15 Best Alcohol Based Markers Of 2022 | Reviews & Buying Guide

When it comes to markers, alcohol based ones offer several advantages over regular water-based ones, they also provide a completely different aesthetics compared to traditional colored pencils.

These advantages include a greater variety of colors to choose from, better fade resistance, and, most importantly, faster drying. Most alcohol based markers are refillable, so you don’t need to get new ones after using the ink. Some brands even provide replacement tips and nibs, besides offering refillable inks helping you keep your markers in good shape. 

However, finding good alcohol markers can be tricky, as several brands are available on the market, and trying out all these options is not practically possible. 

That’s why we’ve put together this informative guide to help you find the best alcohol based markers. We’ve also included a buyer’s guide listing the essential factors you need to consider before purchasing. 

So, without further ado, let’s get started!

Best Alcohol Based Markers

Our Top PickOur Top PickArchilb-table__imageOhuhu Color Art Markers
  • Double tip markers
  • 48 vibrant colors
  • Color-coded caps
Archilb-table__imageCaliart Alcohol Based Art Markers
  • 99 colors and one colorless blender
  • Dual tips and round pen holder
  • Smudge-proof and waterproof
Archilb-table__imageArteza Grayscale Alcohol Markers
  • Dual tipped markers
  • Fade-resistant 
  • Non-toxic
Archilb-table__imageMemOffice Dual-Tip Alcohol Markers
  • Eco-friendly
  • Wide color selection
  • Color coded caps
Archilb-table__imageLineon Alcohol Based Art Markers
  • Acid-free 
  • Conform to various safety standards
  • Service guarantee
Archilb-table__imageTaotree Permanent Art Markers
  • 100 colors 
  • Fine and chisel tip
  • Round barrel design
Archilb-table__imageAlchilalart Alcohol Based Markers
  • Bullet and chisel tip markers
  • Color-coded marker caps
  • Fast-drying ink
Archilb-table__imageShuttle Art Dual Tip Alcohol Based Art Markers
  • 300 meters of continuous use
  • Circle-shaped barrel
  • Acid-free
Archilb-table__imageTongfushop Alcohol Markers
  • Practical Color Coordinate System 
  • Lint-free
  • Large ink capacity
Archilb-table__imageBelleza Suprema Alcohol Markers
  • 168 colors
  • 1680D Oxford cloth bag
  • Twin tips design

Best alcohol based markers

1. Ohuhu Color Art Markers

Let’s start this list with Ohuhu, a leading manufacturer of premium quality art supplies for both professionals and hobbyists. Its set of alcohol based markers is among the finest products on the market, coming with a brush and chisel tip that provides a fantastic, smudge-free coloring experience. 

Ohuhu Alcohol Markers Brush Tip: Double Tipped Art Marker Set for...
  • EASY BLENDING, NO SMUDGING: Forget about blotchy,...

Why Did We Like It?

Whether you are new to alcohol markers or rely on them for regular artwork, these Ohuhu alcohol based markers are an excellent option. Offering a smooth, smudge-free blending experience, these markers have a dual-tip design that offers a brush tip and chisel tip for creating different strokes. 

This set of alcohol based markers contains 48 high-quality markers and one colorless blender marker, helping you blend different colors effortlessly as and when needed. All of them have color-coded caps, which is very helpful in finding the right colors quickly. 

Besides that, Ohuhu has designed these alcohol markers with a shell casing to ensure maximum comfort while using them. Working on larger artworks for longer periods becomes even more enjoyable thanks to this feature. 

Furthermore, the quick-drying ink is splashproof, so there is no need to worry about damaging your artwork by accidental water spills. 

51tl3odnotl. Sl500

What Could’ve Been Better?

These alcohol markers are among the best products from the brand and will provide you with the most enjoyable experience. However, this set does not contain many light colors, but this is a minor issue, and hopefully, the brand will expand the color options soon. 

  • Smooth blending and layering
  • Affordable
  • Sturdy brush tips
  • Splashproof
  • Limited options for lighter colors

2. Caliart Alcohol Based Art Markers

Caliart is another reputable brand known for its wide range of stationery products, calculators, and planners, and these markers are another fantastic product from the brand. These alcohol based permanent markers offer artists a fine drawing experience thanks to the Japanese alcohol marker ink, which allows seamless mixing and blending. 

