5 Best Alcohol Based Markers of 2022 Reviewed

Best Alcohol Based Marker

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Every artist and craftsman knows the importance of markers. The bright colored, precise art pens can be used in a variety of ways to create unique and mesmerizing artworks.

QUICK COMPARISON: Our Top 3 Picks For Alcohol Based Markers

  • Smooth and precise ink flow
  • Dual-sided pens
  • Comes in a handy plastic carrying case
  • Vibrant, smooth color
  • Permanent & non-toxic
  • Super brush nib
  • Dual-sided design
  • Bright colors
  • No-smear, no-smudge


If you are confused trying to find the best alcohol-based markers among the hundreds of options to choose from, then you are at the right place.

Even if you are not someone new to this and have your own faithful kit, this guide might just help and inspire you to try out something new and maybe, just maybe, improve the quality of your creations.

So what are we waiting for? Let’s just dive into it!

Best Alcohol Based Markers

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Copic Marker 12-Piece Set
  • Vibrant, smooth color
  • Permanent & non-toxic
  • Super brush nib
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Artify Artist Alcohol Based Art Marker Set
  • Smooth and precise ink flow
  • Dual-sided pens
  • Comes in a handy plastic carrying case
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Darice Studio 71- 48 Alcohol-Based Marker Set
  • Dual-sided design
  • Bright colors
  • No-smear, no-smudge
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Spectrum Noir Alcohol Markers
  • Vibrant and consistent colors
  • 24 options to choose from
  • Ink doesn’t bleed, smear or smudge
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Yosoo Basic 24-color Set of Finecolour Sketch Marker
  • Has 24 pieces in the set
  • Comes in a handy and portable fabric carrying pouch
  • Bright and consistent colors
  1. Copic Marker 12-Piece Set

Copic produces this excellent 12-piece set which is a all-time favorite of many artists around the world. The quality, consistency, and performance are quite remarkable and leave no room for complaints.

Many people vouch for the performance of Copic and from our experience, there’s no reason not to.

Copic Alcohol Sketch Marker Set, 12, Basic Colors Count
  • Sketch Marker Colors: V09, RV11, R08, YR04, Y13,...
  • Premium alcohol-based markers made in Japan


There are only a handful of brands that are as faithful and popular as Copic when it comes to markers. And in our experience, it definitely shows.

This 12-piece set is a great starter for anyone who wants to experience the joy of working with Copic Markers. But if that’s not enough for you then you can also go for the 72-piece set.

Although a wider set of colors is always helpful, don’t assume that the 12-piece set is any less than adequate. The colors really blend well together and you can make interesting artwork using the gradient combinations with just 12 shades of colors.

The ink is also very consistent and performs excellently on an sheet of paper. The colors dry out fast with no room for smudging and we had no experience of smudging or substantial seeping even when using standard A4 printing sheets.

The quality of the tip is also great. Drawing thin lines or thicker sweeps, while slanted, is a breeze with these markers.

  • An excellent tip that performs perfectly even when slanted
  • The colors are consistent and blend well together even after using them for a long time
  • The ink dries out fast and there’s no sign of smears, smudges or seeping on any kind of paper
  • None
  1. Artify Artist Alcohol Based Art Marker Set

Artify Artist brings a massive variety of colors in a plastic hard case box that is absolutely delightful to work, with this marker set. The quality of the ink, as well as the tips, is remarkable and there’s nothing we could ask for more.

Artify Artist Alcohol Based Art Marker Set 80 Colors Dual Tipped Twin...
  • EASY GRIP : Marker pen’s triangle handle design...


The colors blend together incredibly well, and the ink flow is smooth and precise. One thing that surprised us was the inclusion of a white pen which helped us with some creative artworks on colorful papers. We even found its use on white paper by creating interesting blends and gradients with other colors.

The markers have a dual-sided design which made fatter lines a lot less hassle-free to make. The chisel tip is not something new in markers but given the variety of color options and the way they blend together in this set, we were able to create some artworks that are surely new to us.

The tips are extremely durable and we saw no signs of damage even after using them for long sessions.

Even though the ink dries up fast and there’s no scope for smearing and smudging, you will notice a little a bleed if you don’t use the right kind of paper.

  • 40 different colors to choose from and they all come in a handy plastic carrying case 
  • Colors blend fantastically and the included white pen opens a lot of creative avenues 
  • Dual-sided design makes drawing really straightforward 
  • There’ll be a little bleed if you are using thin papers but no smearing or smudging
  1. Darice Studio 71- 48 Alcohol-Based Marker Set

Darice Studio is a well-known and reliable alternative to high-end markers that have established its reputation over the last 60 years.

There is a variety of size options to choose from but even the smallest size, i.e. 48-piece, gives an enormous room for a creative burst.

Darice Studio 71, Dual Tip, 48 Pieces Alcohol-Based Marker Set,...
  • 48-PIECE SET – This Studio 71 alcohol marker set...
  • VERSATILE – Use these alcohol-based markers for...


These also come with a dual-sided design. The fine tip works great in producing fluid thin lines even on rough papers while the chisel tip is no exception as well. Fat lines are as smooth and easy to draw as finer lines with the help of the chisel tip.

