SIGN / Apollo Architects

SIGN / Apollo Architects

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Sign / apollo architects

For a three-story wooden house with small openings, ensuring the parking traffic line and entrance traffic line is a more difficult problem than the limitations of the quake-resistant wall on the gable side.

Sign / apollo architects

For this house, the problem was solved by setting the entrance gate, which also functions as a waist-high wall for the balcony on the street side, as a bearing wall.

Sign / apollo architects

The semi-closed gate creates a sense of depth and rhythm from the street to the entrance. A unique facade is created by wooden louvers, and this makes a lovely icon of the street view.

Project Details:
Location: Setagaya Ward Tokyo, Japan
Type: ResidentialHouses
Date of Completion: May 2013
Site Area: 70.12m2
Building Area: 41.62m2
Total Floor Area: 92.82m2 (1F, 29.96m2/2F, 32.04 m2/3F, 19.18 m2/)
Architects: APOLLO Architects & Associates –
Structure Engineers: Masaki Structure (Kenta Masaki)
Facility Engineers: Shimada Architects (Zenei Shimada)
Construction: Kera Construction
Photos: Masao Nishikawa


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