Caliart 100 Colors Artist Alcohol Markers Dual Tip Art Markers Twin...
  • 🎨 Alcohol Based & Permanent Markers with 100...
  • 🎨 Dual Tips & Round Pen holder - Broad chisel...

Why Did We Like It?

Among the various features of the Caliart alcohol based markers, the one we found most impressive was the quality of the ink. The company uses Japanese alcohol based ink in its markers, ensuring a smooth flow whether you are sketching, inking, or writing.

Additionally, this ink is smudge-proof and waterproof, which keeps your artwork safe from damage and makes it possible to use them on various surfaces. These surfaces include paper, plastic, ceramics, and more.

All markers also come with dual tips, having a broad chisel tip on one end and a fine tip on the other, making this a highly versatile option. You can use the thick one for broader strokes and the fine one for filling in the details easily.  

Apart from that, you get a bonus case for easy storage and organization of the markers. 

What Could’ve Been Better?

We did not come across any significant downsides to this exceptional product during the testing period. The one thing we did notice is that, compared to similar markers from other brands, the brush tips on these are a bit on the harder side. So, it might take some time to cover large areas. 

  • Wide choice of colors
  • Easy to blend
  • Value for money
  • Versatile
  • Hard brush tips

3. Arteza Grayscale Alcohol Markers

The next item on our list is the Arteza Everblend art markers, which bring you the perfect combination of performance and affordability. What sets these alcohol based markers despite the competition is that they have been specifically designed by artists for artists, making them ideal for all types of art projects.

ARTEZA Skin Tone Alcohol Markers, Set of 36 Tones, Everblend Sketch...
  • Highly-Pigmented Fine Tip Alcohol Markers: 36...
  • Versatile Designs: Highly-pigmented colored...

Why Did We Like It?

If you’re looking for alcohol based markers in gray-hued tones, look no further than these markers from Arteza. They offer 36 different easily blendable shades, making them suitable for different artworks, such as landscapes, comic sketches, fashion design, and more.

Apart from that, we were impressed by the manufacturer’s focus on ensuring the user’s comfort and convenience. All Arteza markers come with a triangle design which makes them easy to hold and use so that you can draw with greater precision, even for extended periods.

They also come with two different tips, which ensure greater precision while blending, sketching, or layering. The fine tip can be used for smaller details, while the chisel tip helps cover larger areas more quickly and effortlessly. 

What’s more, despite the impressive performance of these markers, they are among the most affordable options on the market right now. 

51jzsjbaefl. Sl500

What Could’ve Been Better?

The only thing that most people might find an issue with is that the Arteza alcohol based markers do not offer a brush nib. However, considering the price and the performance they offer, this is not a deal-breaker, and the chisel tip can deliver great results. 

  • Comfortable to use
  • Smooth flow
  • Bright and vivid colors
  • Very affordable
  • No brush tip

4. MemOffice Dual-Tip Alcohol Markers

Moving on to the next item, we bring you the MemOffice dual-tip alcohol based art markers, one of the eco-friendly options available on the market. These markers offer a wide range of color options, helping you unleash your creativity and create inspiring art pieces effortlessly. 

MemOffice 80 Colors Dual Tips Alcohol Markers, Art Markers Set for...
  • DUAL TIPS - MemOffice artist markers provide great...
  • GOOD QUALITY - Made from eco-friendly materials....

Why Did We Like It?

Finding products that offer the same level of performance as leading brands without spending as much can be pretty tough, but fortunately, brands like MemOffice are striving to change that. Offering 80 different colors and featuring fine twin tips for coloring sketches and highlighting and underlining text, these markers are perfect for hobbyists and professionals both.

The color selection is similarly well balanced, and you get a decent amount of different hues to pick from. They are vibrant and blend smoothly, which makes the process more enjoyable. Plus, the quick-drying alcohol based ink ensures that there aren’t any blotches and smudges in your artwork. 

MemOffice has also included color-coded caps with markers to make it easy to identify and select the colors you need for a particular piece. And if you love to carry your supplies while traveling, there is a carrying case included as well. 

51n4yzippml. Sl500

What Could’ve Been Better?

While testing the product, we noticed that the darker colors are richer and more saturated, which can occasionally cause the ink to drop and form a puddle. This issue is very rare, and for the price of the product, it is not something to be very concerned about. 

