R.R. House / Andrade Morettin Architects

R.R. House / Andrade Morettin Architects

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R. R. House / andrade morettin architects

This summer house is situated only a few meters from the sea, on the north coast of the State of São Paulo, a place with exuberant vegetation and hot humid climate.

The architects began the project with the idea of a big shelter, a “shell”, under which the actual living spaces would be located, protected from the intense sun and the frequent rains, however without blocking the permanent natural cross ventilation.

R. R. House / andrade morettin architects

This roof at a height of six meters, with a surface of eighteen by eight meters, was built using a pre-fabricated timber structure with galvanized steel joints. The lateral and top faces are made of steel cladding with EPS filling.

R. R. House / andrade morettin architects

On the two large facades of the house, opening generously to the scenery, panels of glass fiber mosquito screens with PVC coating were installed, pivoting or sliding, with the intention of creating an external membrane, capable of keeping the insects out, without creating an obstacle for the ocean view and wind.

R. R. House / andrade morettin architects

The whole structure is elevated 75cm above ground level, supported by concrete pillars cast on site. All other components used in the construction are pre-fabricated and were simply mounted in place on the construction site.

R. R. House / andrade morettin architects

The adopted constructive system, besides reducing assembly time and errors, assured a dry construction site, with little generation of waste and low environmental impact.

Project Details:
Location: Itamambuca, Sao Paulo, Brazil
Type: Residential Houses
Architects: Andrade Morettin Architectswww.andrademorettin.com.br
Main Architects: Vinicius Andrade, Marcelo Morettin
Project Team: Marcio Tanaka, Marcelo Maia Rosa, Marina Mermelstein, Renata Andrulis
Site Area: 500m2
Total Floor Area: 220 M2
Year (Project): 2006
Year (Completion): 2007
Photos: Nelson Kon



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