Library and Culture centre / Primus Architects

Library and culture centre / primus architects

Project Details:
Location: Aller├Şd, North of Copenhagen, Denmark
Type: Cultural – Public
Area: 2200 m2
Client: The Municipality of Aller├Şd
Architects: Primus Architects
Collaborators: Rytter A/S, JPM engineering, GHB Landscape architects

Architect’s statement:
The new library and culture centre is an extension and refurbishment of the former Fritz Hansen furniture factory. The project marks the beginning of a larger transformation of the city centre of Aller├Şd, north of Copenhagen, which includes new urban spaces and an extension of the Mungo Park Theatre.

Library and culture centre / primus architects

The extension is divided into two spaces. One serves as a cultural centre and can be subdivided into a theatre/event area and a community space. The other is directly connected to the existing library and houses the children’s library.

Library and culture centre / primus architects

The shedded roof both provides ample space and natural light and supporting the acoustic climate of the interior space. At the same time it acknowledges the industrial history of the site. The angle of the roof gives optimal use of the integrated solar panels.

Library and culture centre / primus architects
┬ę David B├╝low

The facade is a black wooden lapped cladding
Lighting is integrated in the facade and creates a glowing volume at night.

Large openings in the existing building provide reading areas, and bring the library’s activities in close contact with the square.

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