  • Vibrant colors
  • Versatile
  • Value for money
  • Smooth flow
  • Darker colors can leak

5. Lineon Alcohol Based Art Markers

When it comes to quality and performance, Lineon is another brand worth considering if you’re looking for alcohol based markers. This alcohol marker set contains 30 high-quality markers that offer vibrant colors for delivering top-notch performance. And the best part is that you get a service guarantee from the manufacturer. 

Dual Tip Alcohol Based Art Markers, Lineon 30 Colors Alcohol Marker...
  • MULTIPLE COLORS: Lineon 30 unique colors Art...
  • UNLIMITED USES: Broad and fine twin tips for...

Why Did We Like It?

For items such as alcohol markers, user safety is a common concern. With Lineon, you can put those worries to rest. That’s because these markers conform to the highest safety standards, including ASTM D4236 and EN71, while also being acid-free and non-toxic. 

Besides that, all 30 colors included in the package are vibrant and blend well with one another. You will also be pleased to know that the manufacturer has designed the markers to ensure proper fade resistance, meaning your artwork will continue to look great for an extended period. 

Furthermore, these markers from Lineon come with both broad and fine tips. Use the 4mm chisel tip if you want quick coverage and the 1mm fine bullet tip for detailing. These tips, along with the round barrel design, not only add to the convenience but also help speed up the sketching and coloring process. 

51xdac78ikl. Sl500

What Could’ve Been Better?

There is no doubt that Lineon has come up with an excellent product for all types of artists. However, these markers do tend to have a powerful smell, which can be off-putting for sensitive smellers. We would’ve liked them even more if the scent was milder, as with products from other brands. 

  • Safe
  • Fade-resistant
  • Vibrant colors
  • Reasonable price
  • Strong odor

6. Taotree Permanent Art Markers

This alcohol based marker set from Taotree is another stellar product that will effectively meet your art needs. Offering features such as double tips and a barrel design, these markers can be used for various purposes, including sketching, calligraphy, and illustration, providing an enjoyable artistic experience. 

Taotree 101 Colors Alcohol Based Markers, Dual Tips Permanent Art...
  • Fine & Chisel Double Tip Alcohol Art Markers. Each...
  • 100 MULTIPLE Colors + 1 Free Colorless Blender....

Why Did We Like It?

One of the main reasons we liked the Taotree markers so much was their vast selection of colors. This set contains 100 vivid colors that are easily distinguishable and have a wide range of hues to select from. You also get one free colorless blender for easy blending. 

On top of that, the markers are easy to use, as they come with a barrel-shaped body that ensures a comfortable grip. Each marker also has a dual tip, a broad chiseled one for large sections and a fine one for making calligraphic and detailed strokes. 

We were equally impressed by the high quality of the ink that the manufacturer has used, which makes the inkflow smooth, preventing uneven and blotchy coloring. Plus, you get a stylish form-fitting carrying case which makes it easy to store and carry the markers while traveling. 

51inmyucyxl. Sl500

What Could’ve Been Better?

We’d like to point out that the nibs on these alcohol markers are a bit scratchy. People who prefer softer nibs might not find these very comfortable to use. But other than that, there were no issues with this product from Taotree, and it delivers outstanding performance. 

  • Easy to hold
  • Budget-friendly
  • Good quality carrying case
  • Versatile
  • Scratchy nibs

7. Alchilalart Alcohol Based Markers

For those unaware, Alchilalart is a brand that specializes in the manufacture of alcohol based markers for personal and professional use. These permanent alcohol based art markers are highly versatile and allow you to create good quality artwork on surfaces such as plastic and wood, and marker paper.

alchilalart 80-Colors Alcohol Based Markers, Alcohol Markers Set, Dual...
  • 【80 Colors Dual Tips Alcohol Markers】Broad...
  • 【Color-Cpded Caps & Bonus】Alchilalart Artist...

Why Did We Like It?

Those having a limited budget but not willing to compromise on the quality will love this product from Achilalart. You get 80 unique color markers with dual tips that can help you create vivid artworks easily and quickly. They include all the primary and secondary shades that blend well together, which can be especially useful for creating different skin tones. 

