Ulugol Otomotiv Office Building / TAGO Architects

Ulugol Otomotiv Office Building / TAGO Architects

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Ulugol otomotiv office building / tago architects

From the architect: Ulugöl Otomotiv Office Building, located on Ataşehir, one of the most important life and finance centers of Istanbul, was approached as integrating a functional, genuine and qualified architectural design with its form and its frontal identity that will stick in the minds in this region hosting many iconized new generation real estate projects.

Ulugol otomotiv office building / tago architects

The main design decisions of the project were shaped to act as a vision of a sustainable, rational and ordered structure, and reconstructing the standard office typology through analyzing the physical data of the environment in the city. In this way it was aimed to ensure the versatility of the front by means of flexible blocks, creating looseness and compactness relationships by considering a static construct, and providing a synergy between green terraces, office functions, and social interactions among the employees with collective spaces. Furthermore, thinking that they are integral parts of daily life, the green spaces were integrated into the work places and the transparency of the workplace environment was enhanced.

Ulugol otomotiv office building / tago architects

Ulugol otomotiv office building / tago architects

For the purpose of enriching the front with material diversity, red composite panels were used on the interior faces of the terraces, and stone design ceramics on the windowless walls of the building. On the office front, negative effects of the sun were minimized through mesh sun shade panels and vertical elements. Ground floor of the western front of the Ulugöl Otomotiv Office Building, which consists of 5 basement floors, a ground floor and 10 normal floors with its 15,000 m² construction field, was allocated as an exhibition hall and its eastern front as office entrances and a parking lot. Connection to the parking garages was enabled through car elevators.

Project Details:

Location: Istanbul, Turkey
Area: 14,600 sqm
Architects: TAGO Architects
Designer: Gökhan Altan Aktuğ
Design Team: Müge Eker Eryayar, Dilara İlker, İlksen Aris İğci, Serdar Kızıltaş


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