brick clip-on hangers. 

Does Wall Mounting A TV Damage The Wall?

Mounting a TV to the wall will always cause some damage because it has to be drilled to make holes for the mount. If the holes are not drilled properly, or the wall is accidentally hit while mounting the TV, it may result in further damage. However, you can repair the damage using spackle later on if required. Or, you can use adhesive tapes without drilling to avoid damaging the wall. 

How Many Screws Are Needed For A TV Wall Mount?

TV mounts from most brands come with four holes that form a square, and you need to measure the distance between two of these holes in millimeters. Generally, this information is provided on the website of the manufacturer or the package. 

But in case you have only one stud for the mount, make sure to distribute the weight evenly while placing the TV. The best way to do that is to make sure that the stud lies in its exact center. 

Is It Possible For TV Mounts To Come Off?

In most cases, the chances of a TV mount coming are very low so you don’t need to worry. However, poor installation can cause even a good quality mount to come off, thereby damaging the TV. 

This generally happens when the fixings are not properly secured or the installation has been done by someone who lacks the necessary skill-set required for the process. 

What Type Of Screws Do You Need For Wall Mounting Your TV?

The most common screw that is used for securing a TV to a wall bracket is an M8 screw, which can support most medium and large-scale TVs easily. This is because even slim TVs have a lot of weight and the mounting screws ensure that it is distributed evenly across the bracket. 

Other screws that can be used for the purpose include M4, M5, and M6 screws. 

Man installing mount tv on the wall at home. Best tv wall mounts.

Top TV Wall Mount Verdict

Using a TV wall mount can be the perfect way of improving the viewing experience. And it can be a great option for those who prefer a minimalistic design for their interiors to make the room clutter-free. 

The above options are some of the best on the market, and here we’d like to mention some of our favorites from the list. 

Our number one choice is the Vogel’s Full Motion TV Wall Mount, which comes with a unique, patented design that can help save space and is highly adjustable. But the Pipeshell full motion TV mount is also a fantastic choice that is easy to install and is highly durable. 

Now, we’ll be wrapping up. Until next time! 

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