Also, these markers are permanent and can be used effectively on surfaces such as wood and plastic. It makes them suitable for different types of art, ranging from designing to adult coloring and more. Additionally, the ink dries quickly, so the chances of smudging your artwork are negligible. 

This marker set also comes with an intelligent cap design that prevents the markers from drying out. This will make sure that these markers last for a long time.

51yvya7yhnl. Sl500 

What Could’ve Been Better?

We discovered that the marker caps do not accurately represent the colors while testing the product. You can simply create a color chart or memorize the colors to overcome this problem, which is easy enough to do. Overall, this is not an issue that affects the performance of the product.

  • Considerable ink capacity
  • Easy to use
  • Very affordable
  • Vibrant colors
  • Cap colors do not match the markers

8. Shuttle Art Dual Tip Alcohol Based Art Markers

Those interested in art and design may be familiar with Shuttle Art, a popular supplier of a wide range of art and office products, including gel pens, coloring books, and markers. Their alcohol based markers are a great option if you’re on the hunt for non-toxic options. 

Shuttle Art 101 Colors Dual Tip Alcohol Based Art Markers,100 Colors...
  • 100 COLORS + 1 Blender: Shuttle Art Dual Tip...
  • DUAL TIP: Shuttle Art markers have both a 4mm...

Why Did We Like It?

Right from the start, we found these alcohol based markers very impressive. One of the reasons for that was that they are rated for 300 meters of continuous use. This means you do not need to worry about them drying up quickly, which is not the case with all marker brands.

Apart from that, you get 100 vibrant colors, and all markers offer a good, smooth flow. A colorless blender is included in the package as well, which makes layering easy without worrying about any undesirable streaks. 

These Shuttle Art markers also feature dual tips, with a broad chisel tip and a fine bullet tip, for working on different sections of your art. And their round barrel-shaped body with ridges prevents them from rolling off your desk, preventing the risk of tip-breakage.

You can also go with these non-toxic and acid-free markers if you are worried about user safety.

51cagskaghl. Sl500

What Could’ve Been Better?

Shuttle Art has managed to outdo itself with these alcohol based markers that deliver superb performance. The only issue with them was that some marker caps have multiple color codes, making it tricky to identify the right color. In this case, you can create a color chart for solving the problem. 

  • Smooth ink flow
  • Vivid colors
  • Safe
  • Value for money
  • Multiple color codes

9. Tongfushop Alcohol Markers

Tongfushop is a renowned manufacturer of alcohol markers and the recipient of multiple industry awards, and these markers are among the best offerings from the brand. These markers come with international certifications and are constantly updated by the brand to provide users with the best possible performance, making them an ideal choice for all ages. 

Tongfushop Alcohol Markers, 72 Colors Drawing Markers Double Tipped...
  • 【International Certification】 TongFuShop...
  • 【Capacity Upgrade】 Alcohol markers adopts the...

Why Did We Like It?

To begin with, the Tongfushop alcohol based markers come with the PCCS color system, which ensures that the colors are more accurate, making your art look even better. The ink quality used by the manufacturer is also of the highest standards, which adds to your experience. 

Another thing we’d like to mention is that Tongfushop constantly updates its products, and this marker set is no different. Compared to the previous generation of these alcohol based markers, they come with a larger ink capacity and have a coverage up to 984 feet.

Their tips are made from good quality fiber, which offers good wear resistance and prevents any lint from attaching to the surface. Being highly versatile, you can use these markers on various surfaces, including stone, paper, plastic, and textile. 

You’ll also be pleased to know that these markers are fade-resistant, so your artwork will last several years. 

51myj7gwirl. Sl500

What Could’ve Been Better?

With features such as an air-tight design and international color card compliance, the Tongfushop markers are sure to provide you with your money’s worth. However, we would like to point out that the chisel tip on these markers is quite blocky and can be awkward to use. 

  • Ideal for all ages and skill sets
  • Rich colors
  • Versatile
  • Smooth ink flow
  • Blocky chisel tip

10. Belleza Suprema Alcohol Markers

Whether you’re looking for art markers for your kids or for professional purposes, Belleza Suprema has it all. These alcohol markers are designed for all types of users and offer features such as super quality permanent ink and an Oxford cloth bag, making them a compelling option. 

