Sports Complex Jean Sidoine / Christophe Gulizzi

Sports Complex Jean Sidoine / Christophe Gulizzi

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Sports complex jean sidoine / christophe gulizzi

This is the story of a land between water and sky, a village at the door of the Alpilles where Arena Plan d’Orgon brilliantly reflect and perpetuate the Provençal bullfighting tradition , including ” the fe di biou “.

Sports complex jean sidoine / christophe gulizzi

Deeply rooted in the Camargue landscape, Christophe Gulizzi project is based on the territorial identity as a narrative element . Extend far beyond the simple evocation intellectual , the report continues in the territory of materiality in the physical existence of the building.

Sports complex jean sidoine / christophe gulizzi

The facades are a filter to the interior , following an accurate staging area devoted to such an initiatory journey , prior emotional.

The white concrete praise of shadow and light, is a tribute to the mineralogy and recalls the facades coated with lime.
The openings echo plant interlacing evoking the flora and mantillas women Provence, essential to the great afternoon celebrants Lou Biou Camargue bull.

Sports complex jean sidoine / christophe gulizzi

Composed of two nested entities , this sports complex of 2350 square meters hosts a dance hall, a dojo, a gym and a gym. The first develops the urban periphery and consists facade height of 4.50 meters , which approximates templates individual housing and pedestrian scale . The second housing the gym, evolution of 1146 square meters, rises above the band and rises to 8.30 meters. The project weaves and the link between public facilities, rural houses and subdivisions neo-Provencal trend.

Sports complex jean sidoine / christophe gulizzi

If the first perception is that of a mineral substance , it is a shift with the change of scale. When you approach and you are greeted by the court, and the movement of the vegetation bordering the building, one realizes that the massiveness deteriorates . The raw material , telluric term disappears and the transition to the body, as in gaps formed by erosion . This is circumstantial mineral architecture, deeply influenced by its context, both physical and cultural.

Project Details:
Location: Orgon, France
Type: Sports
Program: Gym, Ballroom, Dojo, Fitness
Area: 2350,00 m2
Client: City of Plan d’Orgon
Architects: Christophe Gulizzi –
Photos: Lisa Ricciotti


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