“Microcity v lesu”, Moscow, Russia

"microcity v lesu", moscow, russia

The architectural office SPEECH Tchoban & Kuznetsov invited its longstanding partners from Russia: TPO “Reserve”, as well as Germany: Assmann Salomon AS and Langhof to develop a residential ensemble in one of the prestigious districts of North Western Moscow area.

Architects from Russia and Germany create a colorful residence called Microcity “v lesu” in Moscow

This participation created a large architectural variability, while at the same time preserved the stylistic and ideological approach to the form of a human habitat, a quality that is fairly new for Russia. Different creative approaches and the uniform master-plan create efficient and, at the same time, diverse architectural environment.

"microcity v lesu", moscow, russia

Located in the Moscow area, called Krasnogorsk close to the metro station Pyatnitskoye Shosse and only 22km away from the Kremlin, this apartment complex is composed of various architectural styles: Dutch, German, French, Italian, Spanish and English. On the square of 100 hectares this high proportion of residential buildings with a living space of 1,500,00m2, includes 10,000 apartments for 35,000 people. With its 7km long bicycle path, a park, theatre, shopping and leisure centre as well as a church, supermarket, two schools, three kindergartens and plenty of parking spots (10,000) this Microcity provides the highest comfort and life qualities.

"microcity v lesu", moscow, russia

The underground parking is under each residential quarter and enables to avoid overcrowding of the cars in and around the neighborhood. The roofs of the parking garage are flat and turned into green yards. For such large planning of the residential quarter layout, the aim of the architects was to use soft and colorful variations to give each of the building its individual design. The façade of each building has its own author design with a few elements like bay windows, consoles and balconies. The whole ensemble appears like little traditional villages, with an incredible atmosphere and personality.

Project Details:
Location: The Moscow region, Pyatnitskoye highway, the Krasnogorsk district, Russia
Type: Housing Residential
Client: Rose Group
Gross floor area: 1,500,00m2
Completion: 2017
Architect: Sergei Tchoban and Sergey Kuznetsov
Project manager: Alexey Ilyin
Team: Makukhina Ludmila (engineer) Pavel Shaburov, Galina Chembaeva, Marina Egorova (architects)

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