Alcohol Markers 168 Colors Dual Tips Permanent Art Markers Pen for...
  • 👑Art suppliers 168 Vibrant Colors Alcohol...
  • 👑Fast Drying & High Quality,Find Colors...

Why Did We Like It?

Belleza Suprema is quickly building up its reputation as a manufacturer of the highest quality alcohol markers in the industry. These markers from the brand come with four bases and 168 colors with rich color saturation to make your art come to life. Plus, the dual tips share the same ink reservoir, so there is complete uniformity in color. 

Speaking of the ink, the permanent ink used by the manufacturer for these markers prevents streaking, allowing you to draw smoothly and evenly while also ensuring fade resistance. This allows you to use the markers on surfaces like glass and ceramics as well as wood and paper easily. 

But perhaps the best feature of the Belleza Suprema markers is that they come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. So, if you are not satisfied with the product, simply place a request for a refund or replacement as required. 

51sjjws38yl. Sl500

What Could’ve Been Better?

There was just one problem that we faced while testing these markers. When removing the caps, the markers tend to splatter some color, so make sure to angle them away from your artwork to prevent accidents. Except for that, these markers perform marvelously. 

  • Blend smoothly
  • Value for money
  • Decent price
  • Odorless
  • an splatter while removing the cap

11. Sanjoki Alcohol Brush Markers

Japan, the home of manga and anime, is also the base of the next brand on our list. Sanjoki is famous for its premium quality art supplies, such as these cheap alcohol based markers, which use instant drying ink and deliver performance on par with Copic markers. 

SANJOKI Alcohol Brush Markers 80 colors,Brush & Chisel Dual Tip...
  • BRUSH & CHISEL:Widen your artistic horizons with...
  • EASY BLENDING: High-quality and Non-toxic ink...

Why Did We Like It?

The Sanjoki alcohol based markers are designed to cater to all types of customers, both professionals, and hobbyists. They contain a new ink formula developed by the brand, making the colors more vivid and easier to blend.

On top of that, there are 80 colors to choose from, which can be blended easily with one another without the use of a colorless blender. These colors are also resistant to fading and water and can be used on surfaces besides paper. 

We especially liked the quality of the nibs, which are made from premium nylon, providing an enjoyable writing or sketching experience. Similarly, the ink is of the best quality and non-toxic, which makes this marker set suitable for all age groups. 

The manufacturer has also included a foldable case and color-coded caps, solving the problem of storage while also making it easy to select the color you need.

What Could’ve Been Better? 

The set we acquired for testing had two similar shades and one missing one. Other customers have also reported similar experiences. You might need to place a request for replacement if you receive a set with similar colors, which can involve some hassle. 

  • Water and fade resistant
  • Good quality nibs
  • Long-lasting
  • Accurate color caps
  • May contain similar shades

12. Lineon Alcohol Based Dual Tip Markers

Since we’ve already talked about Lineon earlier, we’ll just be focusing on the product here. These permanent markers from the brand come with features such as fade and water resistance to offer the best drawing and sketching experience for kids and adults alike. Plus, they conform to the highest safety standards. 

Lineon 172 Colors Alcohol Based Dual Tip Art ,171+1 Blender Permanent...

Why Did We Like It?

With these alcohol based markers, it can be seen that Lineon has put a lot of focus into making them easy to use. These markers have a quadrilateral shape design that makes them comfortable to hold while also preventing them from rolling off surfaces. 

Then, there are the dual tips themselves, with the bullet tip making detailed artwork easy, while the chisel tip helps cover large areas quickly. The colors also blend well without leaving any streaks behind, helping add depth to your artwork. 

Besides that, the markers conform to ASTM D4236 and EN71 standards and are smear-proof, waterproof, and fade-resistant. This ensures complete safety for the user and ensures that your artwork retains its original appearance even after several years. 

Like other alcohol based markers, you get a carry case, but Lineon has gone one step further and also included a color chart and marker pad, adding to the experience. 

61tqnmztdql. Sl500

What Could’ve Been Better?

One issue that several customers and we ourselves faced with these alcohol based markers is that the caps are very hard to remove. While this design ensures that the markers do not dry up easily, it can be quite inconvenient if you need to complete an artwork quickly. 