The wide variety of colors to choose from opens up a lot of options while creating a variety of “pop-art”. We use a 71-piece set on colorful sheets of paper to create a lot of vibrant art that mimics the neon art style of the ’80s.

While doing so, we found that the markers are extremely good at the job because of how bright and colorful they are. The colors also seem to blend absolutely fine while doing other kinds of work.

We found no kind of smudging, bleeding or fraying of the tips which add to the consistency of the colors even after long hours of usage.

  • Markers have a dual-sided design, it comes with a fine as well as a chisel tip
  • Colors are consistent, bright and blend perfectly, the lines are fluid even on rough papers
  • There’s no sign of smearing, smudging or bleed which makes these markers a great alternative for more expensive markers 
  • None
  1. Spectrum Noir Alcohol Markers

Spectrum Noir alcohol markers offer a good value for money with this 24-piece set. Bright and vibrant colors along with great quality tips not only make this product a good sell but also competitive towards more established brands like Copic and Darice Studio.

No products found.


We were delightfully surprised by the quality of these markers, which in our humble opinion can compete with Copic markers.

The set comes with 24 color options to choose from which is a perfect number for someone who wants to be creative when needed but doesn’t have any use for massive sets of colors.

As of quality of the color, they are bright and consistent. The vibrant shades coupled with the fantastic blend really helped us achieve something we didn’t think was possible with just 24 colors.

We are not undermining its variety, but trying to emphasize that it gives more creative room than anticipated and produces some amazing artworks in the process.

The tip quality is high-end as well. And although it doesn’t have a dual design, we could easily produce any kind of line we wanted. The ink also doesn’t bleed, smear or smudge.

  • Colors are fantastic, they are vibrant, consistent and blend perfectly together
  • 24 options to choose from which is a sweet spot for many users
  • Ink doesn’t bleed, smear or smudge at all with the papers we used
  • The only addition we think was missing is a dual-sided design, even though the tip works absolutely fine, it could sure help if we had a chisel tip as well
  1. Yosoo Basic 24-color Set of Finecolour Sketch Marker

Yoosoo Basic 24-color set is an absolute bargain for the money. With good quality of the color and the ink itself, you already get more than you asked for.

Added to that the durability and performance of the nib this market set becomes an absolute steal!

No products found.


This one also has 24 pieces in the set and we have already argued why we think that’s a sweet spot.

In addition to the previous entry’s offerings, it also adds a handy and portable fabric carrying pouch which make storing these markers easy right out of the box.

As of the colors, they are bright and beautiful and leave no room to desire more. The affordability of the set really questions whether or not you should invest in more higher end markers.

The ink dries really quick leaving no possibility for smears or marks while working. So, you don’t have to worry about accidentally ruining your work.

One thing that we absolutely loved not just because of the value for money, was the inclusion of two DIFFERENT tips! It’s even better than the dual-sided design because you can change the thickness on the fly while drawing or coloring.

  • Two tips in one marker are extremely durable and consistent
  • Ink dries fast, so, there’ll be no marks or smudges while working
  • Colors are bright, consistent and perform really well on any kind of paper
  • None

Alcohol Based Markers Buyer’s Guide

There are certain key aspects to keep in mind to compare and evaluate different kinds of markers. To enable you to assess the performance of a marker on your own, we have listed a few key points that should help you evaluate the quality of a marker.

  1. Color

There are three things to keep in mind while judging the colors of a marker.

The first is brightness. Markers are supposed to be bright and poppy on most papers. So, try out he markers on papers with different types of surfaces and colors to get a good idea.

The second is the blend. If markers blend well together, then it opens a lot of avenues for creativity and experimentation. If it doesn’t on the other hand, it can seriously limit your options which is not good for your artwork.

The third is the consistency. The colors should be consistent for not only producing the expected result while drawing singular lines but also for blends. Markers are permanent on paper. So, it’s absolutely necessary for you to know what color will show up when you put pen to the paper.

  1. Tips

There are two parameters you could use to judge a tip of a marker.

One is a feature that you can easily judge even before using the marker and that is the design of the tip. If it has a dual-sided design then it’ll make your life a lot easier. The chisel tip is extremely helpful in drawing fatter lines and is significantly more hassle-free and consistent in doing so.

The other is the durability. Now, you can only get a good idea of this long after buying the product. You’ll have to use it for many sessions and artworks before you can pass judgment on this. A high-end tip shouldn’t fray or break and should produce consistent shades of colors even after several hours of usage.

  1. Drying

The ink should dry out rapidly on paper. Otherwise, it’ll cause smears and smudges while you are working on the piece or you’ll have to constantly rotate the paper to avoid it.

Smears and smudges can ruin even a masterful artwork otherwise or can even render it useless if the piece is being created for a professional purpose.


So, that’ll be all for this guide-cum-review. I hope it helped you in a meaningful way. We reviewed, what we think, the best alcohol based markers of the year!

With the buyer’s guide, we also tried to help you make better an assessment of any marker you decide to use in future.

And with that, we wish you well in your creative endeavors! Thank you for reading.


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