  • Varied color selection
  • Smooth blending
  • Easy to hold
  • Safe
  • Hard to remove caps

13. Dabo & Shobo Alcohol Marker Pens

Offering good performance at a reasonable price point, these alcohol based markers from Dabo and Shobo are another option worth considering. These multifunctional markers come with a double-headed design with different tips, making them suitable for all artworks, including calligraphy, adult coloring, and more. 

Dabo&Shobo 80 Color Alcohol Marker Pens, Bright Permanent ,for...
  • DIFFERENT DOUBLE HEAD DESIGNS:The marker pen has...
  • HIGH-QUALITY MATERIALS:The marking pen is made of...

Why Did We Like It?

First of all, these alcohol markers are made from environment-safe materials, making them a perfect option for those who want to promote sustainability. They are also weather-resistant, so you can use them in all conditions without worrying about any damage to your artwork. 

The build of the markers is equally impressive, with the square pen holder design making them easy to use while also preventing them from sliding across the surface. Furthermore, the double end design offers different marker tips making it easy to work on different areas of your artwork.

All markers also come with color recognition codes printed on their caps to make the color selection easy. It can be especially useful for ensuring accuracy when there are deadlines to meet.

Also, the brand offers a 180-day product warranty on these dual tip art markers. So, you can rest assured that refunds and replacements can be obtained easily.

What Could’ve Been Better?

A common problem with many marker brands is that they offer many similar shades, with many markers being limited to grays and greens. That is also the case here, so while the quality is top-notch, you might want to look at other brands for a wider range of colors.    

  • Long-lasting
  • Environment-friendly
  • Affordable
  • Good quality case
  • Limited variety of colors

14. MayMoi Alcohol Art Markers

Best known for its range of washable paints and crayons, MayMoi also excels in the manufacture of premium quality alcohol art markers. These permanent art markers have been specially designed with wearproof tips and professional quality ink that makes the process of creating amazing artworks even more enjoyable. 

MayMoi 40 Colors Alcohol Art Markers, Fine & Chisel Dual Tips,...
  • 🎨 Permanent Art Markers -- Made of professional...
  • 🎨 More Creativity -- 6mm Broad Tip best...

Why Did We Like It?

It is evident that the MayMoi alcohol markers are the result of the vast experience that the brand has in the field of art supplies. They contain professional ink that is non-toxic, making it completely safe for everyone. The ink flows smoothly from the tips, which are wearproof and won’t get used up anytime soon. 

You also get a colorless blender which allows the blending and mixing of the colors to achieve beautiful coloring effects with minimal effort. The MayMoi markers are another one of the dual tip options, coming with a broad tip and a fine tip for different types of strokes. 

What’s more, you get a convenient storage box for storing the 39 markers and the blender easily. The caps of these cheap alcohol based markers are also color-coded, which makes it easy to select the colors you need without wasting time.

51ajvm1r il. Sl500

What Could’ve Been Better?

The chisel tip on the markers is considerably large, and it would have been much better if they came with a brush tip. Despite that, these markers can deliver results close to what you would get with Copic markers, so overall they are a good option. 

  • Good color selection
  • Colors blend and mix easily
  • Budget-friendly
  • Long-lasting
  • Large chisel tip

15. Fanerfun Double Tipped Alcohol Markers

Unlike other brands on our list, Fanerfun is primarily a manufacturer of household products but has managed to create an outstanding product in the form of these markers. These permanent ink markers come with double fiber tips allowing you to draw, sketch, and highlight easily while working on various projects. 

FANERFUN 60 Colors Alcohol Markers, Dual Tip Markers Set for Drawing &...

Why Did We Like It?

If you’ve used any product from Fanerfun before, you know the unparalleled quality of their products. And these alcohol based markers are no exception, offering two different tips and a high ink capacity for completing professional and hobby projects easily. You can use them for all types of artworks such as architectural design, landscape, etc. 

These markers are also highly versatile and can be used on almost any surface, including chalkboards, whiteboards, stone, fabrics, and plastic. And they are highly pigmented and fade-resistant, so they are sure to last long irrespective of the surface you use them on. 

The manufacturer has also included a blender in the set, making layering and mixing various colors easy without worrying about blotches and smudges. Plus, you get a color-coded cap to identify and select colors conveniently.

You also get a black carrying case and a plastic grid for storage purposes.

51udzs6ypdl. Sl500

What Could’ve Been Better?

Overall, we were quite impressed by the performance of these markers from Fanerfun, but we did notice that the color tends to spread a lot. This might limit their usage to larger sections as filling in small details may get messy when using these markers. 

  • Multifunction markers
  • Good ink capacity
  • Fade-resistant
  • Reasonably priced
  • Color spreads a lot

Different colorful markers with office accessories on white office table. Top view. Work study concept.

Alcohol Based Markers Buying Guide

Even after knowing about the best options available on the market, selecting the right option can be quite tricky. It is because there are several factors you need to consider that determine which product would be most suitable for you. In this buyer’s guide, we’ve listed some of the essential factors that should be considered when making a final decision.

Keeping these factors in mind while deciding on the product can help you find the one most suitable for your requirements. 

1. The Color Selection

Whether you are a professional or a hobbyist, the most important thing to consider when buying markers is the number of colors included in the set. It is possible to accomplish a greater variety of art projects with more colors, while fewer colors will limit your options. 

Additionally, you should look at what colors are included in the set instead of just knowing how many. It often happens that a set can contain many colors, but most colors are too close to each other to make a difference. Similarly, some sets might contain more shades of one particular color, in which case you will need to decide based on your personal preferences. 

2. Refillable Markers Vs. Non Refillable Markers

Some manufacturers offer refillable markers, which can be highly convenient but are generally pricier than non-refillable ones. Copic markers are among the most popular refillable marker brands on the market. You can use refillable markers for several years by refilling them instead of getting all new markers.

Alternatively, non-refillable markers are cheaper, and if you are planning to go for such markers, make sure to look for those that have a long life span. 

3. Replaceable Tips

If you need to do a lot of coloring, which generally is the case with professionals, having markers with replaceable tips is a good choice. The tips of even the best quality markers will wear out eventually with use, but with replaceable tips, you won’t need to purchase new markers when that happens. 

You can simply replace the nibs once they wear out, which will ensure that the markers last for a longer period. 

4. Ink Quality

For the best experience, select markers that have a good ink flow which allows it to flow smoothly and consistently. However, avoid going for options in which the ink can spew out, leading to leaks. The markers should also not dry up quickly causing you to buy new ones. 

Additionally, getting markers with fade and splash resistant ink will ensure that your art isn’t damaged easily and can retain its pristine appearance for a longer period. 

5. Blending Capabilities

The main purpose of using alcohol based markers is that they allow you to blend and mix colors easily, making it easy to create high-quality art. Some manufacturers even include a free blender that allows smooth gradation of colors. But you should always go with options that come with ink formulations that are easier to blend even without using a blender.  

Alcohol Based Markers Frequently Asked Questions ?

What paper is best for alcohol based markers?

Papers with a smoother surface, such as non-coated ones, are generally better for alcohol based markers as they prevent the nibs from fraying easily. Keep in mind that no matter what type of paper you use, marks made with alcohol markers will bleed through. To deal with that, just place another paper underneath the one you are working on.

How to care and clean for your alcohol based marker ?

Use a tissue or clean cloth to remove traces of ink from the body of the marker and keep the caps placed on when the markers are not in use. Additionally, use the case included with the set for proper storage and organization. 

What is the main use of an alcohol based marker ?

Most alcohol markers are used by professional artists and hobbyists for different types of artwork, such as architectural sketches, cartooning, and even fashion design. This is because these markers offer brighter pigments and easier blending capabilities.

However, since these colored markers are very versatile, they can be used for other purposes like creating manga or adult coloring as well. 

What is the difference between water-based and alcohol based markers ?

The main difference between these two types of markers is that water-based markers have more muted colors and require more effort to blend than alcohol based ones. 

Best alcohol based markers

Top Alcohol Based Markers Verdict

With that, this review-based guide has come to an end. Hopefully, it has helped you find the option most suitable for your requirements. The only thing left now is to share our personal favorites from the list with you. 

Our overall favorite would have to be the Ohuhu Color Art Markers, which offer 48 vibrant colors and are splashproof. Another excellent option is the Caliart Alcohol Based Art Markers which use Japanese ink and can be used on different surfaces. 

Finally, there are the Arteza Grayscale markers that are fade-resistant and completely non-toxic, making them a safe choice. 

Now it’s time to wrap up. Until next time! 

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